• Jane MacDougall

Ascension Energies ~ Navigating Reversal Frequencies into Unity Consciousness & 5D Activations

Let’s go Quantum!!! It is time to shift our paradigms of perception as we expand our consciousness into 5D and higher activating templates that have lying dormant in our energy fields. It is time for humanity to begin to truly understand the beauty and sophistication of our energy fields, what they are capable of, and how to master them.

Everyone is being called to make the choice to stand in the power of their expanded consciousness. We call it the Shift, 5D, Ascension. This process is a choice that is made in the heart. From there.....everything begins to fall into place.

Join me for this talk about what it means and how it feels to express reversal and separation frequencies within the energy field and then connecting to UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS for self healing. The results are instantaneous integrations and activations combined with expansion and frequency increase. Let’s go QUANTUM! Shift your paradigms of perception. You are so much more than you realize....YOU ARE AMAZING!

In the last few weeks I have started to connect with a Consciousness that resonates with the frequencies of ONENESS and UNITY in my healing sessions. This consciousness resonates within a range of frequencies that could be compared to a 72 strand consciousness template, using the metaphor that humans function from a 12 strand template.

This consciousness explains to me that everything is ONE from its’ perspective. This is the state of consciousness where we are all interconnected from a Universal perspective. It is an aspect of Universal consciousness. When this energy is invited and embraced in the healing process, the entire human energy field is enveloped within these frequencies and can be healed instantaneously of energetic separations within SELF (12 strands/layers of the human energy field).

The individual who is there for the healing is guided to work directly with the UNITY/ONENESS consciousness. I have seen in a matter of minutes an entire energy field holding and running reversal, separation from self, illusion, self-limiting, disempowerment frequencies throughout their energy field into a fully open and connected energy field.

This consciousness is felt, there are no words to describe how expansive this energy feels. When the healing is completed in that now moment (this is a journey and a process), the individual’s own consciousness and energy field has been significantly expanded and their frequency raised.

I am watching people activate, expand their consciousnesses, and begin using their “claire” abilities at an accelerated rate right now. Every human can expand into this new state of being....it is the beginning of a paradigm shift in consciousness. You just need to ALLOW.

I hope this information is helpful.  If you have any questions please connect!

Many Blessings, 


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