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How We Create in an Instant: The Power of our Thoughts & Emotions on our Energy Field

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

In a journey through healing my client learns to understand how her thoughts and emotions were creating blockages in her energy system. We are shown aspects of her galactic history and the origin of the patterns that were expressing in her current life. She also received advice on how to heal them. She then learns how to connect and communicate with her Higherself, channels a message from a recently deceased friend, and learns first-hand the power of her ability to create with her thoughts and emotions.


During my client’s first session, where we did a combined Soul Journey Reading and Quantum Energy Healing session, I was pleased to see that on initial inspection of her energy field, she had self-activated her Earth Star and she had a strong energetic flow coming down from Source through her Stellar Gateway (not yet activated, but a strong flow) into her Crown.

However, as I continued to move down her energy field, I saw that she was generally blocked with little to no energy running between her third eye all the way down to each of her feet. Her front and back chakras were unbalanced and her mental and emotional energetic bodies were out of alignment, as were her divine masculine/feminine energetics depending on which area of the body we were working with. Her high heart (thymus) was also blocked and had not been activated.

While we discussed the relevant emotions and beliefs that were being held in each chakra, their origins and how she was interacting with each of them in her daily life, the overarching issue that she was asked to address was her repression and rejection of her emotions. Interestingly, she had spent her life actively repressing her emotions to fit into her family and meeting their expectations.

By the time she came to me she had already done quite a bit of work on herself to heal her wounds, but she had overlooked honoring herself and the validity of the emotions she had felt throughout her life. For her to fully understand the origin of the patterns she had been playing out in her current and past Earth lifetimes, she needed to understand the origin on a galactic level as well.

What was shown, was that as part of her incarnational journey through the densities, she had at one point chosen to incarnate within the Zeta species at various points in the evolution of their species. This is a more common occurrence than many realize. People will often say they don’t like Zetas and don’t want to hear about Zetas, and fear is triggered…but often, if one were to dig deeper, they may find a more personal connection. They are not a species to be feared, but to be understood, and they have much to teach our conscious collective about our own journey into higher levels of consciousness.

In short, the issue with the Zetas is that over the eons they had almost completely achieved breeding their emotional bodies out of their genetic makeup because they so valued logical thought and processes. They lost touch with the divine feminine energies within themselves and within the universe, becoming energetically unbalanced. As these imbalances expressed themselves within their society they ended up decimating the surface of their planet, they were forced to live underground in an increasingly dystopian existence, they were no longer able to procreate, and soon realized that their attempts at cloning was not a viable long-term solution. Their species was dying.

In a search for answers they surrendered and called out to Source for a solution. They were shown that to survive they needed to begin reintegrating their emotional energetic body. Genetically they were no longer able to do this. Various species were considered for the purpose of supporting them and humans were genetically considered one of the best options. As a result, many Zeta souls have been incarnating as humans not only to aide in the hybrid projects which they contracted for, but also to heal the energetic traumas that have been embedded within their collective consciousness.

My client needed to understand her connection to the Zetas so that she could heal the residual energetic signatures from those lifetimes which had continued to manifest in her prior and current Earth lifetimes.


It was explained to her that when we reject our emotions because we choose to avoid the pain that comes with them, we inadvertently also block our ability to experience our positive emotions. In this manner we also block the flow of energy through our energy bodies. She needed to learn to allow herself to embrace ALL of her emotions, to allow them ALL to flow, and yet not attach to any one of them specifically so that they would not define and/or consume her. Rather, she was to acknowledge them, allow them, feel them, observe them, forgive them, then release them. She was to rise above the polarity of the experience yet also embrace and honor all aspects of who she is, as she is having the experience.

She is to shift from a perspective of polarity, good/bad, black/white, victim/victimizer, predator/prey, greater then/less than, to a trinity perspective allowing both polarities simultaneously, standing in the position of the observer holding both opposing forces in balance. She needed to move beyond the emotional paradigm of polarities, that was limiting her ability to balance and expand.

“Allow your deepest fears to confront you and journey from fear to love, in a state of love, acknowledgment and forgiveness, you release them.”

With this greater understanding, we began the energy healing session. I always ask to heal, clear, align, calibrate and upgrade to the greatest extent possible as is allowed in that moment for the client.

After the session, I waited two weeks to allow the energetics of the healing session to be integrated before I provided her with an update. When I checked in to see the results of the work, what I found was quite profound.

We had removed all of the blocks throughout her energy system, we had restored and increased flow, we had increased her vibrational frequency to the next harmonic level, and we had activated her high heart. Her energy bodies from the perspective of front & back, mental & emotional, as well as masculine & feminine were also much more in alignment.

When I asked her how she was doing, she said she felt so much lighter, there were synchronicities happening every day and everything was falling into place. Everything was wonderful.

I thought “Fantastic!!! She’s doing well and she’s integrated the energy work and personal messages.” I couldn't ask for more.


You can imagine that when I went to check her energy field 5 weeks later just before her next session, I fully expected to find it vibrant and healthy. I assumed we would just be doing a gentle calibration and removing a new layer of dense emotional frequencies that would have come to the surface for clearing as part of her recent expansion.

To my surprise that was NOT the case.

When I first connected to her energy field, the first thing that came through was an image of “greener pastures”, then I heard “tell her, you must tell her.” I thought ok, I will pass the message on, but since her session was going to start soon I didn’t delve into the meaning behind the message further.

When I went to check how her energy vortices (chakras) were expressing, I was surprised to find that while her energy bodies were more in alignment, her earth star was now fully blocked as was her heart, her throat and her third eye. Her high heart had been deactivated and was only a trickle. Her solar plexus and sacral chakra were also blocked but there was an overlay of distortion that had created an energetic split within her system whereby she was now projecting her perceptions to create her reality in a very aggressive manner. Further, her right foot, right knee and right hand had limited to no energetic flow.

You should have seen her face drop as I spoke….she was in absolute awe as she realized what she had done. It was one of those light bulb moments.

I thought, what in the world is going on with her? So, I checked her frequency and I was told that despite the blockages I was picking up on, she had still managed to raise her vibration and grounded the 4th harmonic of 3rd Density consciousness [note: all 12 harmonics of a density must be integrated energetically to shift the physical body into the next density].

The blockages that I was reading were relative to her new frequency and represented her “next frontier” of learning. It was clarified, that she had not regressed, but rather, would be learning an important lesson.

I could tell this session was going to be interesting.


During my healing sessions I like to teach my clients how to connect to their Higherselves (“HS”) and I AM presence. I have found this to be an incredibly powerful technique that instantly empowers them. Throughout the session I will then work with the client and support them in channeling their own information. It’s a really beautiful experience for both of us.

In this case, after my client connected to her Higherself, I explained that I had received a message for her and described the image of the “greener pasture.” I said ask your HS to explain why you needed that message.

As she connected, she was silent for a few moments and then she said, “the message wasn’t for me. It’s from a colleague of mine who just passed from Covid, but I can’t connect, I can’t understand the message.”

I said, “that’s ok, you’re connected to your HS and I AM, just ask them to recalibrate your energy field so that you can receive the message.” I waited a minute or two and she said, “ah, ok, it’s clearer now, I can understand.”

Now mind you, my client had never channeled before, EVER!!!! What came through was a beautiful and peaceful message. The colleague explained that everyone at work was angry that he had passed from Covid because he had been forced to go into work when he didn’t feel comfortable with it. He explained that he was very happy, it was his time. He requested that his death should be used as an example to rewrite corporate policy so that something like this didn’t happen again. He said he had been working on something like this before he passed but had never completed it. Before he left, he reasserted that he was happy, he was at peace, it had been his time. There was no need to feel anger, confusion or sorrow. “Let it go, I’m ok,” he said.


With this, we began the energy healing session. Throughout the session, I would continually ask my client to request information from her HS as to what we were doing and why. Again, I have found this practice to be very empowering for clients, allowing them to move forward with their personal development more quickly. I would also guide her to obtain clarification and perspective. While it was a serious session, we were also having quite a bit of fun as we worked to together. My client was thrilled with her realization as to how easy it was for her to connect directly to her HS and bring through her own information.

As the session progressed I was quickly brought to her heart and I explained that I really did not understand how she had managed to create such a strong block in so little time. Her heart block was also the source of the energetic dysfunction in her energy field as what energy was flowing was being redirected in an inefficient manner. Further, it was clear she was holding onto it, and it wouldn’t release unless she had consciously engaged with it.

You should have seen her face drop as I spoke….she was in absolute awe as she realized what she had done. It was one of those light bulb moments.

She then proceeded to explain how she had gotten angry with a particular person for taking advantage of her goodwill. In her mind’s eye she had lashed out in that moment and had thrown a clamp on her heart to prevent herself from ever being hurt by others again.

As she said this, and in the same instant, we were both flooded with the emotion of love and playfulness, but also shown the image of toddler throwing a temper tantrum. We burst out laughing at the message her Higherself was giving both of us. With this realization, I then guided my client to work with me as we removed the energetic “clamp” she had created. It was quickly and easily released because my client understood its origin, its purpose and the fact that it was not serving her greater good.

This was a powerful learning moment for her. She was able to experience and understand first-hand how quickly and easily she had managed to block her own energy field. She knew she felt “off”, but she hadn't understood why, until that moment.

The energetic fabric of the multiverse exists as “intelligent source energy”. We command and create with it using our thoughts and our emotions. There are no limitations and there is always enough for everyone.

The restrictions that each of us experiences are self-created. Remove you barriers, expand your consciousness and create your dreams.

Many Blessings,


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