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Integrating Aspects of the IAM in a Quantum Energy Healing Session

Updated: Apr 11

Join me for this quantum energy healing session in which the Client is a fellow energy healer. It is common in my sessions with individuals who are holding a more expansive awareness of Self to be required to take more responsibility for the healing process in a session. One does not need to be healer per se, but only hold an expanded awareness of Self. The Higherself/IAM will then begin to teach their human aspects empowerment and self-responsibility in the quantum realm.

In this case, the Client had an established practice of connecting to his Higherself/IAM. He was starting to work within his own energy field and understood concepts of quantum consciousness and healing. The session was also used as an opportunity for the Client’s Higherself/IAM to teach him how to work more adeptly within his own energy field.

As we began the session, the Client expressed that he was feeling the call to change his work and profession to bring himself more into alignment. He had been experiencing a lot of energetic adjustments and had been asked to work on embodying more of the higher energies. He was also being guided to work more with energy. As part of the session, he wanted to understand where he required healing in his physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies.

As I prepared for the session by connecting to the Client’s Higherself/IAM, messages started to through. I wrote as quickly as I could. It was expressed that he had certain thoughts, beliefs, perceptions that were being held consciously and unconsciously, that were holding his frequency down. He was also carrying miasmas in the 1st and 2nd layers of his energy field, as well as subtle embedding in the 9th and 10th layers.

The Session Begins

Your Higherself/IAM would like you become more “aware”. They are saying “he can release the densest of the energy signatures today (they are showing me a range). The first through 5th density energy layers can be cleared and then there is refinement of perceptions and beliefs that will need to take place to bring everything back into alignment in the higher levels of your energy field or consciousness, it is the same thing.”

They would like to talk to you today about these energy signatures from this perspective.

This is what a human energy field looks like. You have the 12 layers of your energy field or what is metaphorically referred to as the 12 strands of DNA. Each layer holds a different level of density, consciousness, initiations, purposes, knowledge, information, etc.

When all of your energy bodies are in alignment, connected into Source and Mother Earth, and your energy field is clear, you are embodying your IAM. This is a process.

This is what the average human energy field looks like (see image below). As you can see, all the different layers of the energy field are out of alignment with Source and Oneness. These dark areas or “blockages” are the emotions and the beliefs that hold your energy bodies out of alignment with Source.

Our goal is to pick through them, have you understand them, and release them. Today there is a lot of work they can do really quickly. I have connected with your Higherself and IAM, they came forward straight away.

This means they are acknowledging that you have spiritual practices in which you engage with your Higherself/IAM consciously and directly…ok they are saying, “he talks to us all the time.” Is this correct?

Client: Yes

They are saying that you do understand that today when we find these energy signatures, through your Freewill, you will hand them over to your Higherself/IAM/Source and they will clear them from your energy field to the greatest extent possible in this now moment. If you work with that understanding and state of mind, the energy clearing can be more through. Any energy signatures which are maintained are because you are not ready to release them because you are still choosing to identify with them. That is ok, sometimes, just bringing these emotions up and into your awareness is enough to be able to work with them in the days that follow.

COSMIC SUN STAR CHAKRA ~ I Embody Source Consciousness

They want me to talk about this because they say it is important for you to understand your energy field. They are showing me your Cosmic Sun Star, that is an energy vortices / chakra, which resides below the Earth Star. To some degree it encompasses the Earth Star. The Cosmic Sun Star, when activated, holds, or is a reflection, grounding/foundation of the higher frequency energy bodies being activated and embodied.

Your Cosmic Sun Star is quite congested due to your own faith (lack thereof) in your connection to Source and your higher consciousnesses.

I’m asking Client’s Higherself/IAM to explain this. “First, one aspect is that he still holds separation from self-beliefs in that he is not fully embracing the energetic resonance that is in alignment with the full embodiment of our consciousness. What you call the IAM.”

I ask about his connection to his Higherself (9th layer). “There is still a little bit of separation of self-beliefs with regard to the Higherself construct. The IAM is where he needs to begin more of his work. “

I ask about his own consciousnesses which resides outside the 12D matrix: “Yes, he believes that Source is separate from him. These are quite strong words. The emotional resonance of the energy signatures is one where the demarcation in the frequencies is quite significant which creates a separation within the energy field.”

So basically, they are saying that if you spend a little more time perceiving yourself as embodying Source, Source Spark, that you are Source, and start believing, working with those frequencies as a part of you, rather than separate from you, that will shift the energetic paradigm that you are holding, and therefore, the frequency within your energy field.

Client agrees but states that when he goes into the quantum field, everything aligns. Client does not see how this statement could be true. So, I ask what his Higherself/IAM has to say.

“This is true, but his belief that he needs to go into a quantum field, or shift or do this or X or Y, is an illusion. It is a false perception and is not in alignment because he carries these energies with every breath he takes. There is no need for the perception of On/Off, Connected/Disconnected. IT IS, I AM. We ask that he embody his IAM consciousness on a continual and regular basis. This is where his strongest guidance and alignments will come from, and the path opens.

The IAM is about holding the frequency. It is not about “I am working towards”, “I am moving towards”, “I am hoping”, “I am dreaming.” It is about IAM. It is about being that frequency at that frequency. That is the IAM.”

I AM NOT CAPABLE ~ Energetic Congestion in the Left Foot, Knee & Hip

In your left foot, knee and hip you have energetic blockages and congestion. What they said is that he doesn’t believe that he is capable. These energies are keeping you from moving forward. Your Higherself/IAM are saying that they are always with you. This is an energetic resonance that it is time for you to release.

As I work with Client and his Higherself (9th layer)/IAM (12th layer) and Source aspects we begin to heal and alchemize the energy signatures held multidimensionally within his energy field. It is his responsibility, as the human aspect residing in the lower densities to ALLOW the release of these energy signatures.

As I am speaking, my client is working with his own Higherself/IAM/Source Consciousness. I then receive confirmation that the lower frequency energy signatures resonating with “I AM NOT CAPABLE” have been alchemized to the extent possible in that moment.

Understand that because he is on the path of becoming a healer, he is on a path of self-knowing and self-empowerment. As a result, my role as a healer is to support and guide him in his journey of healing. He is required to take a greater degree of responsibility for the healing today because he carries the level of self and energetic awareness which aligns with him doing more of his own work. You do not need to be a healer to work at this level. This is about the state of consciousness one holds, not what they “do.”

We are then guided to the Solar Plexus.


Your Solar Plexus has quite a few blockages and congestion in it right now. They, want to start out with a few basic energy signatures relating to beliefs of “He doesn’t believe he is good enough”. This is a miasma energy signature. So, that belief has an undertow in your energy field. Client is aware of this and he confirms he can feel it.

Your Higherself/IAM is saying, “The sooner you can let go of this, the sooner your life can move forward. Because of the energetics of manifestation. How can you move forward and create if you are not willing to allow yourself to be good enough to create it? It is an automatic negation resulting from two opposing energy signatures that you hold simultaneously.”

I receive confirmation that my Client is working on the energy signature with his Higherself/IAM/Source Consciousness. He takes a few minutes to work through the energetics.

“You are the most powerful person in this energy healing session because it is only you who can allow the release and alchemize these energy signatures.” As the Client is working on this energy signature, I am directed that he needs to address how the energy signature of this belief is also embedded in his heart space. They show me a horizontal band of dense energy surrounding the heart space. As I say this, he focuses on this energy and I begin to feel the immediate release. I continue to guide him as he releases the dense energy around his heart.

They are saying now, to refine the energy signature of heart, “we want him to love himself more, but there is more to this. The heart has been broken and he carries this angst as a heavy weight (they begin to show me what they are talking about….and there is a heavy, dark energy on the front and back of his heart chakra). They answer my query that I ask only in my mind: “Yes, this is impacting how he expresses himself. He understands mentally and emotionally, that it is not for him to change the course of events (from the past), he harbors pain from his current situation, however, this heart ache comes from when he was a child as well. You (Client) need to let this go, it was not and is not your burden to carry this. Love yourself. He needs to know that he was always loved. That is enough for him to understand what he needs to release.”

The client is in tears and confirms that he understands what his Higherself/IAM is explaining to him. They continue, “There is a little more that he needs to do on these spaces, this information he can work with.”


Your right hand has an extensive amount of congestion as well. They are saying, “he denies his own power.” The right hand is phenomenally important as an energy healer. I ask for information regarding the density I feel in his right hand.

His Higherself/IAM explain: “This energy signature in your right hand is very old. It is galactic. You have carried this energy signature with you for a long time. This is a template that is held in your cosmic gateway chakra. So, this is a paradigm of polarity energetics that you have chosen to explore, master, and reintegrate. The density and distortions held within the right hand is also directly linked to the density and blockages held in your Crown, Causal and Soul chakras.

We request that he ALLOW himself to remember what it is to be of the LIGHT, work with the LIGHT, within the LIGHT, as ONE with the LIGHT. His current perceptions and beliefs as a human limit these perceptions of himself. Limits his perception of himself, as we ARE, and we are ONE with him, we are of the LIGHT, we work in the LIGHT. It is the process of energetic alchemy that he needs to remember. To remember the process of energetic alchemy he must ALLOW himself to stand in his power, which is also directly in alignment with his embodiment of OUR consciousness. OUR consciousness resides outside the realm of the 12D human energy matrix. And as he explores and expands into the more expansive frequencies of his 12D Matrix he will begin to connect more directly with the higher frequency aspects of Self. We are the consciousnesses that created the 12D Matrix, which he is exploring and experiencing at this time. It is important that he understands that he is more than what he perceives for him to do the work that is required.

He understands that, YES, there has been a Calling but it is one thing to recognize a Calling, it is another to walk to path of the Calling. This requires a greater degree of self-knowing and empowerment.“

The frequencies working within Client’s energy field are very high frequency. As his energy field is being brought into alignment with these higher aspects of self, Client states how energetically intense the experience is. We continue to do a little bit of work to help him begin embodying these higher frequencies of his own LIGHT consciousness. As he is working through this process, they bring to my attention a divine feminine wounding signature in his beliefs. This belief takes him out of alignment with ONENESS and UNITY within himself.

They are saying, “he doesn’t understand how he can carry our light when he also holds his own density.” I ask the Client if this this true and he confirms. His Higherself/IAM continue, “What we would like to say to him is that simply by opening your heart to embody our LIGHT, we naturally alchemize the density, the hurt, the separation, the criticism, the wounds. These are naturally dissolved. When he, or anyone, ALLOWS themselves to connect to our consciousness. In Client’s situation, he is connecting to our consciousness, WE are him, he is US.”

I can still feel that the Client has not been able to adequately adjust his energy field. He is still carrying divine feminine wounded energy signatures that maintain separation within his energy field associated with the embodiment of his own empowerment which he is expressing as an energetic block.

To remove the block his HS/IAM explains, “He must open his heart and breathe in our light. Breathe in and allow US to fill the heart space. Yes, we access the human energy field through the heart space. Breathe US in, open your mind, and your heart and allow us to expand within your energy field.”

They are showing me that they want to do work on his hands.

His Higherself/IAM states, “This blockage is blocking the flow of his light multidimensionally. We ask that he allow our access to this right and left hands to rebalance his energy field. The health of the hand chakras, reflects or are an indicator of the degree of alignment that one holds within the energy field. So, we would like to work with him on this at this time.


The energy signature shifts, and an energetic signature that he holds within his energy field as a wound steps forward to speak. This energy is associated with the right hand. “We are the density which resides multidimensionally in Client’s hand. (I feel that Client has a different name, this is confirmed. They say he is not yet aware of his other name, but it will be revealed in time and he will remember.)

“We are a galactic wound. We manifested in a galactic lifetime associated with the Orion Star system. From your perspective he was a “healer,” from the perspective of the culture and society he was in, everyone was required to have this level of knowledge. There was a misuse of consciousness in this lifetime. The misuse, there was good intentions, however, the intentions held energetic distortions which resulted in (destruction). He projected his energy with intention holding energetics of anger, rage, hurt, dishonesty, betrayal, misunderstanding, ignorance…(the list continues). This was a complicated experience in that lifetime. It has imprinted on him. He did not die in that moment, but he did not live long after the imprinting of this experience in his energy field. As a result of his death without resolution, he has carried these energy signatures with him until this now moment. As it is part of his path to move beyond these limitations, which we would like to suggest are self-inflicted, we ask that he work now at releasing….”

At this point, Client’s energy field begins shifting to allow the release and both the Client and the Higherself/IAM confirm simulataneously. I ask the Client if he is okay as he is processing the energetic release and shifting he is feeling in his energy field. I guide him to work on his breath to process the energetics. It is then pointed out to me that he is still holding density in his right hand, which requires further adjustments.

Client’s Higherself/IAM then explains that Client can work with them directly by choosing to acknowledge the density still residing in his right hand. “He may ask us to make the necessary adjustment for him that are in alignment with integration of his UNITY and ONENESS.”

As Client works with his Highself/IAM the frequency of his entire energy field begins to shift higher. I feel a swirling vortex of energy around his head and the space above. His Higherself/IAM confirm that they are alchemizing the energy signatures held within his Causal Gateway.


Client’s Higherself/IAM explain that the way he is working with them, again carries an energy signature of divine feminine wounding. His beliefs are not in alignment with Unity and Oneness. There is an element of him still feeling the heaviness in his right hand. Client confirms this. I am told he is feeling emotions of frustration as a result. This creates the immediate manifestation of divine feminine wounding based on the energetic signature of “I can’t” and “I’m not able.”

The Client’s Higherself/IAM guide him, “It is not his job to remove it from the perspective and frequencies of the human identity. The release and integration, energetic alchemy, of the energy signatures in your right hand are alchemized when he allows himself, to perceive himself as US. The adjustment IS, we ask that he perceive himself as US, not apart from US. It is our job, you could say, to work in the higher frequencies where our consciousness resides. That is what we do, that is how we work. It is of utmost importance that he understands that we work as him. In unity with ONENESS and integration with our “stages of identity”.

I begin to feel the density in the right hand clearing, and immediately receive a validation that it is clearing because the Client understands what “WE” are talking about.

I wait for the Client to tell me when he is ready to move forward to continue the healing process. This is often a simultaneous process as the Higherself/IAM will state when the client is ready just before the client themselves makes a comment that they are ready. Remember, energy never lies.


As we move to the next stage of the healing, I am shown that Client’s High Heart is Blocked. At this time, my Higherself/IAM steps forward for this work to hold the frequency for the discussion and healing.

My Higherself/IAM: “Your frequency needs adjusting from the High Heart (5D heart space) perspective. They can do a frequency upgrade on your energy system today, assuming you allow the work to be done.”

I then ask the Client to go within and authorize this work to be done by aligning his intent with his Higherself/IAM aspects. Client authorizes and confirms…so we proceed.

My Higherself / IAM explain, “There are multidimensional energetic blockages. They occur from galactic lives within the Milky Way. This is a different trauma from the prior heart blockage that sits multidimensionally within the heart space. There is quite a band….It runs from the 5th layer to 9th layer of his energy field. Generally, he has chosen to reside in higher frequencies when he has been exploring other galaxies. Coming to the Milky Way required a significant decrease in the frequency of his consciousness.”

They continue, “What he needs to understand about his heart space trauma is that it has now become embedded in a number of different levels of his energy field. It is imperative to release this congestion because it is blocking the multidimensional upgrades of the heart space and therein, lies the conundrum of raising his frequency. It is part and parcel to release this trauma so that we may be allowed to do the work of adjusting the frequency of the energy field as a whole. The heart space blockages are energetically held and connected into the Cosmic Sun Star and Galactic Gateway. The trauma is only associated with this galaxy…(they show me that I would call this type of energetic blockage an auric harness). It has been self-created in the sense that the trauma has been allowed to continue to reside within the energy field for eons.”

I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH ~ A Combination of Failure & Judgment

“This is the origin of the “I am not good enough” energetic signature. It is the self-flagellation for perceived failures. Failure is a perception that is chosen. It is not a defined experience. We say that because failure only occurs when judgment of others is allowed to define your identity. Without resonating with the judgment of others, there is no failure. There is only the choice and option, opportunity of an experience. All experiences are valid and valuable regardless of perception. He needs to release his embodiment of others judgement of Self. Including his own judgment of Self.”

“We ask that he release these energetics to US from a multidimensional perspective so that we may clear the heart space and upgrade the energy field. We cannot upgrade the energy field until he releases the pain, the energetic blockages in the heart space.”

Within a unified energy field at the level of ONENESS, “We love him more than he can imagine. Our love for him should be the love for himself. He must embody more self-love to allow this to occur. Take a deep breath and breathe the energetics of our light consciousness to expand within you and alchemize the densities you no longer need to carry as a burden. It is illusion, It is not reality. Ask and you shall receive. So be it and it is done. So be it and it is done, so be it and it is done.”

I then ask to what degree the Client is releasing. “He is working with us, however, he has his own perceptions that he must navigate through to allow a full and complete release. This may take a little bit of time, but he is fully capable of complete and total release. Allowing knowingness of Self.“

Client works with his own Higherself/IAM and continues to allow the higher frequency consciousness of my own Identity (Founders, Unity, Oneness, etc.) to work within his energy field. They work within the space around the third eye, crown to release mental patterning and holographic beliefs that no longer serve him.

During this clearing process, I am shown that he is limiting the clearing through beliefs which hold divine masculine wounding energy signatures which resonate with “can I be good enough?”, “can I do this?”, “is this possible?”

“We ask that you bring yourself back into alignment with the energetic belief of “IAM” please. IAM, WE are YOU and YOU are US. IAM, IAM, IAM.“

As Client adjusts his beliefs and perceptions huge energetic shifts then begin to occur.

There is a little bit of the auric harness left. Minor adjustments are needed to occur, however, Client does not hold beliefs at the current moment which will allow for these more subtle adjustments to take place.

We are guided that I need to “talk him through” how he needs to work with Higherself/IAM to complete the healing.

I want you to imagine the auric harness that existed within your heart space. It went up from the 5th layer of your heart space all the way up to the 9th layer. It connects into the Crown, Causal, Galactic Gateway, Solar Plexus, Root, and Cosmic Sun Star. Imagine, these energetics connecting into your different chakras and creating various energetic distortions in how you carry and hold your energy. Now tell your Higherself/IAM. Understand that you have higher frequency consciousnesses that also reside at 13D, 14D, 15D which you may not yet identify with completely, but they do exist and are working with us today. Call in Source, your Source energy as well. Now tell these aspects of you to begin alchemizing your energy field back into resonance with the frequency and harmonics of ONENESS. Bringing you back onto alignment throughout your 12 layers. You, as a human, do not need to understand all of the details. However, you must KNOW and TRUST, that the higher frequency aspects of SELF will clear and process alignment energetics.

This allows a powerful energetic shift in his energy field. As this is occurring, they request authorization to make template adjustments in his Cosmic Gateway for his highest and greatest good. Because of Client’s level of awareness, a greater degree of awareness and self-responsibility is required during this process. He therefore, needs to consciously allow and authorize various aspects of the energetic healing. The Client also needed to be taught that he was capable of working at these levels within his own energy field. We were required to navigate various beliefs which were self-limiting and which held divine masculine wounded energy signatures.


~ Distortions in Sacred Geometries

After we completed this process, I am then directed to energetic signatures in the head space that need to be released. Specifically, the Third Eye, slightly in Crown, and Causal Gateway. The Causal Gateway/Third Eye interface are the main focus as there are projections which are creating perceptions that hold distortions. These need to be released. They are associated with divine masculine wound paradigm.

The beliefs are: “I will not”, “I cannot”. I am shown sacred geometry which carry distortions. The sacred geometric energetics are the energetic manifestations within the lower frequencies. They would be considered miasma.

He is asked to allow his Higherself/IAM to reconfigure the energetics of the sacred geometries. He, from the human perspective, does not need to intellectualize it. The Higherself/IAM reconfigure energy through thought and self-awareness. Client then begins to work with his Higherself/IAM with this guidance and the work proceeds.

DIVINE FEMININE WOUNDING ~ Severing Connection to One’s Knowing

As we move on to the next energy signature that needs to alchemized, I am shown a pattern of Divine feminine wounding. His Higherself/IAM explain that at times he severs his divine connection when he does not trust his intuition. “Sometimes he has these feelings that he should do this or he should do that. Then he goes right instead of left or left instead of right. We would like to suggest that he heed these instincts and take more time to delve into the energetics as to why he is feeling them. He needs to refine how he feels and identifies with his own energy.”

As aspect of the energetic signature of divine feminine wounding is about not trusting Oneself, not trusting your feeling, not trusting your connections. There is an element of needing to work with this energetic dynamic.

His Higherself/IAM continue, “He is always connected. He must understand that WE (Higherself/IAM/13/14/15/Source) always embody Client. We always embody his human consciousness. WE are YOU. WE are your ONENESS, WE are in ALIGNMENT. We do not perceive separation. WE do not create separation. Any elements of separation that you experience are perceptions which you have created. They are illusions. They are your own illusions. They are not reality. They are not the reality of your true energetics. Your beliefs can be constructed and deconstructed as soon and as quickly as you create them. We ask that you be aware and mindful of your thought forms on a daily basis. On an instantaneous basis. We will work with you to guide you back into alignment with your true Self. IAM.”

[Note: this information comes through at 1:11]

Regarding the extent of the Causal Gateway distortions, “There are more distortions held within the causal gateway. WE are not able to work with them at this time. It should be understood that there are elements of digression which need to be alchemised back into alignment, back into oneness. This is a more advanced stage that he will learn to understand in the near future. Within the year. He can go into mediation to ask for guidance and understanding. Take this journey without fear or judgment. It is only to understand. Once understood, it can be released.”


We have work to do in the Soul Star, some of this work goes hand and hand with who he is as a multidimensional being. There are some perceptions which hold elements of distortions which need to be released.” They show me that this will be part of your process of expansion.


At the 9th and 10th levels of your energy field you have a frequency barrier between your 9th and 10th layers. There are distortions held in this area of your energy field.

The first thing they want you to understand is that the manifestation of lower frequency beliefs has a stronger impact at the higher frequencies, resulting in congestion, blockages, and at times a severing. “He needs to begin working on his beliefs and “lightening the load.” As Client begins to work on his perceptions of himself as a fully integrated consciousness, the energetic density will begin to be integrated / alchemised. At this time we have covered the requisite material for him to reflect on as he embodies the energetics of these adjustments. The energy field will become much lighter and more open. We will continue to guide him on the expansionist journey. We simply want to bring to his attention the fundamental impact that every thought and emotion has within the energy field. Just because it is felt as a human does not mean that the frequency resides or is embedded in the energy field only at the level of the human. It resonates, reverberates, and embeds at the necessary areas within the energy field. It is actually quite specific, even scientific from the human perspective. It is flawless in the perfection of execution. So, Client, as all humans need to understand, the significance, why it is so important to understand and take responsibility on a conscious level for the energetic dynamics of their thoughts and emotions. In the event, choice, option of expansion and growth into the IAM state of being.”

We are done.

Regarding Client’s Cosmic Gateway: “We are opening this up. Client needs to understand that he needs to embrace Source Consciousness and our higher dimensional consciousness more readily in his daily life. We ask with every breath he holds our consciousness within Him, him within US, this will allow an easier flow of the expansionist journey / journey into consciousness expansion. These are relatively subtle adjustments that are required.”

We did all that we wanted to address today.

As a parting message to Client, his Higherself/IAM leave him with these words of energetic embrace;

“We look forward to working with you every day of your life going forward. There is much to be learned. Much to be explored. There is great happiness and great joy. There is no need to despair. As there are balanced pathways that can be experienced. There are paths in which balance is created in family/personal/professional. There can be balance with all of these experiences. Should he choose a path of balance, balance will be created. It is his choice the experience he chooses to explore. It is always his choice. There is no need for heartache and division. Again, that experience is a choice. It is truly for him to decide. His heart space can guide him.

When the mind interferes, the lower frequency aspects of the mind function. The path can become clouded, and the choices made will reflect the frequency held in that moment. We ask that when he makes his choices, he opens his heart, clears his mind, allow his connection and therein guidance so that he may walk the path of greatest UNITY, ONENESS and ALIGNMENT. There is no need for strife. That is a false perception in manifestation.

We are done.”

We both feel a huge shift in our energy fields after this as we ground the energetics of the message. Client is very emotional at this time as he processes his own experience.

With much gratitude, love & thanks to our higher frequency Soul Aspects for the profound guidance, information and healing that took place, Client and I then terminate the energy healing session and separate our energy fields.

Client, “Wow, that was beyond words, on so many levels.”

In my energy healing sessions, my intention is always to teach my clients how to expand their consciousness and begin the self-healing process by teaching them how to connect directly to their Higherselves/IAM/Source consciousness. I teach them how to be empowered to work with their own aspects of SELF, residing in the higher frequencies. In most energy healing sessions, my clients tend to require more hands-on interaction than occured in this session. Regardless, the Higherself/IAM will always gently nurture personal growth, spiritual expansion and responsibility to Self.

Many Blessings,


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