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Healing & Activation Retreat

Bringing Together Our Soul Tribe

31st January - 4th February, 2022

Somerset, UK






















Please join Nicola Russell and I for this very special Healing & Activation Retreat created for energy healers, intermediate and advanced individuals on their awakening journey.  This retreat will be held over 5 days on a luxury estate in Somerset, UK January 31st to February 4th, 2022.  We are bringing together our Soul Tribe so that we may grow together!!!

In our journey through healing we will explore our multidimensionality through the lens of the past, present and future.  At each stage you will experience various healing modalities and activations as we collectively expand our consciousness and raise our frequencies to the next level.  You will also learn how to work more intimately with your own energy and potentially activate your light language.  We will be guiding each individual to begin working from a pure channeling perspective embodying your multidimensionality.  Each person will also receive an individual healing session with either Nicola or I.  We will be completing our time together through the integration of all that we have experienced and standing within the power of our energetic Sovereignty.  This retreat is not only about healing but also empowerment through knowledge, compassion and understanding.  Our intention is to challenge and expand your boundaries in a nurturing and supportive manner.

Sandra Brown of the Blue Pool Network will also be joining us and channeling drawings and information from your multidimensional soul aspect!!!  We love her drawings!!!

Each day we will also take time to relax and enjoy the company of our soul tribe members within this beautiful environment and facilities.

We look forward to meeting and working with each and every one of you.  See you all soon!

Many Blessings, 

Jane & Nicola


ARRIVAL:   Monday, January 31st, 2022 (earliest arrival time is 4pm) 
DEPARTURE: Friday, February 4th, 2022 (check out is by 10am)

Kingshay Barton is a beautifully refurbished barn with 10 en-suite bedrooms set within 2 acres of grounds and field.  A beautiful location in the countryside for a luxury retreat.  This property has been fitted out with a Spa hall including an indoor pool, hot tub and sauna.   For recreation there is also a games room with a pool table and table tennis (ping-pong), cinema room and bbq bothy.  Follow this link to learn more about Kingshay Barton.

Kingshay Barton
Church Lane
Misterton, Somerset
TA18 8LT
United Kingdom

Monday Evening - Introduction & Clearing
Buffet dinner with time for introductions and getting to know one another.  
Topic of the evening will be the evolution of clearing from the use of traditional techniques and tools to working directly in alignment with energy as a co-creator.  We will engage in various exercises to clear the energy within ourselves, group spaces and our individual rooms.  Each of you will expand into your own level of understanding as the retreat progresses.

Tuesday - Soul Journey Remembrance and Working with Energy, Past & Present
Exploration of our multidimensionality from the perspective of the past & present.  How do we hold energy signatures from the past currently?  Understanding energetic archetypes as they relate to our galactic heritage.  How do we recognize these energetic trauma signatures and heal them?  Understanding how we heal holographically.  We also explore working with energy and how to use the power of our breath to direct and create with it.  We will begin the personal healing sessions. 

Exercises will include:
- Understanding our Higherselves & Multidimensional Soul Aspects
- Group Past Life Regression
- Intuitive Energy Flow & Breath Work
- Connecting to your Higherselves and Receiving Answers to Your Questions.
- Working With & Relating to Energy on a Multidimensional Level Though Your Own Soul Aspects 
- Individual Healing sessions Will Begin 

Wednesday - Soul Journey Remembrance, Activations & Light Language
To understand ourselves, we must understand how energy works and how we hold it within our energy field.  Identification, healing and integration of our shadows and deep core wounds.  We discuss how we experience each of the densities as we raise our frequency, the importance of discernment and working from the heart space.  From here we learn how to stand in the power of our energetic sovereignty.  We will be embracing and activating our Light Language.  

Exercises will include:
- Energetic Sovereignty
- Healing Soul Fragmentation
- Understanding Light Language Activations & Expressions (writing & speaking)
- Multidimensional Energy Healing Demonstration (requesting volunteers)
- Individual Healing sessions continued.

Thursday - Integration
Moving forward in the NOW moment.  We celebrate by integrating all that we have  experienced.  Using what we have learned in our daily lives.  Balance and Integration of Divine Feminine & Masculine.  Channeling our higherselves and multidimensional aspects.  Working with Gaia and nature as we move forward.  Connecting into the consciousness of water, trees & crystals.  There will be plenty of time for Q & A.  We will also continue with individual healing sessions. 

Exercises will include:
- Multidimensional Energy Healing Demonstration (requesting volunteers)
- Individual Healing sessions completed

Friday - Many Hugs & Kisses as we say Goodbye to our Soul Tribe

There are 9 en-suite bedrooms available.  Each bedroom can be set-up to accommodate either 1 Queen size bed or 2 twin beds.  For a maximum of 18 retreat guests.

The cost of retreat is £888 with a deposit of £222 to reserve your space.

The cost of the retreat is for one twin bed in a shared room with one other person.  If you would like to book with a friend or partner we can arrange for you to be in the same room and/or for a Queen bed instead of 2 twin beds.  You will need to let us know upon booking. 

The cost of the retreat is £1500 per person if you would like your own room without sharing and a deposit of £444 to reserve your space.

This also includes breakfast and lunch for each of the days as well as dinner for 3 of the nights.  One night we will have dinner out at a pub or restaurant and this will not be included in the cost of the retreat. 

The cost of the retreat does not include transportation or any evening dinners out. 

Bring yoga mats
Walking shoes/boots
Bring your favorite deck of oracle cards for a bit of fun to read & play.
Personal snacks/comfort food



To reserve your space at the retreat please contact Nicola Russell and/or Jane MacDougall at:  


Jane MacDougall
Email: jane@quantumenergyhealing.co.uk
Mobile: +44 (0)7912615791


Nicola Russell 
Email: russellnicola@icloud.com

Website : www.reikirussell.co.uk
Mobile: +44 (0)7919 191375

About Nicola












Quantum Energy and Sound Healer and Soul to Soul Mentor

I work intuitively, a co-creator in blending with my higher self and multidimensional aspects. I connect at a soul to soul level, working within your energetic field, quantum templates, and far beyond the greater knowing. Mindset adjustments are crucial to create change working in conjunction with your energetic field.

Reiki Master, Quantum energy and sound healer, soul to soul mentor, intuitive breathwork mastery, intuitive energy mastery, pure channeller, trance, physical body movement. Voice sound healer, Energetic Marriages, Inner child and higher self connection, Integration of multidimensional aspects and retrieval of soul fragmentation.  Mindfulness coach for adults and children program - Mindful Mindful Panda. Online course @Starseedyou.com. Events, workshops, classes, and retreats. 

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Online Classes





1.   Connecting With Your Higherself 


      Online Class  ~ £22


     May 16th, 2021 at 6-8 pm GMT / 1-3 pm EST

Learn how to create a sacred space to connect and communicate with your Higherself, I AM presence and Source spark.  With this technique I teach you how to shift your consciousness to a higher frequency and connect with your Higherself.  When you connect you will receive a visceral & physical validation.  Once the physical connection has been established I then teach you methods to begin communicating directly and building a language that will be unique to you and your Higherself.  

The frequency of your connection typically begins with the Higherself with the energetic overlay of your I AM presence and Source spark to maintain the sovereign integrity of the energetic connection.   As you continue to raise your frequency and expand your consciousness this technique will continue to support you as you begin to anchor in and embody your I AM presence state of being.  

You can then use this connection to your higher consciousness to guide you through your journey of discernment, integration and ascension.

I will be keeping these classes small with only 20 people per class so that we can work with each other on a more personable basis and each person receives the guidance and support they require.  There will also be plenty of time for any questions to be answered.

This class will be 2 hours at a cost of £22.00

*Future class dates:  September 5th. Same time different date.  The new classes will be opened for booking when the prior class has been completed.









2.   Group Hypnosis ~ Past Life Regression & Meet Your Spirit Guide 


        Online Class ~ £22


        May 30th, 2021 at 6- 8 pm GMT / 1-3 pm EST

Join me for this small group regression session to experience a past life and meet your spirit guide.  This is a beautiful opportunity to learn more about yourself by taking a journey into a past life that is relevant to your current soul growth and learning how to connect with your spirit guide and recognize its energy signature. 


There are so many people who would love to experience a past life regression but they're not sure what to expect.  In this class, I teach you how to embrace the process of hypnosis to access long forgotten memories.  You will learn how to set your ego aside and connect with the information while still remaining fully aware.  Using these techniques you will be able to allow yourself to access the memories and information that you have yearning for.


I will be keeping these classes small with only 20 people per class so that we can work with each other on a more personable basis and each person receives the guidance and support they require.  There will also be plenty of time for any questions to be answered.

This class will be 2 hours at a cost of £22.00

*Future class dates:  September 12th. Same time different date.  The new classes will be opened for booking when the prior class has been completed.



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