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The Power of Sound in Distance Healing ~ “An absolutely crazy and powerful session”

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I thought it would be enlightening to share a recent experience I had during a distance sound healing session. The use of sound in healing is extraordinarily useful for releasing lower vibrational density in the energetic bodies. In this session, the healing started gently but her Higherself had a profound agenda that unfolded with a powerful 8th dimensional soul integration.

I’ve been practicing sound healing for a few years now and I was always adamant that it needed to be performed in person. However, after speaking with a fellow sound healer, she mentioned that due to the arrival of Covid, she had tried both online and remote sessions with unexpectedly profound results.

My curiosity was piqued, so I sent a shout out on my Facebook page (Quantum Energy Healing London) to see if there were any volunteers to try a remote session. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of responses and reached out to the first person who had messaged me.

Prior to a quantum energy or sound healing session I do a review of the energy field. I determine where and how the energy bodies are out of alignment. I check all of the chakras from the Earth Star to the Stellar Gateway, including feet, knees and hands. I check each chakra on a multidimensional level for emotional blockages, self-limiting beliefs, polarity archetypes and energetic cords that need to be cleared. I also check for missing soul fragments that need to be called back, close energetic portals that are leaking energy, release of attachments, and removal of active, inactive and dormant implants.

I am also able to review an individual’s soul aspects (typically 12 individual manifested as 6 pairs, although there are exceptions) and their dimensional frequency. I then request the information relating to galactic memories that require clearing and in which dimension they occurred, including information on genetic soul memories/DNA which shows a souls’ incarnation journey.

For this session, the woman’s Higherself indicated that we were to use the frequencies: OM 136.1hz, 285hz (physical healing and activating soul template memories at cellular level), 528hz (DNA repair and remembrance), 741hz (Expression of self and embodiment of soul level recognition), and 963hz (Higherself connection).

Remember, your Higherself will only present that which you are ready to see and work with you to release that which you are ready to release. It will NEVER take you beyond your comfort zone. It will always work with you in a delicate and gentle manner.

When you are ready to roll up your sleeves and deep dive….it will take you further into your soul journey to help you release multidimensionally so that you yourself, as a human, may embody greater degrees of light and anchor in higher dimensional levels of consciousness. This session would be considered a Deep Dive and we went galactic in a big way.

In this case, my volunteer explained that she worked in Angelic Reiki, was very sensitive to energy, and had been working on herself for a few years now.

After connecting her to her Higherself (a process I practice before every session where the client receives physical energetic validation), I started the session out with the OM tuning fork. With the OM I did a lot of clearing which was relatively gentle.

As I continued working with the 285hz and 528hz, trying to be thorough, I kept hearing “hurry up we have work to do, not time to doddle.” “Keep going you have a lot of work to do! Keep the pace, keep the pace.” My client also commented that she heard all of the galactic energies talking to one another and bossing out orders to do this or that.

True to their word, there was much more to come!!! As I continued to progress through the higher frequencies the clearing became more involved.

She had very dark energies (low vibrational frequencies) that I had to keep clearing from her left foot, left knee, root and sacral chakras. Working through a number of frequencies, major clearing occurred at her root and sacral chakra which were darkest and the most embedded. For me personally, I kept feeling like I was just vomiting out all of the toxic dark energy.

Interestingly, my client said that she also had felt very ill, like she was going to be sick and was wondering whether I was ok because it just kept coming up. From her perspective she experienced an energy ball being taken out and her body jolted from its removal. It was being held on a very deep level (remember this is all remote and it is being experienced simultaneously).

The energy was very intense around her sacral area. She said she went from seeing rainbows to all of the sudden it going dark. She said, “ohh this is getting dark…don’t get scared. Don’t get scared….let it go and allow release.” She saw and felt the dark cloud.

She was seeing dark, blood red and black, all associated with past lives, connections to the pentagram and being a witch. She kept hearing the word “sacrificial”. Then she had the experience of being thrown in water, seeing the water above her and then black all around her.

What is important here is that my client understood that she needed to work with me to release the energy in her sacral area. She is the only one who commands her energy field, I am only here to facilitate and guide her. If she were not ready to let go, if she were not ready to release, I would not be able to remove the density from her energy field. Ultimately, it is up to her to release it and she knew it was time to let go. It was time to stand in her sovereignty, healing herself holographically through time and space by taking command of her energy field. She understood she had the power to release the density, never to return. She was clearly ready for this experience as well, otherwise it would not have occurred.

When I got to her heart I ran into what I would call a dark miasma. To me it presents as a black tar like substance. From her perspective, she felt that we needed to “get it out” as she felt her heart chakra tightening and the pain of it in her body. As a miasma, it seemed uncontainable. Being an energy worker herself, she was also working simultaneously with me to release the low frequency density she had been holding in her heart and it was huge. It had been blocking her ability to move forward in her energetic development for lifetimes.

As I was having trouble containing and removing it, I called in help and my Arcturian aspect stepped forward. My Arcturian aspect always makes things so easy. In an instant, it stepped in, isolated the miasma completely which was then surrendered to Source for transmutation back into light.

After we worked on her heart chakra, I was then directed toward her solar plexus. Again, there was a clearing of dark energy that was creating a block in her ability to sufficiently clear and access multidimensional aspects. She mentioned afterwards that she had felt the energies being taken out in the form of balls. The clearing to me felt very native American Indian, but it was clarified that there was also a strong Pleiadean aspect to the energy. As part of this clearing there was also a calling back of lost soul fragments.

From a clearing perspective, it was once we got to the 528hz that we started to raise her overall frequency. At 741hz there was more clearing, however, the most heavy-duty clearing was at 963hz. It was once we got to the 528hz and 741hz that the team started opening up her the divine feminine and masculine energetic access points which also function, in a sense, as higher dimensional portals. They had been dormant and during the session were cleared and activated.

All of this deep clearing was required so that her team could upgrade her energy system and raise her overall frequency for what was to come. Once I was done with the 963hz, the team told me to drop the tuning forks and begin the energetic work required to anchor the upgrades in her energy field into her Earth Star.

The energy of the session then completely shifted at this point and went galactic. They moved me all the way up to her Stellar Gateway and cleared her entire energetic pathway (pranic tube, hara line…whatever name you give it) all the way down to her Earth Star recoding her entire energy field in the process to hold her higher frequency energetic soul templates (her upgrade).

It was at this point that the energy of the session went off the charts, and we integrated and grounded her 8th dimensional Pleiadean aspect. As I was working I kept asking, “is she going to understand what’s happening?” My team responded with “Oh, yeah….she knows, she definitely knows what’s going on.” It was almost said with a laugh and a wink. They do have a sense of humour. It was made clear that it was critical for her to integrate her Pleiadean aspect because they had much work to do together. The Pleiadean would be guiding her to evolve her healing modality and bring back into remembrance her knowledge.

When I connected to my client after the session, I asked her what she thought. She said, “That was really intense! An absolutely crazy and powerful session!”

She explained that the last half hour of the session was wow! She could feel us connecting to the “other side” and she could hear me speaking and directing but she couldn’t understand the words that I spoke. Then she said she saw me looking directly into her and her third eye. The light and the energy going into her third eye was so incredibly bright. She said, “It was like I was having a clear conversation with you and you were just speaking and I was listening. I could see you and I could hear you working on me. There was so much energy working through my body, I was just like wow this is crazy!!”

She explained that her third eye was getting so much energy and light. She could feel her body vibrating and saw a spinning tunnel with purple and then the energy came in. As the energy came in her face started to make really strange positions, simultaneously with the influx of powerful energy she was releasing any remaining density from her heart up through her mouth (remember, we must release density to make room for the light). She was also hearing a lot of high pitched sounds. Towards the end of the session as everything quieted down, she could feel her reiki hand was being worked on. A nod to the new level of healing that she will be doing in the future.

This was a very powerful session that I was honored to take part in. The clearing that took place was on a multidimensional level because we were clearing not only her earth lives, but all of the lives her soul had ever lived (past, present, future, parallel, earth, galactic) existing within a broad band of dimensional frequencies simultaneously. This clearing was also intense due to the relative urgency to bring through new knowledge during this period of growth in human consciousness, for my client, in the form of her 8th dimensional Pleiadean aspect.

I am seeing these types of sessions more and more often as light workers and energy workers are being called to clear and transmute sufficient levels of density such that they may embody higher frequency levels of consciousness and step into alignment with their soul purposes.

Please feel free to message if you have any questions.

With many blessings and gratitude,


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