• Jane MacDougall

An Energy Healer's Perspective of a Quantum Energy Healing Session

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

The other day I had a powerful energy healing session with a client where we worked on various areas of her energy field. Many people wonder what happens during these sessions and why they can be beneficial so I thought it would helpful if I wrote about how I experienced this particular session and the feedback from the client. What I discuss may be beyond some individuals’ belief systems, but this is how I experience my reality.

My client was an advanced energy healer herself and I was looking forward to the opportunity of working with her. I was also quite nervous, as she is well known and absolutely phenomenal. In the back of my mind I wondered whether I would be good enough?

My guides often provide me with information about healing in my dreams, it’s like they remind me how to work with and transmute energy on more sophisticated levels. The night before this session, I had one of those dreams. They explained that I have access to the energies and information I require because I had already constructed the pathways. With this they showed me a vast number of portals in space (think wormholes on a Star Trek movie) where I could pull energy or information in from or send the energy to be removed. Nonetheless, I woke up that morning not realizing the information might be relevant.

As I began the session, I started at her head and bringing the energy through. A gentle and delicate clearing of her energy field took place with a bit of anchoring. I was uninspired, but I was also still in control. So, I went back to her head area, I set the intent to let my consciousness recede and I said “show me”. At that point, my consciousness awareness shifted, and I started to become aware of her energy field as I merged with her on a multidimensional level.

When I work with an individual’s energy field I experience it as if I am stepping into it. As my awareness shifts, two things occur. I am required to surrender my conscious mind so that a higher vibrational multidimensional aspect of myself can direct the healing, I’ve named her Arielle. Whether Arielle is a single higher consciousness or a collective of consciousness, I have not yet been able to clearly discern, but I am beginning to think she is a collective. As Arielle takes over, the 3D Jane physically begins to “feel” and “read” the client’s energy field. I generally understand what is happening because I physically feel the energy, but I could not explain the scientific details of how she works or what specifically is being accomplished on a nuanced level. However, she appears to be adept at removing, replacing, inserting, recoding, transmuting, and containing energy using a combination of intent, sound, light language and “etheric coding”.

This time as I was standing at her head, I began to feel my energy field shifting as I began to absorb dense energy from that area of my client’s energy field into my own energy field to be transmuted to a higher frequency. As the intensity of the energy continued to build within my body I then began to transmute it with my breath, as the energy kept building in intensity and my breath was not powerful enough…. I then needed to use my voice to transmute the energy. When the power of the voice is required this can be an uncomfortable experience for some clients, fortunately I knew this woman would be unphased as she has similar experiences in her own practice.

And so the voice came. The sounds (you could relate to them as toning maybe) that emanated from my body were powerful and resonated from my core. They started deep and commanded and shaped the energy. As the energy was lifted from my client’s energy field it was directed towards her feet to be removed and higher tones were used to raise the frequency of the energy and transmute it, but my voice couldn’t go high enough….it was a physical impossibility. I was directed to grab my highest frequency tuning fork which I then used for the final shifting of the energy. The entire time my hands were working with the energy, and at times coding light language symbols.

As I was finishing off by my client’s feet, she began to comment that her stomach felt off. It’s really important during an energy healing to have the client participate when possible because it empowers them to begin to understand their own energy field, how to work with it, and how it interfaces with their physical body. In this case, my client was a pro and she knew that if she felt discomfort anywhere in her body during the session it was an indication that we should turn our attention to it.

When I moved to her stomach, I needed to recalibrate. I grounded as Jane and then I put my hands above her solar plexus and said “show me”. Slowly the energy started to build, it was a different energy this time and once again my awareness shifted, my consciousness receded and my energy field began to absorb the dense energy that needed to be released from my client.

As I absorbed the energy it became powerful and overwhelming. I again began to transmute it with my breath and as the intensity continued to increase I began to use sound. Very quickly my body was then overcome with the emotions of fear, loss, sorrow and heartbreak. I sobbed breathlessly as I released the energetic imprints stored in her solar plexus arising from past lives. When I could breathe again, but was still transmuting the energy, I asked her what she was feeling while I was going through this. With amusement she said she was feeling very little. I was working like a vacuum absorbing the dense energy she no longer needed and transmuting it for her.

The release of this energy from her solar plexus was important for her at this time because an aspect of the released energy also related to the loss of a dearly loved one in a past life. That same soul had recently re-entered her current life, and she was struggling to allow herself to have feelings for them despite their connection. With the powerful release of fear and loss from her solar plexus and the information provided relating to this new person, she no longer feels the need for fear or hesitation, and is more comfortable allowing herself to let that person into her life and explore the possibilities.

The removal of the energetic imprints of fear, sorrow and heartbreak relating to these past lives means that she is no longer triggered with strong emotional responses in her current life when similar situations arise. She is free to move forward with confidence and strength. She feels “lighter” because she not burdened by these heavier emotions.

Once the area around her stomach had been addressed, she then stated that felt a different discomfort on the right side of her torso. Once again, I grounded and recalibrated so I could begin to “tune in” (I associate this process with the information in my dream about the portals which was given to me so I would have more confidence in the process of surrender, allowing Arielle to step in).

However, my attention did not go to the right side of her torso, instead I was directed to her heart. Once again my consciousness shifted, only this time the energy was not absorbed by my energy field, instead I began to use my voice (using toning and light language) to direct commands at an energy that was outside of me. The commands pulled the energy out of her heart and created a force field around it. The energy was a lower vibrational consciousness that had imbedded itself in her energy field. As it was no longer serving her it needed to be removed.

With this type of energy work there is a distinction to be made. There are multidimensional soul fragments that have been lost as a result of trauma that need to be integrated back into the energy field to make it “whole”. In our 3D lives, you can relate to this as PTSD or similar traumatic experiences. Alternatively, there are then entity attachments which are outside of oneself but which have consciousness and resonate with a frequency (type of emotion) the individual is carrying and attach themselves to the energy field. Often, because they resonate at a lower vibration, they tend to influence the individual by triggering or gravitating towards more negative emotions (as a state of mind) and situations.

The feelings that I got from the energy being removed were that of sorrow and heartbreak. It did not want to let go and was resistant to leaving my client. As I was having difficulty shifting it with sound (commands, direction and containment field), I called in the angelic realm for help. Specifically, I called in Archangel Michael and Archangel Ariel (I have a strong connection to Archangel Ariel which I don’t completely understand). With their aide, the energy was comforted, directed to say goodbye, whereby it released itself and left with their guidance. I then tended to her energy field with beautiful sounds of comfort, love and light coding as I spoke a dialect of light language which my client identified as Lemurian. Interestingly, this related to a final release of trauma she had been carrying from a past Lemurian lifetime.

Once that was done, I then turned to the discomfort in the right side of her torso which had not subsided. As I “tuned-in” and shifted my consciousness I was directed to her sternum where I identified what felt like an etheric metal tube about a foot long with a 4cm diameter that had been inserted at the junction with her diaphragm. In energy work, we would refer to this as an implant. I personally hadn’t expected this and was pleased when my client confirmed that she was also given similar information. Pleasantly, it was removed without much effort. I cannot tell you why it was there or what its purpose was. Only that it was brought to our attention to remove it.

At this point, the intensity of the energy work was quieting down and we both wondered what could possibly be next. I had also acquired an absolutely banging headache and I was having trouble discerning whether the pain was mine or hers. When I asked her how she felt, she stated that she had a little discomfort, but barely noticeable.

I figured for the sake of thoroughness, I would go back to the energy field around her head to see if there was anything left to be revealed. I asked her whether there was anything in particular she wanted me to focus on and she stated she would like to experience more sight (not physical, but psychic).

Once again I grounded into Jane, put my hands above her head, I set the intent to “show me” and effect her request in a manner that was for her highest and greatest good. After about a minute or two, my energy and consciousness started to shift.

What happened then was so beautiful. There was a gentle clearing, and then I was effectively directed to sing/tone into creation new connections. Most of the work was on her right side (which on a simplistic level could be related to male energy patterns that hadn’t been sufficiently developed). This area needed to be recoded, balanced and then blended with the energetics of the left side (female energetic patterns). Once the recoding, balancing and blending had occurred, the energetics were then integrated into the entirety of her energy field and grounded into her earth star.

For her, the energetics of the shift meant that she suddenly felt more confident and had a solid balanced emotional foundation resulting is less hesitation or discomfort before taking action. She also felt more comfortable speaking about what she felt, what she thought and why. She is empowered to accept change and letting go of the “same old stuff”.

As for whether she has more psychic vision, that was not made immediately clear but when I follow-up I’ll let you know!

What is important to remember, is that energy work is a powerful healing modality. It is much easier and quicker to work with, shift, remove, and balance energy working within the higher vibrations of etheric dimensions than to work through the process of understanding consciously experienced traumas, negative emotional patterns and manifested physical discomfort. The shifts felt from energy work are subtle in that the individual no longer feels the relevant negative emotions and responds more passively to the emotional triggers. As an individual you feel lighter, happier, there are fewer perceived restrictions or limitations in life.

However, because of the manner in which the human psyche has developed, we often need to take our journey consciously as well. We want to understand, why or how so that we can consciously associate the emotional trigger with the relevant experienced trauma or physical discomfort. This process is as important so that the individual has the opportunity to consciously avoid re-entering into the same or similar negative emotional patterns that created the issue in the first place. This is where the journey into quantum hypnotherapy techniques becomes useful in the healing process as they work with both the subconscious and conscious mind bridging the individual’s energetic and physical realities.

If you have any questions or are interested in booking a session you can contact me via email at jane@quantumenergyhealing.co.uk or book a session on my website at www.quantumenergyhealing.co.uk