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A QHHT Journey with Argon, a Universal Traveler, Earth History, the Shift & Soul Aspect Integration

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Join me on this enlightening QHHT / Quantum Hypnosis journey with Argon, a Universal Traveler, residing in the 7th dimension, 13th density. He shares how he has visited Earth in the times of Lemuria, why they stopped coming 2000 years ago and why he is back again now during the Shift. He also explains how complete integration of 5D consciousness is important for Humanity during the Shift, and the role of embracing energetic sovereignty and freedom as a part of 5D consciousness. He then expands on the process and purpose of Soul Aspect Integrations as humans expand our consciousness and raise our vibrations.

"Standing in your sovereignty, your freedom, it has a tremendous impact on everything around you. The people around you, the consciousness of the planet, the collective consciousness of humanity, it impacts your frequency and vibration, the frequencies that you emit, your world emits."

Argon, A Species of Universal Travelers, Shares His Insights

In this QHHT session, my Client was was shown another life where he was on another planet. As he became familiar with his surroundings, he explained that he did not live on the planet, it is just a way station. The planet is generally uninhabitable because there is no life on it and no viable atmosphere, because it is too close to the sun. The planet is located in a different solar system.

He came with others to the planet because their ships require engineering to continue on their exploration. The ships also required resources from the planet. The planet is made of a type of rocks and crystals, that because of their composition and proximity to the sun, carried a charge that was required to power the ships.

He explained that they have three types of ships and he went back to the “Mother ship”. He clarified that they call it a “Power ship” and it has the shape and size of one of Earth’s larger pyramids with a few hundred beings in it. The ship resides in the 7th dimension, however, the beings on the ship reside in different densities (density relates to frequency) ranging from the 8th to the 15th density.

He was conscious of having a body that was very similar to a human body, but he was not human. His body was also not made entirely of matter, he was far less "dense" than a human and he was more evolved than a human. His origin was from Cylopsis in another galaxy and dimension.

He clarified that he is from the 7th dimension, 13th density. He is from a species of travelers who explore the galaxies and scout for life on different planets. They have been traveling for millions of years because their planet was destroyed. He explained that it was destroyed due to natural causes, nothing nefarious. So they had to move and as they traveled through the Universe they never found another place to settle. They came to the realization that they actually really enjoy traveling so they just continued and have been traveling for eons ever since.

“You have abilities to reconnect to all of these pasts, all of these remembrances, all of this knowledge, through your DNA”…on remembrance of Lemuria

Argon’s Experience with Humans and Visiting Earth

When I asked if Argon had ever been to Earth, he responded that he had. He explained that the last time they came was about 2000 years ago, before Earth was invaded. He said the Earth was even more primitive than it is now.

They stopped visiting the Earth because some of their people were killed trying to help Humanity. I asked if Beings from the 7th Dimension could actually be killed.

He said, “yes, their souls can be taken.”

So I asked, “How do you take a soul in the 7th dimension?”

“They are taken using technology.” He responded.

While I was intrigued by the implications of this response, the purpose of any session is for the benefit of the Client and this information was not relevant to his questions or concerns, and so I proceeded.

So I asked, "Who invaded Earth 2000 years ago?"

Argon replied, "The Reptilians."

I said, "I thought the reptilians came to Earth much earlier than 2000 years ago?"

Argon clarified, "The Reptilians have been coming back and forth to Earth for many years."

Again, I would have loved to have delved further into Earth's history, but we will have to do that another day.

Remembrance of Lemuria

So then I asked, "How did you work with Earth when you were visiting more regularly?"

Argon continued, "We were trained to help humans with technology. Sometimes we took human bodies, more often we worked with humans through telepathy. We taught you engineering."

He explained that he had been to Lemuria and it was magnificent.

"It was built out of beautiful materials. It was in perfect organic harmony consciously with your planet and people. The Lemurians were not primitive. They held a frequency from 13th Density to 15th Density.

They are one of the highest consciousness species that lived on your planet. They left so much knowledge everywhere on your planet. There are different ways to unlock this knowledge. The best way to connect to Lemurian consciousness….."

At this point Argon explained that there was so much to share on the subject of Earth's history, and for this we must visit again. He digressed slightly to set the groundwork.

"The importance is for humans to realize that you have a false history and you must remember who you are. When we talk about Lemurians for example, there has been so much false history around Lemurian crystals. Lemurian crystals are in-fact, a very powerful tool. They are not just simple crystals and they are not easily accessible.

Therefore, the best way to connect to the Lemurians and the knowledge of the crystals, is to connect directly to the vibration/frequency of the Lemurian consciousness. Since Lemuria’s end and then followed by the Atlanteans, etc., genetically, the ability to connect to this consciousness is carried on through your generations because the consciousness of your planet does not die…it continues, you just need to connect and look. Therefore, you have abilities to reconnect to all of these pasts, all of these remembrances, all of this knowledge, through your DNA.

However, there are many layers that need to be revealed. The human energy field needs to be cleared of blockages, density released, flow restored, and their frequency raised to access this information. This knowledge is accessible through resonant frequency.

To access the Lemurian memories, one needs to raise their frequency to anything above 3D. The level of knowledge and memories revealed will reflect the frequency of the individual accessing the information."

What it Means to Complete Integration of 5D Consciousness, The Density and Dimensions Explained

Argon continues, "4th Density is a very short density (density relates to relative frequency). You go through 4D on your way to 5D. 5D is where the work begins as a collective consciousness. 5D is the beginning of the evolution of consciousness. Anything before 5D is what we call “primitive”, anything before 5D, however, is necessary if your species so chooses to evolve because you always have free will. Any species always has the potentiality to not evolve if they so choose. What human beings are struggling with right now is the manipulation they have been under.

"From our perspective as travelers and witnesses... We see all of the tools that humanity has to evolve beyond anything you can even imagine."

You see, it is a process of sovereignty and freedom. Freedom is not something that you have. It is something that you ARE. This is Universal Knowledge. It is a Universal Law. You are your own responsibility. Some species, councils, federations are working with the human species to aide in their evolution, however, nobody will save you. No one will do your job for you. It is your job to do it for yourself and your species. It is only you, it has always been only you.

So, how do you do that? It goes back into your history as well. What we mean is that you are blocked by your past history [false history]. So there is a sense of realizing that everything that you think that you know, is false light. You need to start by stripping away all that you think that you know so that you can get to the core. Because the core of yourself, your soul, an original human soul, has this knowledge already. You do not need to be a soul incarnated from another dimension, density, species, planet or universe to remember and access this knowledge and information.

The original human soul, as a collective, is good. It is good within its heart, it is pure, it knows love. Love is the most powerful. Love is what unites us all, good and bad. That is why humans are receiving so much support. You are striving to remember.

It is important first, for Humans need to begin to peal away at what they think they know and go back to their core, strip everything away, and then once they are at their core, they must stand in their freedom and embrace it as ONE being. You must allow yourself to believe and remember, know what you are capable of.

The difficulty is that Humans have forgotten for so long. So there is nobody, no culture, no society, that has been able to retain this remembrance and knowledge. What is of concern is when you have forgotten to such an extent that you are happy where you are and do not want anything else. You do not think you can evolve.

This is in part because humans have been told and taught to be afraid of who they are. They have been told to be afraid of everything, be afraid of change, be afraid of that which you do not see, even to be afraid of your own feelings.

From our perspective as travelers and witnesses, it is heart breaking because we see the potential of humanity. We see all of the tools that humanity has to evolve beyond anything you can even imagine.

Argon’s Insights Regarding the Shift

I asked if Argon had a parting message before we moved on to speaking with the Higherself.

“You will only truly be able to complete the 5th density ascension when your whole species, your whole planet, is as ONE in the 5th density. It is at this point that you will have nothing left that will pull you back down again.”

Argon's parting message was as follows:

"I wish for all of you to realize that the time that you are now in is one of the most important times you will every know in the history of your species. Now is the time when you are given a choice. You are given a choice to evolve or to be enslaved forever. And mark our words, your world is at war. You may call it a Spiritual war, it is on a galactic level, you have no idea what is actually going on. It is beyond your imaginations.

Our message is to realize how important this time is for you. This is the time for you to regain your freedom and your sovereignty. You must do your own work. Every intention, every thought, every action, focus to regain your sovereignty and stand in your freedom. You have always been free. Step into the knowledge of your body [access the memories held in your DNA] and regain the knowledge of your freedom.

Standing in your sovereignty, your freedom, it has a tremendous impact on everything around you. The people around you, the consciousness of the planet, the collective consciousness of humanity, it impacts your frequency and vibration, the frequencies that you emit, your world emits.

You are more connected than you can even comprehend. This is not difficult, contrary to what you have been led to believe. The process is simple. What you emit, as a being of pure energy, we are all emitters of energy, this is truly how we all interact.

For example, with our species, we do not speak or use language. We communicate by how we emit energy. We communicate through telepathy as well as, through our intentions. So we understand that it is about how we emit our thoughts, our desires that we choose to express at one particular time.

Humans are already emitters. You create your own life by what you emit. In this way you create the lives that you experience yourselves. Right? You understand? So you must deeply and truly know that you are free. Once you step into the KNOWING that you are FREE then you are able to receive and emit frequencies much more accurately, precisely and at a much higher density (frequency)."

Argon, what Advice can you give humans to work through the 5th dimension and into the 6th dimension?

"This is a difficult one because it all depends on your process of evolution. The higher you go in density (frequency)….hmmm, you see, your evolution depends on how you choose to react to the factors around you. The question of "how" is an impossible question to answer because there are so many timelines that are possible and that are open to you are this time. So I cannot give you an answer to that right now.

Is there a difference between a 5th density existence and 6th density existence?

"Yes, again, density will work differently on different planets and dimensions. Density is different from a dimension. A dimension, is a dimension. Density is the level of your vibratory field, your frequency. The higher you vibrate, the higher you go in your densities.

Generally speaking, densities work by two. So you could say that 6th density is like 5.5 density. Similarly, 4th density is much like 3.5 density. You could relate to 4th and 6th density as transition densities that occur just before the shift to the next level.

To move beyond 5th density, humanity will need to move as a collective. For a human to fully complete the 5th density ascension it can only truly be completed when everyone is at the same stage of evolution. This is why going from the 3rd to 5th density is one of the hardest shifts to make as a species. It is because you are being pulled back constantly between 3,4,5….4,3,4,5….4,3,4,5 until you are finally able to adjust more and more to get your BODY and your CONSCIOUSNESS into a state of 5th density.

You will only truly be able to complete the 5th density ascension when your whole species, your whole planet, is as ONE in the 5th density. It is at this point that you will have nothing left that will pull you back down again.

Laughter and having fun are very much a part of the 5th, 6th & 7th dimensions….just have fun and go with the flow. Laughter has enormous impact, beyond what you can imagine. It vastly increases your vibration. It is important to laugh and feel joy.

Also…..remember to Trust….that is very important."

Argon Explains Why He Chose to Incarnate on Earth

Argon explained that he chose to incarnate in this lifetime as my Client because his species entered into a contract with the Galactic Federation. He was offered to take the call to incarnate on Earth and help with the evolution. He will aide our evolution by holding higher frequencies…

He said, "Humans tend to overcomplicate everything. There are millions of us here. There had been a call. There have been many waves. My call came about 40 Earth years ago. It was a call to inter-galactic, inter-dimensional species because you [Earth] are entering into a new time, a new opening of the evolution of your consciousness. So our contract was to reach a certain age and maturity to be able to remember and activate so that we could do our work.

There are different ways to more specifically aide in the raising of the consciousness of humanity. The first is to be able to connect into the collective consciousness because when you are on the ground and working in a 3D body, you are able to emit to the collective consciousness of humanity, the knowledge and information from your own species and planet. This has an enormous impact on everyone around.

For example, your Earth grids transmit information and energies into everyone around. This is how “trends” and “ideas” are spread and absorbed. This is how your “hundredth monkey” concept came to being, the consciousness concepts are spread through the energy of your Earth lay lines and grids. The knowledge is emitted and placed there to be tapped into.

So you have new consciousness [the Starseeds] on the planet emitting this knowledge and information into the planet and then the planet spreads this information through the lay lines and grids to be absorbed by others. In this way, we work to raise the vibration and expand the consciousness of humans. The information becomes part of the collective consciousness. So humans may then download this information. So they may REMEMBER.

Who Are Argon and Sidone? The Process of Experiencing a Soul Aspect Integration.

Prior to the session, the Client explained that he would channel writing from a consciousness he named Argon. He didn't know who Argon was. Argon also always arrived with another consciousness named Sidone. The two energy signatures felt different. The Client wanted to understand more about how he was personally connected to Argon.

Argon explained that he is an aspect of the Client. He guides the Client to integrate his consciousness into the Clients awareness because the Client is Argon and Argon is the Client. When the Client “reintegrates” the consciousness of Argon, the Client also then receives access to the knowledge that Argon holds.

I then asked who is Sidone? Argon explained that Sidone is a consciousness on the 23rd Density. She is sort of like Argon’s guide. They have been incarnating together over and over again for millenniums. They have an arrangement where Argon’s consciousness will do the reincarnating and Sidone, because her consciousness chooses not to leave her light body, will remain as at the density level of her light body. Sidone is at the stage of her evolution where she may choose to stay as a light being. So in effect, she takes her journey through the lower densities, as a guide, with Argon.

Argon explained, “[The Client] will be able to access more of Sidone’s consciousness, her knowledge and understandings, once he get’s me back.” To “get Argon back” (what we call soul aspect integration), Argon explained that the client needed to embrace, believe, and not doubt himself. He needs to just simply be and EMBRACE his communication with Argon.

Amongst quantum energy healers we call this process “soul aspect integration.” It occurs when an individual raises their frequency enough to begin consciously accessing higher frequency aspects of themselves. In my client’s case, that would be Argon and Sidone, among others.

"To embrace and love everything that you are is bringing you as a whole together. You bring yourself together as a whole. Integration is part of Love, Love is part of integration. When you allow yourself to integrate yourself, you are allowing yourself to Love yourself." The Higherself

Speaking with the HigherSelf

Where did Client incarnate before Earth?

HS: "Erra, located in the Pleiades. It was a 5th density lifetime. The process of decreasing a soul’s frequency in the incarnation process required that he have an incarnation at this frequency to calibrate before coming to Earth. His life in the Pleiades was not a full life, it was very short because it was just a “step”" [I see this process in every soul journey reading I have done].

Why did you choose to incarnate on Earth?

HS: "Because Earth needed help."

Where did client incarnate before the Pleiades?

HS: "He was incarnated in the 7th dimension as Argon. Before incarnating as Argon, he incarnated on Agarath. They are part of what you call the Arcturians. There are many species that you call the Arcurians. The Client was incarnated in the 18th dimension as an Agarath. The [Client’s] soul is from a lineage of traveler. The Agarath are Arcturian travelers."

Who were the two Beings in the room that one night when Client woke-up?

HS: "The two Beings were monitoring the Client. The tall one was 18th density. They are part of the Galactic Federation. I cannot say more."

What density was the small one?

HS: "The small one was 7th density."

What were they monitoring?

HS: "They were monitoring the Client because he answered the Call. The Call was made by the Galactic Federation, therefore, he is monitored by the Galactic Federation."

How do they monitor the Client?

HS: "They monitor his health among other things. The Beings have visited the Client often. They do physical and energetic work on him."

Have they made any energetic changes?

HS: "They clean, they realign. It is, you could say, kind of mechanical. All work is done in alignment with his highest and greatest good."

As the Higherself, at what level do you reside at?

HS: "13th Density."

Is Client on the cusp of a soul aspect integration?

HS: "Yes, it is Argon. Because Argon is within and without of himself. The energetic part of Argon is integrated into Client. The knowledge of Argon is activated within Client. However, Argon will always be Argon and Client will always be Client. This integration will happen very naturally."

Why are healers sometimes used to facilitate these types of soul integrations?

HS: "The more you can evolve, the less healers you will need. This is a process."

What beliefs are important for Client to release?

HS: "The Belief of being different, the fear of being powerful. Once the integration begins, Client is struggling with his 3D avatar body. He is having difficulty to integrate his/Argon’s energy into the 3D body, which to him feels like fear."

What is the origin of this fear signature?

HS: "Galactic."

Can you give me an example?

HS: "Arcturians are very powerful, but sometimes, long ago, it wasn’t as easy. The more they reincarnated, the more the species evolved, the easier it was for them to embrace their power. It is the same with your species. The more you reincarnate and imprint your power, the more your genetics will evolve and the less fear that will occur or be associated with the experience and your powers."

Is there another belief for Client to release?

HS: "Yes, that he cannot be loved. He believes this because he is different. Being different doesn’t mean he can’t be loved. Love is Universal, Love is everywhere."

What is the origin?

HS: "Earth lives."

How many Earth lives has he had?

HS: "Above 400."

Do you have a message for Client?

HS: "There is an understanding and an integration of oneself, of himself. It is EMBRACING. Fear is a low vibration. Fear pushes vibration away. To embrace and love everything that you are is bringing you as a whole together. You bring yourself together as a whole. Integration is part of Love, Love is part of integration. When you allow yourself to integrate yourself, you are allowing yourself to Love yourself."

I hope you have enjoyed the information shared in this session as much as I did. Join us later this month for a Remembrance of an 11th Density Life and Experiencing the State Consciousness of Being Connected to Everything.

Many Blessings,


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