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~ Release & Rebalance ~

Sound Healing ~ Release & Rebalance During a sound therapy session I use tuning forks, including the Solfeggio scale, which reach higher frequencies.  The sequencing of each frequency is used to help release dissonant vibrations created by disruptive thoughts and emotional patterns that have become embedded in the energy field over time.  I do this by systematically working through the energy field using the tuning forks, much like a sonar detector, to identity the dissonant frequencies which present as distortions in the energy field.

It was Nikola Tesla who said, "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration!"  Every particle, atom and molecule is energy.  All energy in the physical universe is manifested with its own unique frequency and vibration.  Your body is like an orchestra that when finely tuned resonates with its own unique harmony.  With sound healing, I use the frequencies produced by the tuning forks to detect, release, and rebalance the distortions within the bioelectromagnetic energy field or "biofield" around your body.  This field is toroidal and extends out a number of feet from your physical body.  

Your biofield is imprinted with of all of your memories.  Specific areas within your biofield hold different information relating to specific types of thoughts, beliefs, emotions and experiences.  Your biofield also contains the blueprint that influences the manifestation of your physical body.  As a

result, physical, mental and emotional experiences resulting from trauma (conscious and unconscious) give rise to distortions in the oscillations of the wave patterns of your biofield which then filter down into the physical body impacting your physiology.  These experiences can include past hurts, childhood trauma, difficult relationships, abuse, neglect, bullying, grief, war, accidents, injury, etc.  When dissonant frequencies are left un-cleared they can eventually lead to illness in the body and repeating patterns in our life.

Nicola Telsa also said, "If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9 then you would have the key to the universe."  Similar to the universe ("As above, so below"), your energetic body is also based upon the sequencing of the frequencies and harmonics of 3, 6 and 9 which represent the pathways via sacred geometry, that manifest pure light consciousness into material form.  In contrast, the numbers 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8 represent energetic sequencing and patterns that have already manifested as matter.  Your biofield is a form-holding blueprint that stores "templates" for how that "form" of consciousness will manifest.  These "templates" are comprised of conscious light and sound which serve as the blueprints on which matter and conscious identity will then manifest.  The architecture of the manifestation template is the 12 Tree Grid (Tree of Life) where each point on the grid represents a chakra, and each chakra, as an energy and information portal, has the potential to access 12 dimensions (12 x 12 =144).  Your consciousness and access to increasingly higher levels of consciousness aspects is based upon ultimately working through 4 triads (personal, planetary, galactic and universal) as you move up the tree of life, each comprised of 3 chakras (the 3 chakras representing the unity of the christ consciousness).  Mastering a triad/level is similar to mastering a level of unity consciousness.  Most of humanity has never moved past the first triad consisting of the lower dimensional aspects of the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras.  More recently, a greater proportion of humanity is raising their overall frequency and beginning to access and clear the second triad and this is where activating higher abilities and communication with higher vibrational consciousness typically begins.  As you can see, this topic can become esoteric very quickly, but this is a brief explanation for the basis as to why I generally use the Solfeggios scale in my sound healing work.  It also very briefly explains why when we work with sound healing we will be working multi-dimensionally and accessing past, present and future lives.  

Sound healing sessions will shift energetic distortions in your biofield layer by layer and each individual's experience will be unique depending on where they are in their soul journey and what they are ready to release.  During a session a client may not be aware of anything, other times they may have emotions, memories or physical responses triggered as the energetic distortions are identified, released and then rebalanced.  These experiences are typically quite gentle.  Know that what is shifted during your session is what is for your highest and greatest good at that time.

Sound healing is a simple, effective and powerful healing modality that can help bring the body back into balance and release past emotions bringing healing and wellbeing.  

These sessions are 1.5 hours and are in-person only.


"I had the most profound experience with Jane and her sound healing.  My whole body hummed and vibrated during the session.  At one point  a heavy pressure descended on my shoulders.  As she progressed through the session, the pressure lifted and was completely released.  It wasn’t until later that I realized that I became free of old toxic ways of thinking about my interactions with others. Truly transforming!" Kathy Vaughn

"I visited Jane for a sound healing session.  I was immediately drawn to Jane as I wanted to remove dense energy that I had been carrying for a long time whilst not really understanding how or why.  Jane was so warm and professional I knew that I was in safe hands.  Her knowledge is second to none!  I have tried many healing modalities but the healing session with Jane was extraordinary and unlike anything that I have ever experienced before.  We were both able to synchronise our thoughts, and as memories, blockages and dark matter were found in my energy field, Jane removed them.  Often, physical responses in my body would be triggered and then release as she worked with the density in my energy field to rebalance it.  Strangely we both had an understanding of their origins and Jane guided me through my past life and present-day trauma and was able to explain that I had agreed to clear an aspect of collective conscious for the Earth.  I cannot thank Jane enough for her caring presence and the safe space that she held for me, helping me emerge lighter and brighter.  Thank you so much Jane, you have a wonderful gift!"  Tina

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