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Self-Criticism & Rejection a Co-Creator Remembers Separation from Source & Heals an Original Wound

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Our journey to healing, our journey to sovereignty, our journey to embodying our fullest potential, is about remembering our story. What happens when you remember destroying a planet, a galaxy, a universe?

We all have a story. Each story is individual to us, and yet, each of these stories is about all of us, because in reality we are all one. This is a journey that tells about the remembrance of separation from Source, how our perception influences our reality, and how, without the power of forgiveness, self-love and understanding, we can carry our wounds through so many lifetimes that we forget the story, we forget the origin, we loose perspective. As such, we begin to recreate that story over and over through lifetimes in our search for the origin of the pain that resides within our core, until the story, the remembrance, is so distorted it has become unrecognizable.

Destruction of a Planet, a Galaxy, a Universe....Healing the Dark Side.

During this QHHT session I worked with a client whom I had seen for previous QHHT sessions over the years. She has always shared with me that she has a very dark side where she destroyed a planet, a galaxy, a universe, she couldn't quite remember which, and she needed to heal it in this life. Over the years she has tried to address her inner horror of these memories using various techniques, including QHHT, but the necessary information never quite seemed to reveal itself.

So the other day she called me and explained that she had been working with the Emotion Code to release blocked emotions that she has been carrying in her energy field through lifetimes. While the process was going well with many of the emotions, there were others that she could not clear on her own.

As we talked she explained that she had identified two emotions that needed to be released and healed specifically through QHHT, and which related to her memories of the destroyed planet, galaxy or universe....a part of her dark side. She was ready to face and heal this aspect of herself and she needed to take the journey with me because I had witnessed it.

The emotions were Rejection and Effort Unreceived.

Regression to the Moment Just Before Destruction

In a typical QHHT session you let the Higherself dictate the past life to be observed as there is usually a specific lesson or piece of information that the client requires about themselves at that moment in time. In this case, I suggested we go straight to the event where she caused the destruction.

Where the Journey Begins - Exiting the Black Hole and Separation from Source

As my client became aware of her consciousness she finds that she is enveloped in a vast dark emptiness with the feeling of a tremendous gravity pulling on her back. When she turns around to see what is pulling on her energy she realizes it is a black hole. Her massive consciousness is emerging from the black hole in a counter clockwise spiral. While she is emerging into the darkness, she is also aware that on the other side of the black hole is white light.

As we explore the black hole, it is explained that it works much like an infinity symbol where the black hole exists metaphorically at the point of intersection between the two loops of the symbol...creating what we would also call a toroidal field of massive proportions.

To know darkness, we must also know light. So we move to the other side of the black hole where the white light exists. In the white light it is calm, beautiful, nothing is happening. Consciousness simply is. It is everything and nothing at the same time. It is explained that everyone goes through the black hole to experience the movement of energy. The black hole always has energy moving through it, always turning, a state of constant motion and balance that is shifting with it massive amounts of energy. As a consciousness, we choose to dive into the black hole to experience the journey of separation from Source (the white light).

When her consciousness first separated from Source she had created a different Universe from this one. It is beautiful and far from this one. While her universe also had free will and a series of dimensions, it did not have the multiple layers, the multiples of dimensions and was not as diverse and nuanced in frequency as the current universe. Upon completion of the creation of her universe she had then returned to the light to begin again.

Creating a Planet

Now that we understood why her energy was emerging from the black hole, we moved back into the darkness to the moment when her consciousness once again separated from Source and before the destruction.

I asked her what she was doing and she explained that she was setting her intentions to create a beautiful planet. The planet would accommodate many beings and diverse vegetation. She explained that you just visualize and then make it happen (you create a "spell"). However, as she watched her planet coming together, her heart began to break, because it didn't evolve the way it was supposed to. She watched the life on the planet die and the surface turn dark. She started to cry as she watched her beautiful planet dying before it had even started to mature.

I asked her why her planet didn't evolve. She explained that she had used "magic" and took a "shortcut" so to speak. In all of her prior experiences all she had to do was "cast the spell" to create, and so with this creation....she cast the spell and proceeded to direct her attention elsewhere. She started to criticize herself for her failure, she hadn't focused enough, she didn't hold her intent. While the planet had potential, she just didn't care for it enough. She sobbed as she watched it become dark and dead.

As I continued to ask questions, what then become clear was that her consciousness had not realized was that she had never created in the lower dimensions. While she had already created an entire universe, she did not anticipate this challenge. She had incarnated in this Universe to help reset the balance the light and dark energies, "there must always be balance." What she hadn't realized was that the frequencies in our current universe had a wider range, went lower and were more nuanced. Her consciousness did not realize that it had to adjust its methods of creation within the lower frequencies.

She explained that to create in the lower dimensions it is not as simple as a brief visualization. "You cannot just put a spell on it and expect it to grow. It requires practice, focus and patience, and I did not do this. Energy must be maintained in a state of balance, when I did not direct my attention to my planet the dark became greater than the light. A role of dark energy is to distract you from your focus. One must stay strong in their focus to create." [Note: my client is also working on her ability to stay focused on a task]. As she said this, she once again explained that she had failed the planet. It was still there but it was dormant and in a state of neglect.

At this point she experienced a powerful emotional release because she realized that she was not the terrible being she thought she might have been. She had not destroyed a planet, a star, a galaxy or a universe, she had only hurt herself because she hadn't lived up to her own expectations. She then saw that she had "written the script to incarnate on Earth to learn how to save her planet. To learn how to nurture, love, support, understand, create balance, nurture other beings, learn how to help all things grow. Neglect of intention created a loss of balance and she experienced separation" She wanted to incarnate on Earth because it was much like the planet she wanted to create and she knew she could learn many things by being here.

As she came to this realization she began to see the dormant planet begin to come back to life. There was a blue sky that was developing, it was beginning to have an atmosphere. Emotions of shear awe began to come over her as she suddenly understood that the planet was, and always would be a part of her because she created it. As she healed her planet with her intention, love and focus, she was also healing herself. "Like a child that we create, we separate ourselves as parents, yet the child is always a part of you. Nurturing my planet is the same work we must do on our own bodies and consciousness so we don't become disconnected/separated.....a state we have been in too long."

Rejection & Effort Unreceived - The Higherself Insights

My client's Higherself explained that, the emotion of rejection was created by [Client]. She had rejected herself when she abandoned the planet creating a huge emotional blockage that has followed her through time and incarnations.

The emotional blockage of "effort unreceived" was not an accurate reflection of the circumstances. Client felt unappreciated, but it was in her head. She had forgotten her story. She was the only party to her experience of creating the planet. Since space time is holographic and everything exists in the Now moment, when Client turned her attention to the planet and loves and nurtures it, it will regenerate.

At this point the Higherself faciliated a complete release of all of the emotional signatures within her body and energy field relating to Rejection and Effort Unreceived.

The Higherself then continued to explain, "everyone creates and destroys as we learn. It is a part of the process. It is that time in Earth's process that we need to release all that we do not need. Bring yourself back into balance, releasing unnecessary blockages and reestablishing flow through the energetic bodies. All is happening now. When you balance your energy, you move to the highest frequency timeline."

From here we continued to work with the Higherself to release further emotional blockages. It was a beautiful session, and once again, I felt honored that I was able to be a part of it. I hope the insights shared during this session are useful on your own journeys, I know they have provided clarity for me.

With many blessings and gratitude,


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