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"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."  

Nicola Tesla

These words could not be more true.  As a multidimensional healer I have been practicing Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (“QHHT”) and other quantum healing therapies in London since 2014. The breadth of my experience ranges from hypnotherapy techniques such as QHHT, quantum hypnosis, past life regressions, general regression hypnosis and timeline healing of ancestral lineages to galactic heritage readings, sound healing using tuning forks, high frequency multi-dimensional healing, calibrations and upgrades of the human energy matrix and reiki.  I also teach regular workshops with the goal of empowering individuals with the knowledge required for self-healing, strengthening their connection to their Higherselves and guides, understanding the power of their thoughts and emotions as a co-creator of their reality, how to work with metaphysical laws of the universe and ascension mechanics during this time of awakening.


Jane MacDougall

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The purpose of my practice is to teach people to understand how truly powerful they are as individuals.  How powerful their thoughts and emotions are, and how addressing unproductive mental and emotional patterns are where self-healing begins.  I want to empower individuals to believe in themselves and to know that they have control of their health and happiness rather than delegating these states of being to others. 


As a multidimensional healer, spiritual development and ascension teacher  I work with my clients to release lower density energies throughout their multidimensional energy bodies so they may activate and integrate their higher frequency soul template.  As part of this process I also teach my clients how to connect to their guides, spirit team and strengthen their connection to their Higherselves.

The process of healing is a personal journey that is truly unique to each individual.  All thoughts and emotions carry a specific energy frequency.  Where the vibrational frequency of the thought or emotion is lower than the natural frequency of the individual’s energy field, the flow of energy through the field is disrupted resulting in blockages, depletion and congestion.  As both an energy healer and quantum hypnosis practitioner, I witness first hand how these negative emotions and thought patterns create the energetic imbalances.  As these emotions and thought patterns are reinforced over time, they then begin to manifest themselves as physical symptoms which can become chronic illnesses if they are not addressed.

Because we are working together on a quantum level, mental, emotional and physical healing can be profound, even instantaneous.  What is important to remember is that my role is as your guide and facilitator.  I hold the sacred space on a mutidimensional level, I create that safe place and act as a conduit for the higher vibrational energies that then allows the individual to take the journey they need to heal themselves regardless of which modality is used.  

On a more sophisticated level, the journey of Awakening, or as more people refer to it, “Ascension”, requires an individual to make a commitment to heal many aspects of their multidimensional energetic bodies and consciousness residing in 3D and 4D, raising their overall frequency to anchor 5D consciousness into their energy field.  The process of Ascension is a slower and more dedicated journey whereby the healing is experienced in layers throughout dimensions much like peeling the layers of an onion.  This journey into 5D is also a journey requiring the integration of higher dimensional soul aspects and the calling home and healing of soul fragments that have been created throughout lifetimes.  Each individual’s journey is totally unique and dictated to some degree by the individual’s soul plan and purpose.

I absolutely love what I do, and I love that I have been blessed with the opportunity to support and guide each of the beautiful people who come to me on their journey of healing, self-understanding and self-empowerment.  I look forward to taking this journey with you.  

In love and light,


P.S.  As with everything that enters your life, as you experience my website and all that is written, feel it in your heart.  If what you see or read does not resonate with you, leave it behind.  It is not right for you at this time.  If it triggers you, take a journey within to understand why.  If it pulls at you, feel it, question it, consider it, perhaps even pursue it.  If it resonates in your heart, then follow your heart, as it is your heart that is to guide you into your new future.


Past Life Regression

Past life regressions are a unique and powerful experience that enable you to learn more about yourself, relevant people in your life, and the mental and emotional patterns you have carried with you through lifetimes.  By taking this journey you are given the opportunity to understand, reconcile and heal unproductive patterns leaving them in the past and setting yourself free to create a new future.   After a past life regression you will find you are more empowered in your life by the confidence and understanding that comes with your new insights.  

Regression hypnotherapy is used to recall and examine events from the past, even forgotten events.  This is achieved by accessing the theta state of expanded consciousness where you have access to all of your memories, past, present and future.  During this process you are able to witness experiences as an objective observer to find the conflicts, turmoil, hidden pain, self-sabotage, and reveal connections between events and feelings.  Healing is achieved through insights and a perspective of compassionate understanding which allows for forgiveness and release. 


Sound Healing

Sound Healing is a gentle yet powerful method for  release and rebalancing.  During a sound therapy session I use tuning forks, including the Solfeggio scale, which reach higher frequencies.  The sequencing of each frequency is used to help release dissonant vibrations created by disruptive thoughts and emotional patterns that have become embedded in the energy field over time.  I do this by systematically working through the energy field using the tuning forks, much like a sonar detector, to identity the dissonant frequencies which present as distortions in the energy field. These sessions are recommended for releasing deeply embedded 3D and 4D frequencies. 

Quantum Energy Healing 

During these sessions I work  through the heart space to connect with my higher frequency multi-dimensional aspects who work with your Higherself to provide you with a clearing of all that is no longer required.  Opening, clearing, and activating necessary energy centers (chakras).  Balancing, recalibrating, attuning and bringing your energy bodies back into alignment.  Facilitating any upgrades and/or activations.  What is achieved during these sessions is as allowed by your Higherself and for your highest and greatest good at that time.  I always request that the maximum be achieved.  These sessions work to bring you into alignment with your soul purpose and activates the self healing process.  It also raises the vibration of your physical and energetic bodies to facilitate the activation and integration of 5D and higher soul templates.  Post session, your vibrational frequency will gradually settle into a higher resonance having achieved an incremental lift in base vibration, according to the person’s spiritual evolution. 


Reiki, Japanese in origin, means “Universal life energy”.  It is this energy that is channelled to balance and heal the physical and energetic bodies.  My reiki sessions are no-touch as I work within the layers of the energy bodies to identify areas of congestion or depletion which I then clear, balance and realign to create renewed flow through the chakra system.  When the energy field has been balanced and healed, the physical symptoms then begin to disappear.  After each session the client will feel more relaxed and renewed as mind, body and Spirit are brought back into alignment.   

Quantum Energy Healing

Galactic Heritage Reading

Galactic Heritage Readings  connect  you to your galactic star lineage, your guides  and reveals karmic patterns that require healing by providing multilayered information on challenges and areas of growth affecting you at the time of the reading. Information can include your "purpose" in your current life, messages from your Higherself and guidance to personal questions. These cards are archetypal and reflect the universal journey of consciousness showing you where you are currently on your own journey of ascension with gentle guidance for your own future growth. 

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