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Message from the Founders

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

The Founders are the architects of our soul journeys. They represent one of the first separations from Source. They are the builders of the blueprints, the archetypes, the energetic coding and templates of our journey from Source, into separation and back into union with Source.

We are all connected to the Founders. Their energy is within each and every one of us. This energy signature serves as a homing beacon back to Oneness in your life. On our journey to remembering who we are, some will be aware of a stronger and more conscious connection. Others will learn this connection over time.

As a consciousness, the Founders are simultaneously aware of their existence as One in wholeness, but also of its' separate parts. As the architects of our consciousness journey, it created the illusion of fragmentation & separation to create the opportunities for understanding, self-exploration, growth, and expansion. This is the One consciousness of wholeness in the first degree of separation from Source which is within every one of us. It grows and learns from us. It shares our journey, it watches our journeys and aides in our journeys when called upon.

They are currently in the process of consciously "grounding" their energy on the Earth plane to aide in our ascension into 5D and beyond.

My apologies in advance for not linking the recording....I have a few technical skills to develop in time for the next transmission.

Channeling the Founders

"We are here to provide information humanity has not had access to from time immemorial. We are the "Founders," what you call the "Founders." We exist outside of your energetic constructs, we exist outside of your matrix, however, through certain conscious entities we have maintained energetic connections so that we may permeate, "AS ABOVE, SO BELOW". As we, our consciousness exists outside how/what you would relate to as the 12th Density matrix. We also exist within, through you.

We are here at this time to bring through new information and new data to allow the energetic consciousness shift of humanity. It has been a long time coming. This information is for the purpose of expanding your conscious beliefs in alignment with your energetic expansion. The two go hand-in-hand.

Light Language Transmission....

Our intention with this conduit is to enlighten you regarding the constructs of ascension mechanics.

Light Language Transmission....

Your Universe is going through an energetic shift at this time. You see it from your perspective as humans on Earth. This is not just happening to you and with you. It is happening at all levels of consciousness in this Universe.

It is time for this Universe to expand and heal and integrate itself. From your perspective what is relevant is your expansion and your relation to, not only Earth and your Solar system and your Galaxy, but all Galaxies. There is a rhythm. And now is the time.

So what does this mean for you? And how?

To put it into perspective...and it is this perspective that will aide in your quantum expansion. It is when this perspective is grasped and comprehended that each of you will grow so quickly, you will release your density, your restraints, your mental constructs, so quickly.

It will be like growth, in the blink of an eye.

Light Language transmission....

We are done. Further information to come. Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude.

Light Language transmission....

Many Blessings,


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