• Jane MacDougall

Too Much Drama? How to Navigate Polarity and Bring Your Life Back Into Balance

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

How to navigate yourself back into balance and understand the role of polarity in our lives.

Has your world gone crazy?

I have seen many posts and comments recently regarding varying extremes of polarized behaviour, experiences and perspectives, all of which are also reflected daily in the news. I have seen many people triggered with strong emotions of anger, hurt, injustice, conspiracy theories, aggression, defamation, etc...

Many people are asking Why?

POLARITY To master your experience as matter within the 3D, one must learn to understand polarity and integrate the trinity. Our universe is based on the concept of polarity, (positive/negative, light/dark, etc..), we cannot know our light without the dark. The forces of the positive and the negative drive us forward in our evolution.

Our universe is also reflective, so what you experience in your daily life is for the purpose of bringing to your attention, your own personal beliefs, conscious or unconscious. Never forget, we create our realities with our emotions, thoughts, visualizations and language. The polarity in your life is a mirror of yourself reflecting the extremes of consciousness which you hold. When you have too much drama in life (aka polarized experiences) it is your soul, bringing to your attention, your shadow aspects that need to be integrated.

TRINITY AND THE COMPASSIONATE OBSERVER So how do we navigate our polarity? By embracing the trinity. The concept of the trinity is one of the first steps to spiritual growth and it is from this perspective that one begins their shadow work.

Simply put, the energetics of the trinity can be related to emotionally and intellectually as the Compassionate Observer. This perspective allows both, or even better, multiple perspectives to coexist without judgement within the same space, that space being your heart and your mind.

As you learn to Allow, Understand, Forgive, Embrace, Love and Respect other perspectives, you begin to transcend your need to experience polarity in extremes. Your life becomes more calm and you are triggered less.

From the perspective of the Trinity/Compassionate Observer, even when you are triggered, you now have the tools to understand why you are having the experience and how to navigate it with grace. You will continue to experience polarity as you master the Trinity, but you are on a new journey where you will experience the subtleties rather than the extremes.

As you take this journey and experience the fullness of your life and all of its dramas, do not judge yourself, but rather appreciate all that is being shown to you. The more you are shown, the more opportunity you have to grow.

Much love, Jane

I have attached this video with Matias de Stephano [Initiation Series on Gaia] and I strongly recommend watching it because he clearly explains an aspect of the role of polarity in each of our lives.

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