Channeling Your Higherself 
~ Guidance, Insight & Expansion ~

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Channeling Your Higherself - During this session I channel your Higherself for you.   This is an opportunity to gain clarity, insight and guidance into the patterns that you are experiencing in your life.  Your Higherself knows everything about your past, present, future and multidimensional lifetimes.  Your Higherself is a higher frequency aspect of you and typically resides within the 9th density as your Monadic Consciousness.  


These readings are an opportunity to understand yourself on a soul level and talk directly to the higher frequency aspects of YOU to receive insights and guidance.   The information that is provided will reflect the level of consciousness that you are holding at the time of the session because your Higherself cannot violate your Freewill as a co-creator of your reality.  Your beliefs set the boundaries of the reality you experience.  The more open you are to receiving guidance with an open mind and an open heart, including the degree to which you are able to identify with yourself as a multidimensional being, the more indepth and multidimensional the information that will be provided to aide you in your journey of understanding and expansion.

These session are 1 hour.  I look forward to working with you, bringing through the information you are looking for, and strengthening your own connection to your Higherself.