Galactic Heritage Starseed Reading

Galactic Heritage Starseed Reading ~ in this session we connect you to your galactic star lineage, your guides  and reveal karmic patterns that require healing by providing multilayered information on challenges and areas of growth affecting you at the time of the reading. Information can include messages from your Higherself, galactic soul aspects stepping forward and guidance to personal questions. While we will channel information directly from your Higherself, we also use the Galactic Heritage Cards developed by Lyssa Royal-Holt. These cards are archetypal and reflect the universal journey of consciousness reflecting where you are currently on your own journey of ascension with gentle guidance for your own future growth.


These sessions are 45 minutes and are online or in person.

For these readings I also use the Galactic Heritage Cards created by Lyssa Royal-Holt, illustrations by David Cow in complement to her book "The Prism of Lyra".


" I just wanted to say thank you again for the reading.  It was amazing!  Everything was very meaningful, and it has confirmed many things for me, plus it reinforced what I already know I need to work on.  Much gratitude, Carol."