Energetic Sovereignty Mentorship Program

~I AM a Sovereign Being~


Energetic Sovereignty Mentorship Program is a committed journey into self-transformation where you learn energetic self mastery.  This journey requires a commitment to yourself based upon self-responsibility and integrity.  


By stepping into your sovereignty you are able to command the energies in your life and attract to yourself all that you require to create the reality you choose.  You become connected to your Higherself.

During this program we begin by understanding energetic concepts, the universal laws, and how to work with them.

This program is tailored to you and your needs.  Every individual's journey is unique.  Your belief, your thought,  your emotions, each and every one of your triggers, where and how it is processed and maintained within your energy system is unique to you.



Over the course of the year the program will generally include the following:

1. (35) Consciousness Talk ~ energetic concepts, the universal laws and how to work with them.

2. (125) Energetic Calibrations & Connecting to your Higherself 

3. (150) Energy Matrix Reading 

4. (75) Quantum Sound & Energy Healing

5. (35) Consciousness Talk ~ Processing energy matrix reading and healing session

6. (35) Consciousness Talk ~ setting boundaries

7. (35) Consciousness Talk ~ Sacred space and clearing your home

8. (150) Soul Journey Reading

9. (75) Quantum Sound & Energy Healing 

10. (35) Consciousness Talk

11. (150) Trauma Identification & Healing 1

12. (150) Trauma Identification & Healing 2

13.  (150) Quantum Hypnosis

14. (35) Consciousness Talk


These sessions are 1 hour and can be in person, online or remote.

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Energetic Sovereignty Mentor

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