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Multidimensional Stages of Heart Space Activations

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

~The Ascension Path is about Accessing and Embodying your Co-Creative Consciousness which is Found Within through a Journey of Remembrance ~

In my experiences as a quantum energy healer, I am shown the process and changes that occur within the human energy field as an individual expands their consciousness and raises their vibration.

What is clear, is that the path is through the Heart Space.

It is on this path that one learns how to heal themselves, raise their vibration, expand their consciousness, remember their soul’s journey through incarnations AND integrate their higher vibrational multi-dimensional aspects.

There are various stages to this journey, and at each stage, one raises their frequency and begins to learn how to navigate within increasingly higher levels of consciousness. This is the path that leads to the remembrance and embodiment of each individual’s Co-Creative awareness. For humanity at this time, the stages are (i) Opening and Clearing the 3D Heart; (ii) Navigating 4D; (iii) 5D Heart Activation; (iv) 5D heart Initiation; and (v) 7D Opening of the Crystal Lotus Heart.

You must of course work with other energy vortices (chakras) within your energy field, but the frequency at which your heart resides indicates the level of consciousness you have worked to achieve.

This process is far easier and more obtainable than many realize.

"Each of us is a Co-Creator within a reflective Universe, whatever you think or feel, you attract to you and create within your experience of this reality. So, even in this now moment, you are actively creating your reality. Whether you like what you have created or not."

In my daily work, I continually see individuals who, with a little bit of guidance and energy work, are able to expand from a completely shut down, blocked and stunted energy matrix (only a few of the main 7 chakras partially functioning) with their consciousness residing within the 3rd density, to an energy field that is open and flowing from their Earth Star (below the feet), all the way up to their Cosmic Gateway with their High Heart (5D heart space) activated in 2-5 quantum energy healing sessions. These individuals shift from contemplating the role of spirit in their lives, to being consciously connected to their Higherselves, channeling guidance from their Higherselves, learning how to work within their own energy field, and setting energetic boundaries by standing in the Sovereignty of their I AM. It is at this point that these individuals are well on their way to becoming active Co-Creators within their reality.

Opening and Clearing the 3rd Density Heart Space

The first stage in the journey of expanded heart consciousness begins with a commitment to yourself to begin releasing lower frequency energetic patterns that are held within the energy field at the levels of the 1st through 3rd densities. This is the point where an individual is asked to shift their perceptions of reality from a purely EGO based perspective to a SOUL based perspective.

A 3D perspective tends to align with principles of “Me First” and a preference for mental analysis guided by logic and linear modes of thinking. The world is viewed, analyzed, understood, and interpreted through the lens of a “Me” based perspective with the individual often finding it difficult to identify with or comprehend others perspectives. Because the mental energetic body is more developed than the emotional energetic body (partially through societal conditioning), these individuals often have difficulty feeling compassion not only for others, but themselves as well. Energetically, the individual’s consciousness is only really working with the very basic energetic patterning of the first three chakras, the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus.

When an individual chooses to pursue a more wholistic or spiritual path, they will begin to direct their consciousness inwards to identify mental and emotional patterns that need to be healed and released. They will begin to reflect on non-beneficial emotions, behaviors, character traits, mind-sets, and/or attitudes. From this point, the individual will then begin to expand into 4th density consciousness.

Journeying through 4th Density Level of Consciousness

The Soul based perspective, and the first level of awakening, is when an individual begins to expand into 4th density consciousness and working with their second triad of chakras; the Heart, the Throat and the Third Eye. This is when a person begins to learn how to harness and direct spiritual energies into the 3D reality of matter.

When accessing this level of consciousness, the throat chakra, residing at the 5th level, when properly activated at this higher frequency, reflects the point at which the mental body, energetically speaking, begins to mature, and the will of the Ego begins to align and come into balance with the will of one’s Soul.

The individual is beginning to become more emotionally aware and is actively working on healing inner traumas and releasing belief systems based on polarity archetypes. It is at this point that an individual shifts away from polarity consciousness (good/bad, black/white, right/wrong) into more of a Christ consciousness perspective based upon the sacred trinity. What does this mean? It means that you are able to approach any situation as an objective observer respecting and understanding both sides. As an objective observer, you add a new, third energy to the polarity dynamics. You, in essence, become the paradox where you are able to hold two opposing, equal and opposite perspectives, situations, and/or energies in Balance. Your power, your ability to hold higher and higher frequencies is when you can be met with these polarities head on, and not be triggered. You are able to relate to the situation with compassion, understanding, respecting each individual’s freewill to have the experience they choose. In that moment you can choose too, will you indulge in the experience of polarized separation or will you build an energetic bridge between the energies, creating unity within yourself? This is also the process of integration.

From this perspective, forgiving and letting go is very important. When you refuse to forgive and let go, not only are you in a state of polarity, but you also hold all of the emotions and beliefs related to that experience in your energy field currently. The issue with this is that what you hold in your energy field defines your current reality, consequently, you are effectively engaging in self-limiting behaviors that prevent yourself from moving forward because you are holding your past in your present, preventing yourself from creating a new future.

For example, often when I am working on a client, I have experiences where I will say, “you have a blockage in your heart chakra associated with this [thought form or emotion]”. The client will ask me to remove it, but their Higherself is not allowing the release because the client identifies so strongly with the emotion or unhelpful thought form, that it has become a part of them. The client doesn’t know who they are if they are not “powerless”, “afraid”, “abandoned”, “playing the victim”, etc… And, so, the client is not ready and/or not willing to let go of the blockage. With a bit of coaching in the moment, the client will 100% of the time, connect to their heart space and release the blockage, but it takes a conscious understanding and desire to release and heal by the client.

Higherself and the Balance between Freewill and “Ask & You Shall Receive”

You see, your Higherself WILL NOT, under any circumstances, violate your freewill. It will observe as you create your own reality around you, for better or for worse. However, the second you direct your consciousness to your Higherself (or any higher vibrational energy in alignment with the Love & Light of Source) and ask for help, direction and/or healing, your Higherself will begin moving the Sun, Moon and Stars to create a new path for you and show you the way. If you continually ask for guidance, insight and healing from your Higherself, it will always work with you and guide you to where you need to be. For this reason, it is important that individuals reflect on their emotional patterns, which they hold in their energy field, and determine who are they with this pattern, and who do they want to be if they release the old one. Only you can decide to let it go, and once you do, your Higherself will remove the energy signature from your energy field. However, because of you have been blessed with FREEWILL, only you can allow the release, only you can decide To Be and to Become…..So I invite each of you in this NOW MOMENT to begin dreaming your dreams again to create the new you.

Learning Discernment

The journey through 4th density is also when an individual begins to cultivate a direct and conscious relationship with spirit as well as activating their third eye at a higher frequency and learning the lessons of discernment. In contrast, the third eye chakra when resonating at the 3D level of conscious functions solely as the executive center which is experienced as the ability to receive inspiration and manifest ideas into materiality. It is only when an individual begins to raise their frequency that they then begin to access their clairsentient abilities, which we all have.

The lessons of discernment include understanding energetic sovereignty, spiritual integrity, inner truth, surrender, flow & trust. During this aspect of one’s journey I always recommend developing a strong relationship with your Higherself, because it is YOU and it will navigate you through the challenges of discernment with ease and grace.

"My intention, is to teach each of you how to understand your energy fields, take responsibility and begin to create consciously. This is how we create a New Earth, from our Hearts and with Awareness."

5D High Heart Activation ~ Anchoring the Energetics of 5D Consciousness ~ Responsibility to Self

The High Heart (Thymus) is activated and the anchoring of 5D consciousness energetics begins when an individual has achieved a basic level of understanding regarding Responsibility to Self. This means that the individual understands and accepts the responsibility for creating their own reality, “the world no longer happens to them, instead, they happen to the world.”

During this shift to a Soul based perspective of reality, an individual will struggle to access the 5D state of consciousness if they are not engaging constructively with the inner work that is required because they have a fear of what may be revealed. There is always inner work to do, no matter what level or frequency you hold, and certain inner work is mandatory to enter the 5D frequency. This inner work means that one must look and behold that which they may not want to see. The reality, however, is that what will be revealed is never as scary as one perceives it to potentially be. Each and every one of us must take this first step to acknowledge, self-assess and then take that one first step towards self-healing. That is what is meant by Responsibility to Self. In alignment with, “Ask and You Shall Receive,” your Higherself is with each of you at every step that you take from that point on. They hold your hands, they provide you with guidance, all that each of you needs to do is take that one first step. The rest of the journey will be easy in comparison.

During this period of anchoring 5th density consciousness into your energy field, you learn through experience and understanding that everything you think and everything you feel, is held as an energy signature within your energy matrix. This is because each of us IS currently a CO-CREATOR within a reflective Universe, so whatever you think or feel, you attract to you and create within your experience of this reality. As a result, even in this now moment, you are actively creating your reality. Whether you like what you have created or not.

You see, the issue with many humans, is that because they do not understand how to work with energy, and they are not aware of their power as Co-Creators, they create their realities unconsciously. Humans have forgotten that they are energy, and simply by being energy, you also know how to work with and command not only your own energy, but the energies around you.

My intention, is to teach each of you how to understand your energy fields, take responsibility and begin to create consciously. This is how we create a New Earth, from our Hearts and with Awareness.

5D Heart Initiation: Shifting the Center of the Human Energy Field from the Solar Plexus to the 5D Heart Space

The 5D heart initiation occurs when an individual has taken the journey of clearing and releasing a sufficient degree of density held within their 1st energetic triad related to 1st, 2nd & 3rd density, and associated with the state of consciousness of the 3D Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus. They have passed many of the 4D initiations (e.g., discernment, energetic sovereignty, spiritual integrity, inner truth, surrender, flow, and trust) having grounded about 75% - 85% of the 4D energetics into their energy field. They now approach life from the perspective of self-responsibility as a Co-Creator and have grounded on average, about 50% of 5D consciousness into their energy field, holding this level of consciousness and vibration on a pretty regular basis.

It is at this point that the center of an individual’s energy field will shift from their Solar Plexus up to their Heart. While this shift is in recognition that the individual is carrying a higher frequency and has expanded their energy field, this shift is a matter of function and can very easily occur within someone unconsciously. These people “Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk.” Many internal inconsistencies have been addressed and healed. They know their Truth and live with Authenticity.

As an example, in a recent energy healing session, I was honored to work with a client’s Higherself to initiate him into his 5D heart space. This individual had been diligently working on anchoring and grounding 5D consciousness and his work was recognized in a very special manner by his Higherself during this healing.

This session was his third with me, and in his daily life he is a well regarded Pranic healer and life coach. As I stepped into his energy field, I was directed to begin accessing his energetic matrix through the Solar Plexus and opening up the various layers from 7th density down. My Higherself explains things to me in terms of “density” as a reference to frequency and uses a combination of light, light coding and sound to transmute, remove, create, upgrade, and recode the energy matrix templates throughout the densities.

The frequency of energies that came through were so high, I was almost breathless as I continually grounded into higher and higher states of consciousness. As the session took off, I was directed to clear his energy field of residual interferences and energetic patterns that were of a lower density to the frequency he would be shifting into. Where energies had been imbedded in his energy field that have a greater level of consciousness (attachments) and are not an aspect of the client’s energetic sovereignty, they are commanded to leave and escorted out of the energy field with a combination of sound frequencies and light coding.

Earth Star Energetic Upgrade

We were then directed to the Earth Star. The Earth Star carries the human potential templates. To upgrade the frequency and level at which the energy matrix is functioning, the Earth Star has to hold the coding to facilitate the upgrades. “As Above, So Below”, otherwise the individual will not be sufficiently grounded or balanced. This can also make future integration and expansion difficult as the energy bodies may not be in alignment. As a result, there may be issues with future integrations of higher consciousness (either as a consciousness expansion or soul aspect integration).

In this particular client, his Earth Star required extensive multi-dimensional clearing on various levels including the termination of contracts, regressive programs, removal of implants, and the calling back of missing soul fragments that needed to be integrated. The calling back of soul fragments is important as one increases their frequency because while it is a form of integration and healing, it also aids in stabilizing the energy field. To expand one must ensure that they are WHOLE, and that requires the acceptance and integration of lost aspects of the self.

They ("They" refers to my Higherself and the Client's Higherself) did not close any portals or shut down related interfering timelines, instead, they then moved to anchoring higher levels of light consciousness into the third harmonic triad (7th , 8th and 9th layer) and then wove the light filaments into the lower energetic bodies. The Earth Star was then recoded, balanced and calibrated. So, the codes were embedded into the energy field at higher frequency levels and then filtered down to the lower frequency layers of the energy field. The light codes were also activated at levels above his current state of consciousness so that it is easier for him to step into his path. Somewhat like a pre-activation so that he can just flow into that higher state of consciousness rather than hitting various energetic barriers that he would need to work through at a later date.

Effectively, the work on his Earth Star was like a next level clearing. So, what had happened is that he had completed the work of expanding his consciousness, but the frequency of his energetic body had not yet increased to be in-line with his level of consciousness. As a result, he was bumping up against frequency limitations within his energetic body. The work we did was to clear and upgrade his energy field at the level of the second harmonic triad (4th, 5th and 6th) densities so that his energetic field could be calibrated and aligned to his level of consciousness. It is at this point that people move into the Heart Space energetics.

As I continued to work, I was also directed to code for new energetic templates on both the masculine and feminine sides of the Earth Star, which were balanced and intertwined, grounding higher and higher frequencies, which would bring his energy field further into balance and alignment more generally. The energy work was then blessed. After the blessing, they (my Higherself & client Higherself) then revved up the frequency at which his Earth Star would be functioning, indicating that as part of the session and soon thereafter, his frequency would be rising noticeably.

The client could feel the energies moving up from his Earth Star through him. He saw lots of blue and green colors. They were bringing the higher frequency energy codes from the Earth Star down, then sideways, following the path of the toroidal field, up to his Stellar gateway and then back down to his Earth Star through his pranic tube. They then recode the crown to hold the codes and to allow all of the new light codes and frequencies to flow throughout the entirety of his energetic field because there must be balance in frequency between the crown and the Earth Star, otherwise the energy field becomes unstable, and the energy flow can short-circuit / “misfire”. Remember, “As Above, So Below.”

Simultaneously, they beamed light into his Crown chakra to raise the frequency of his Crown chakra and bring it into alignment and balance with his Earth Star. As they did this, they continued to raise the frequency of his energy field even further.

After this work, they then took me to his heart chakra. The client could feel tremendous heat at the back of his heart at this time. They pulled in loads of high frequency light at the 7th, 8th and 9th, level to anchor into his heart space. I was breathless as the higher and higher frequencies were anchored into his heart.

They told him this was an “Initiation”, which his own Higherself validated for him by beaming white light into his 3rd eye during which he could feel his heart space expanding. To be honest, both of our heart spaces were bursting at point during the healing. It was an incredibly beautiful experience. There was the feeling of “tears of joy”, as waves and waves of emotions flowed through. His Higherself expressed joy, pride, love, and then bowed and blessed him to honor him for the work he has been doing on himself and for who he chooses to be. They continued to anchor the waves of light into his heart for a few minutes. While they did this there was an over pouring of Love to him, it was love from his Higherself to him. It was like they were putting the Universe into his heart. It was so incredibly beautiful. It was in this moment that my client shifted his consciousness to allow the integration of these new frequencies.

In his heart space they were also putting into him the “Remembrance of him”…they showed it to me as sprinkling him with loads of sparkles, but what the sparkles represented, and I know this sounds silly, but what they represented, was him remembering who he is on a soul level through his heart space. They were also connecting him to “All That IS.” They clarified and explained this to me because I saw they were connecting him to the Universe through his heart and they wanted to validate what we were both feeling and experiencing. So, they connected his heart space to the Universe. This was such an honor for me to experience….such a loving, so beautiful. They gave him the message, “You have always been, this is about remembering, remembering…” Then they show me a Universe with loving energy spinning in his heart space. The energy was really gentle, calm and strong. It knows itself. It’s assured. It IS. I AM.

Union of the Heart and the Solar Plexus

Then they took the energies they had just put into his heart space and spread and interwove it throughout his energy field. As they integrated the energies into his Solar Plexus, consciously weaving the energies into it, they acknowledged the union of the High Heart and Solar Plexus energetic vortices functioning as ONE was “the union of his will with his heart.” As they continued to fill the Solar Plexus with the consciousness of the Heart Space they also recoded the Solar Plexus, where they explained that this aspect of the shift would be time delayed.

The work on the Solar Plexus, was multi-dimensional. They began with work that was at a slightly lower density than the previous work. The lower density energies held in the Solar Plexus required recoding and healing. When working on this aspect of the healing, what they showed me was that client had been enjoying the roll playing he was doing. Living with gusto and attitude. His Higherself acknowledged that he was now moving out of that phase of his soul journey, and so they were working on clearing those energetic signatures so that he could move forward without feeling pulled back into those patterns.

They then moved up to the higher densities and began interweaving the new consciousness. This work was very detailed recoding templates at the 6th and 7th densities to create new, higher frequency templates and energetics that he would be stepping into. These energetics would be slowly integrated over time. As they were doing this and as a bit of a laugh, I said as long as you are creating new templates for him, “can you please code for him to get his new car?” Both myself and the client burst out laughing when we both received a validation that his Higherself would code/template for the new car. For his Higherself, it felt like it was a bit of a laugh too…and so easy to achieve. It was like, “yeah, no problem, we’ll throw in the car too !!!”

From here they then tweaked his Third Eye to be brought into alignment with the work done in his Heart and Solar Plexus. With the Third Eye, they were connecting him to new higher frequency consciousness streams that had previously been blocked by his Higherself. This “block” or “frequency threshold” had been put in place due to certain abuses that had occurred during other lifetimes (one in particular was as a very powerful wizard).

With regard to the Higherself blocks, it was explained that he is a very powerful psychic and they were integrating his access and knowledge into his 5th density layer so that access to this knowledge and power would be protected by frequency. Similar to his Solar Plexus, the Higherself acknowledged that my client would access his third eye chakra and clairvoyant abilities through his heart space.

Then they took me to his cosmic gateway where they calibrated to reflect the work performed within the lower chakras. They also removed energetic templates and patterns that no longer served his highest and greatest good. A way to relate to and interpret this type of work is that the Higherself inserted energetic patterns of polarity and blockages with the intentions of directing certain types of incarnational experiences and lessons. Now that the client had raised his frequency and expanded his consciousness, the Higherself could now go in and remove those templates which would now be considered redundant. And there were many that were removed.

I didn’t realize that one could shut down timelines at the level of the Cosmic gateway, but that is what they had us doing. When this is happening, it could perceived as the clearing and/or absolving of timelines that would have been creating interference with this aspect of his soul trajectory and growth. Using sound and light, they harmonized the cosmic gateway and then blessed their work at that level.

Then I was directed to his crown, 9th dimensional divine masculine and 10th dimensional divine feminine energetic portals. My Client had been feeling pressure in that area and as I worked, he could feel them bringing his energetic bodies further into balance and alignment. The work was not intense, but more like a calibration so that the flow of energy through his energetic bodies would be fluid.

They then encoded his entire energy field with light codes (my client felt the gentleness of the love and vitality of the codes flowing through his energy field). The Higherselves then blessed his heart so that his “Heart may lead him on his path.” They then sealed his energy field by moving the energy through his energy field as an infinity symbol with his heart space as the center down to his Earth Star and then up to his Stellar Gateway.. and blessed the work that had been performed that day.

“He is now Heart Centered, Heart Centered, Heart Centered,” said with love from the Higherself.

The Staff of Light

I thought the session in that moment was completed, but then the work continued. As I shifted my consciousness to understand why the work was continuing, I saw and felt that they were building him a staff of light. When I questioned what we were doing, the Higherselves told me to Trust and continue with the work. They then told me to place the staff of light in my Client’s left hand. My Client in both awe and shock said, “Yes, they are placing it in my left hand!!!” He was laughing because he could feel the process taking place. The Higherself explained that the staff was a gift to him, but also as to honor to him, a huge honor to him. “It is a staff of responsibility. Use it with honesty, integrity and truth in Remembrance. Honor to you, honor to you, honor to you.”

7D Heart Activation – The Crystal Lotus Heart

In another recent session with a well-regarded and highly skilled multidimensional healer, I knew her and she was sitting across from me at an event we were attending. I love working and talking with her because not only does she have a beautiful heart, but we will often receive similar information from different perspectives. As we chat and share, our understandings grow because our different perspectives expand each of our individual perceptions of the same concept.

On this particular day, I looked at her and said, “I’m told you need a session. It’s time for you to receive.” For me this was just a knowing and I was honored when she looked back at me and understood. She allows very few individuals to work in her energy field….or rather, I should say, her Higherself allows very few to work in her energy field. She is also at that point in her journey where she is very clearly and consciously connected to her Higherself and is more than capable of facilitating her own activations and upgrades with her Higherself and her energetic team.

So, we kindly excused ourselves from the group and went into the therapy room. What followed was as beautiful as it was enlightening.

As I connected to my Higherself and then connected with her Higherself, they dove right in and quickly went to work. While it was a relatively quick session, it was an intense and very high frequency one. The purpose was a general calibration to support her heart space upgrade.

First, they had me clear a few layers of density that were holding her back. This clearing was necessary to allow her to raise her frequency further to hold the new light codes and access the new levels of consciousness. As an energy worker herself, she was able to work with the process and consciously release and transmute the lower frequencies as well.

Then they (the Higherselves) began the matrix upgrade, once again they began by working mostly with the Earth Star (which holds the human potential templates as well as helps regulate the frequency of the human energy matrix and grounds it into the Earth). They then went up to the Galactic Gateway and cleared energetic templates at that level that no longer served her. These would be templates that would have dictated the types of polarity experiences she would have contracted to experience in some her of lower frequency galactic lives, as well as in her Earth lives. Some people are shown these templates as sacred geometric configurations, they are shown to me as light and sound. This is a sophisticated explanation for “clearing density” in the galactic gateway. The Galactic Gateway was then recoded with light frequencies and new soul templates that would be more in-line with the work she would be doing.

They then did a bit more calibrating at her higher frequency energy vortices. Mostly, her Stellar Gateway, Soul star, but also her 9th and 10th dimensional divine masculine and feminine energetic portals. The 9th and 10th divine masculine and feminine energetic portals are located at the right and left sides of the head between the ear and the shoulder. They are located on either side of a frequency threshold between the 3rd (7th, 8th & 9th layers of the energetic body) and 4th (10th, 11th & 12th layers of the energetic body) harmonic triads of the human energy matrix. When these are cleared, activated, balanced and upgraded, energetically, this is when a human begins working, in earnest on the energetics associated with Hieros Gamos, the embodiment of the union between the human and the divine.

When we talk about the embodiment of the Christ Consciousness, there are very clear stages that one must experience as they develop their light body which requires the merging and integration of polarised energetics within different densities. The integration of these polarities during the process of healing results in the expansion of one’s consciousness.

They then took me down to her Heart. This is when it became amazing because they opened up her High Heart chakra and began anchoring light columns into the higher densities and then weaving the energies with light codes and sound into her 7th density layer. What they created was effectively a vibrant shining star of light within that layer of her heart space. Once that was completed they then interwove these newly connected light frequencies and codes all the way up her energetic field at the 7th density layer and connected her High Heart chakra into her Galactic Stargate.

This is called the Crystal Lotus Heart activation, and it is beautiful because it allows one to be capable of simultaneously shifting their consciousness into the semi-physical, etheric and pre-matter levels of density while residing in the human body. It is an activation that is reflective of accessing and working with the Monadic levels of their energy matrix which is held within the 7th, 8th and 9th layers of the human energy matrix, but which is connected to the energy field via the High Heart (Thymus).

When an individual has begun to ground and work with the energetics of their Monadic consciousness, the entire Heart energy again changes pattern. The Heart Chakra turns blue, reflecting its connection to the turquoise flame of the Mother Arc Founder flame. It is during this stage that a human also begins to embody and circulate the living God consciousness from within and without of the organic manifestation grid, so that all twelve of the dimensional timeline templates are protected and held within ONE as ONE.

Some people call this stage of energetic development “Galactivation.”

They explained that this was not an initiation, but rather a basic functionality that was required to reflect the work she would be doing. Not everyone is required to achieve this level of activation, and while this activation is an aspect of the journey through 5D consciousness, it is not necessary for all humans at this point in our collective ascension process. However, there will come a time when all humans will exist in their daily lives with this type of 7D heart space activation and a conscious connection to the galactic realities around and within them.

I hope you have enjoyed the sharing of my experiences and my perspective on our collective journey through the Heart Space. I hope some of these stories and explanations are able to provide insight and direction as you walk your own path of ascension.

With much love & grace, the time for remembrance is now. Learn to stand in the power of the Energetic Sovereignty of your Soul.

Many Blessings,


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