• Jane MacDougall

Channeling the Founders | Guidance on Mastering Your Frequency into 5D

Please join me for this impromptu channeling session where the Founders came through to guide us on how to become masters of our frequencies. How we work within our own energy fields and understand the impact and importance of every thought and emotion we embrace, especially in moments of adversity.

All of my quantum energy healing and my understanding of the 12D human energy matrix has been taught to me by the Founders. The Founders are often referred to as the “Builders” or “Architects” of the consciousness journey through the densities. They connect to me within the 13th to 18th layers of my energy field to guide me in all that I know.

They have come forward as it is an important time during the Shift into 5D. We are being asked to expand our awareness as to how we perceive ourselves as humans and our capabilities. In order to expand our consciousness to embody the full capacity of our 12D energy matrix, we must become masters of frequency within ourselves, especially in times of adversity.

Today, they are beginning to discuss the basic concepts of how to practically engage with your energy fields to begin the process of becoming Masters. The Founders also supported me in grounding the frequencies of UNITY, ONENESS and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE consciousnesses. These are incredibly healing frequencies. The channeling was over 2 hours. I have edited it to bring forward the main principles.

I hope this all helpful for you on your journey into ONENESS.

Many Blessings,


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