Mentorship Session

~Consciousness Talk~

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Mentorship Session  Private coaching and mentorship guided by your Higherself.  There are often times when someone just wants to talk.  They either have specific questions about themselves or their spiritual journey and perhaps a healing session isn't quite right at the moment. 

Mentorship Sessions are ideal for: 

  • A private session with coaching to learn how to release negative thought patterns and emotions that have been holding you back from the reality you choose to create.

  • Channeling your Higherself / IAM to receive ascension guidance on your next steps for transformation.

  • Consciousness Talk ~ Sometimes you just have a few questions.  This is our time together to support you.

During these sessions I connect to the Client’s Higherself to bring the information through.  The consciousness talks are for those times when a client would like a greater understanding as to what is going on their life or supportive guidance to get back on track and a brief email or exchange on social media does not support the depth of response required or facilitate the fluid exchange of ideas and thoughts. 

Often people would like to understand the interplay of their thoughts and emotions and how they express in the energy field and manifest in their daily life.  Sometimes they want to understand certain energetic patterns and how to heal them.  Other times they have experiences that they do not understand and are looking for validation or insights.


In the event you have specific questions regarding your energy field or soul journey, we connect with your Higherself to discuss your questions and provide you with the guidance you are looking for.  In all cases, the time is yours and we can venture to wherever you would like to go.

These sessions are 45 minutes.