Quantum Hypnosis

Journey with your Guides and Higherself


Quantum Hypnosis ~  During these sessions I teach you how to connect to your Higherself.  We then take a journey of self-realization and empowerment with both your guides and Higherself to obtain insights and answers to questions regarding your soul's journey through incarnations and how these experiences relate to your current life.  When we work with your Higherself we find answers to your purpose in this life and what you are here to learn, questions about important people and experiences you have had as well as identifying past life patterns that require healing.


These are just a few of the possibilities. Ultimately, we tailor the experience to your needs so that we can find the information you are looking for.

These sessions are generally broken down into a review of 10 questions that you would like to find answers to. We discuss your questions and typically expand them into a total of about 25 questions. We then begin the hypnosis where we meet your guides. After meeting your guides, we then bring forward your Higherself to answer your questions. 

Remember, your Higherself is you.  It is your multi-dimensional self and it has access to all of your lives, past, present, future, parallel, through time and space in every dimension.   This is a great session to begin your journey to remembering who you truly are.


How is a Quantum Hypnosis Session Different from a QHHT Session?

People often ask me how a Quantum Hypnosis session is different from a QHHT session.  Below is a brief comparison:

  1. Quantum Hypnosis sessions can be done online if the client has a good uninterrupted internet/WiFi connection.  A QHHT session is always in person.

  2. Quantum Hypnosis sessions are shorter than a QHHT session (3 hours vs. 6 hours)

  3. Quantum Hypnosis sessions have a more limited scope because we have less time. 

    • The interview is shorter and less in-depth.

    • We ask the Higherself fewer questions (10 instead of 20)

    • Energy healing is typically limited (again due to time).  In QHHT we do a fully body scan (physical & energetic) this alone can take an hour sometimes.  Many of my clients will choose a Quantum Hypnosis session followed by a Quantum Energy healing session with me at a later date instead.


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