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Importance of Earth Star Clearing and Activation in Ascension ~ The Role of Frequency Limiters

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

As a quantum energy healer, I am directed with every client to activate and clear their Earth Star chakra. For each client, the reason or energetic history is different, but the purpose is the same.

Few people seem to understand how important the Earth Star is when it comes to supporting the ascension process. When the Earth Star is cleared and activated the energy field is better able to hold the energetic templates and upgrades that are required to hold the higher frequencies.

Keeping the above in mind, what I have been finding in one client after another is not only "junk in the trunk" but various forms of frequency limiters. To explain what I mean, I will share a few stories.

In one client, I was shown that she had lived a life on Earth as a Nephilim (aka the Giants) during the time period shortly after the fall of Atlantis and the creation of the Ancient Egyptian culture. As a Nephilim she had worked with energetic griding and the Elemental energies. To do this work, the Nephilim had created what I will call a frequency limiter to keep its' consciousness anchored to Earth. When the Nephilim had passed over (died) the energetics of this frequency limiter had never been dismantled and had been carried through the various Earth lifetimes of my client. As I was doing the energetic work of releasing this frequency barrier, the Nephilim consciousness stepped forward with gratitude. The feeling was one of finally feeling freedom.

For my client, she was able in that moment to release the lower frequencies for the purpose of grounding future incoming higher frequencies. This would be helpful for the purpose of a soul aspect integration, which for her would be happening in the near future. This soul aspect integration was being blocked, so to speak, by the frequency barrier that we released.

In another client, I was shown that he had lived a life on Earth as a powerful magician/wizard who could command the elements with his incantations. In that life, he had abused his power by commanding and controlling the elemental energies with his ego. He had other galactic lifetimes where this pattern played out as well. When he worked with the energies as the magician, he would bend them to his will rather than working in unity with him. As a result, his Higherself inserted a frequency limiter in his Earth Star only to be removed once he understood the energetic dynamics of freewill and working with the power of his words and their impact on others.

In his current life, he is a dynamic speaker and motivational coach. The identification and release of the frequency limiter placed into his energetic field by his Higherself will now allow him to move forward in his current life with less resistance, more power, and greater flow.

As another example, I had a client come to me and instantaneously I saw that his energetic field was "wonky". Not only were his energetic bodies completely out of alignment, but his energy field was unstable (creating a wobble) and had reversal coding running throughout it. This client was also experiencing extensive interference which needed to be shut down (a discussion about energetic interference is beyond the scope of this post, but in short, it goes straight to the issue of sovereignty which I will talking about in the future).

In this case, my client had two energetic implants placed in his Earth Star. One for reversal coding another as a frequency limiter. Until both of them were removed, he would have difficulty commanding his energetic field and raising his overall frequency. He also required his energy field to be sealed (i.e., all rips, tears, fractures and portals closed).

Since the energy work and the removal of the disruptive Earth Star implants, he feels more connected to his Higherself. He has learned about patience, discernment, setting boundaries and listening. He is trusting himself more and feels he is in control. He is experiencing less overall interference and feels better equipped when he feels a disturbance.

These are just a few examples of how important the health of your Earth Star is in your energetic development. Remember, "as above, so below." Your Earth Star is an integral part of a healthy activated energy field.

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