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Sound Healing ~ Release & Rebalance

A gentle but powerful process of restoring balance & energetic flow

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 111 British pounds
  • In person or Zoom (automatic link sent w/booking) /Google Meet/Facetime

Service Description

Sound healing is an effective and powerful healing modality that can help bring the body back into balance and release past emotions bringing healing and wellbeing.  During a sound therapy session I use a wide range of tuning forks, including the Solfeggio scale and various other higher frequencies. The sequencing of each frequency is used to help release dissonant vibrations created by disruptive thoughts and emotional patterns that have become embedded in the energy field over time. These sessions are particularly recommended for releasing deeply embedded 3D and low 4D frequencies. Your sound healing session will shift these energetic distortions in your biofield layer by layer and each individual's experience will be unique depending on where they are in their soul journey and what they are ready to release.  Prior to a session I work with your Higherself to determine the specific frequencies and the order in which they would like to do the work.  Each session is unique to the individual and results are always powerful and profound, yet also gentle. During the session a client may be aware of gentle energetic shifts in their bodies, other times they may have emotions, memories or physical responses triggered as the energetic distortions are identified, released and then rebalanced.  Generally, these experiences are typically quite gentle.  Know that what is shifted during your session is what is for your highest and greatest good at that time.  A series of three sessions over the course of 3-6 months is recommended because energetic clearing occurs in layers. As you grow and your consciousness expands, the deeper the work and the more that can be released and activated. Each session is 1.5 hours and in person or online.

Cancellation Policy

Notice of cancellation is required 7 days prior to your session date and time for a full refund. No refund is provided for cancellations within 7 days of your session date and time. You may reschedule your session up to 24 hours prior to your session date and time. Please refer to Terms and Conditions of Quantum Energy Healing LLP.

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