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Pleiadian Lightworker ~ Learning to Master your Frequency, a Lifetime with Jesus & the 5D Shift

Join me for this Quantum Hypnosis session where my Client explores her Pleiadian soul connections, why she chose to incarnate on Earth during the 5D Shift as a teacher & healer in training, her relationship to Jesus, his teachings & working with energy & manifestation, the importance of learning how to master your own frequency, lessons in choosing to be gay/lesbian during this time, and healing with the Higherself from the energetic impact of shame and fear throughout lifetimes.....there is also a bit about Aliens in Antarctica!

She has incarnated on Earth to learn how to raise her own vibration. To excel in her own growth. Client chose the perfect life to support her in that. She did not choose a life of ease because that would not have served her growth. She needed to learn how to navigate into a life of ease by learning how to master her own frequency.


Client arrives in the Old West, USA mid-to late 1800’s. She sees a few wagons giving her the impression of days when there were cowboys. She is in a town, on the main street, and a stretch of buildings create a path through a barren and flat landscape. The street is narrow and long with only a few buildings. A general store, a saloon, a bar that serves food, and a lodge where one can rent rooms.

She is a man who very tall with a strong build. He has a full thick head of hair that is straight, black and quite long. He feels like he is healthy and is about 35-40. He has a lot of facial hair. His hands are big, strong, dirty and very weathered. He wears dark brown, very worn working boots with a pointed toe and brown, heavy, pure cotton pants. The shirt is soft and has no buttons.

He has an injury on the upper part of his left arm from a knife cut he received in a fight with someone in the town. The man seems to have a “smart mouth” and is not a very nice person. The wound is still healing. He is standing in road, just watching. Observing. Assessing. Watching his back and planning. He is a drifter.

He typically lives about 30-40 miles out of town, but he really doesn’t have his own place.

He has come to town to trade his goods, a wagon load full of furs from an array of animals including deer, squirrel, raccoon, bear, etc. When he’s sold his goods, he goes to the bar to drink and socialize.

The building in front of him has a long porch that you can fit about eight long chairs on. There are stairs that go straight up. There are rooms on the second floor and each room has a window. One of the rooms is his. When we go to the room it’s small. It has a single bed with a water basin and a mirror. As he looks out the window, he looks out onto the street below.

When he leaves the lodge, he goes over to the saloon. As he walks in, he sees his brother. His brother is younger than him, (this brother is also the Client’s brother in her current life). In the past life the brother is a “decent guy,” easy going, laughing, and enjoys having a good time. The brother is drinking around the bar with a few men and one woman. The woman works at the saloon. Everyone likes the brother better because the man (Client) is a bit of an “asshole.”

When it comes time for dinner, he is eating with his brother, his brother’s friends, and the woman at the bar. In both the past life and the current life, there is a difficult relationship with the brother. The dinner is basically meat & potatoes. The plates are wood and they eat with a metal spoon.

His attention is fixated on the woman who works at the saloon, her name is Mary. He goes to visit whenever he is in town.

As we progressed to the next important day in the life we were viewing, my Client said, “I died that day, my mouth runs, and I talk too much. I was shot close to my left shoulder but very near my heart. That guy who was my younger brother in this life wanted to show me a lesson about that girl and I just, my mouth, I had a smart mouth. He wanted to teach me about my arrogance and overstepping boundaries with that woman.”

The Client continued, “In that life, I didn’t respect other people’s boundaries, because I didn’t care what other people thought. I viewed her as a piece of property and felt I had a right to her. The people in the bar were just sick of my arrogance and the man shot me for over stepping my boundaries with Mary, the woman.”

Q: What was the purpose of that lifetime?

Client: I needed to gain an understanding of what it was like to live that life of being arrogant, thoughtless, and selfish, to get a better understanding of it. To understand where that type of behavior comes from.


Q: Why did you show Client that Lifetime?

HS: To understand compassion.

Q: How does that life, as the drifter with all of his flaws, relate to her current life?

HS: It is about learning forgiveness and non-judgment. We are all drifters on some level. Most importantly it is about learning forgiveness. In the Client’s current life, one brother was murdered and the younger brother has a difficult personality. She needs to forgive the individual who murdered one brother. She needs to remember the importance of non-judgment when it comes to the younger brother’s beliefs, but also forgiveness of his words and actions, which the Client finds hurtful.

Q: How did the past life relate to her relationships with her bothers in her current life?

HS: The younger brother is very much like the Client was in the life we were viewing.

Q: What is Client supposed to learn from her younger brother?

HS: Compassion.

Q: What is the younger brother supposed to learn from Client in her current life?

HS: Trust, and to understand that people who are different are ok. The Client represents everything that her younger brother does not approve of or like.


Q: Has Client’s daughter killed her in a prior life?

Client is shown a life in the 1600’s. The daughter was a type of mother figure to the Client who was a child. Client was an orphan, a young girl, about 4-5, and she fell off of a cliff. It was an accident. The daughter/mother figure let go of Client’s hand by accident.

Q: How does this incident with the Client’s daughter in the past life, relate to Client’s current life?

HS: The Client fears she may lose her daughter one day in her current life. There is a very close bond between them. They have had many, many, many lives together. About 35 on Earth.

Q: What is their soul connection?

HS: They come from the same origin. They are from the same soul group. Incarnating through the Pleiades.


Q: How many lives has Client had within the Pleiades?

HS: Endless, no numbers are shown, it is continuous, past, present and future.

Q: Where did Client incarnate before Pleiades?

HS: In thought (i.e., as a consciousness which resides at very high frequencies and within a greater degree of oneness).

Q: Why did Client choose to incarnate on Earth?

HS: This is a good time to be here. This is the time everyone has been waiting for. A time of expansion. She also wanted to come because her daughter’s soul was coming and Client wanted to give the love and support that to her in this lifetime. The profound love Client feels for her (Note: Client’s daughter is adopted).

Q: What is Client’s relationship to her daughter’s soul on the Pleiades?

HS: Client is a mentor to her daughter’s soul. It is important to understand that no one is “above” anyone there. We all have our different levels, but no one is above anyone else. There is no judgement. It is more like we utilize our skills and are appreciated for our skills.

Q: What skills did Client have on the Pleiades?

HS: The Client is a Healer. She brings energies together. Her healing is about harmonizing the energies.

Q: Is there anyone in the Pleiades who work with Client in her current life?

HS: Yes.

First a strong masculine energy steps forward. This is the consciousness that she connects with when she is healing and mediation. It provides her with extensive knowledge and information when she requests the information.

Q: How does he work with Client in her current life?

HS: He is the one that connects to Client for healing. There are two energies that also support him. They are standing behind the main male energy.

There are two other consciousnesses that step forward as well, but remain in the back at first. Together they create a triad that connect and work through the Client. As the other two energies step forward, one is a strong feminine energy.

Q: How are these other two energies related to Client’s soul?

At this point the feminine energy (“FE”) steps forward to begin answering the questions. This feminine energy, consciousness is very much a part of her Higherself consciousness.

HS: There must always be a balance of energy, of the masculine and feminine. You cannot have one without the other, otherwise it is not balanced. Client needs the strong male energy because that is what she “hears” clearly. However, the Client also requires the feminine energy because in this lifetime, Client is working at, experiencing different variations of what it means to have compassion. It is all Love. Client requires the “smoothness” of the feminine energy to balance it all out. The other energy is also more masculine, and this energy is like an “equalizer”. His energy is very much needed as well, forming a trinity.

Q: What dimension do the energies exist in?

HS: The first male energy is the 12D, the other two are in 9D.

Q: Do you have a message for Client?

HS: Continue to Trust.

Q: What did Client come to Earth to learn in her current life?

HS: Forgiveness and Trust.

Q: What is the significance of incarnating on Earth at this time?

HS: This is really a time when everybody wants to be on Earth. There are many souls that want to be here at this time. To experience this. What is happening is like everything we have been working for. To be here at this time is a true privilege and honor on this planet because there are other areas that are going on as well where work is needed. But here on Earth is the Favorite place to go to.

Q: What is the significance of now?

HS: A new beginning of HOPE. A new beginning of where Source, the Universe, creating is harmony. This is what we have been working to achieve on Earth, to create harmony on Earth. We are (humans) getting there, and we (humans) will get there.

Q: How do we create harmony on Earth?

HS: Always remember your truth and go back to that place that you know. Because when you go back to that place it keeps you in the now moment rather than in the state of mind that is an illusion, a distraction.

Q: Client has a question about her teachers. 2 males and 1 female. She calls them the Gods from the Pleiades. Who are they?

HS: They are the same consciousnesses we were just speaking of. The Client is a teacher in training. She has incarnated on Earth to learn how to raise her own vibration. To excel in her own growth. Client chose the perfect life to support her in that. She did not choose a life of ease because that would not have served her growth. She needed to learn how to navigate into a life of ease by learning how to master her own frequency. Her life, and the challenges, are like a maze that Client has chosen to navigate. There is no punishment. The difficulty of the maze reflects the level of challenge, the level Client chooses to evolve in order to mastery of her own frequency. The male energy residing within 12D is a teacher of Client and many others. The other male and female energies are 9D. They help keep Client in balance energetically and anchored.


Q: Why did client choose to be a lesbian in this life?

HS: It is about finding self-love. In finding self-love, it is expanded out to everyone else. It is about finding self-acceptance. It is an accelerated way to find self-love, self-acceptance, self-worth. When you have all of those things held within, then what is outside does not matter. It doesn’t matter what is outside. To do the work Client does…you really need to have all of these things. It helps bring in understanding via compassion and experience.

There is no one way things are supposed to be. The way things are, is the way things are. Reality does not need to be defined. All perspectives and beliefs are to be respected. When people incarnate on this planet, the soul is given the opportunity to look at what it has not looked at before.

Client also didn’t want to incarnate as a male this time. It is about helping bringing love forward, redefining LOVE as unconditional. In its’ own way it will have a profound impact. Client’s choice to be a lesbian has had a profound impact on her life, and the lives of others as well.

Q: Do you have a message for Client regarding why she chose to be a lesbian in her current life?

HS: Client can see being a lesbian as being different from others as other people perceive it or she can see herself as the same. This is an important point because the Client is still working through how to respond to others and their judgement because she is a lesbian. Her own judgment of herself as she listens to others and how they perceive her creates her own experience of being different. She is being asked to perceive herself as the same as others, except she decided to paint her toenails a different colour that day. It is that simple. There is no significance in the distinction.


Q: What is Client’s partner here to teach her?

HS: Partner is here to provide the Client with the freedom to do what she came to do without judgment and with support even though she may not fully understand it.

Q: What is Client here to teach her partner?

HS: Client is here to teach her partner about having a voice and speaking her truth. Partner was a very powerful healer in multiple lifetimes. She was killed in 3 of the lifetimes as a result of her abilities. In this life, she was the last of 12 children. For this reason, Partner was never taught to have a voice. In this life the Partner observes Client and Client holds space so her Partner may have a voice.

Q: Why is it important that Client is a Healer in this life?

HS: Client came into this life and could have chosen 2 routes. The current route takes a lot of discipline. Client must be diligent in the work that she does. She must be mindful of what she does and what she thinks. This is important because there is freewill. Client came to do her work and there is even more work that will be coming in the future. She will guide others to find the power and healing within themselves. She will support others in finding the expansion within themselves. It is not a secret, but is a secret that has been kept from humanity for eons. If humanity understood that their power lies within, then there would be no war.


Q: How long will it take humanity to realize that our power lies within, how long will it take humanity to be able to expand their consciousness?

HS: It will take to about 2025 and 2035 there will be fast differences. By 2035, things will not be the same at all. This is where the shift will occur. Humanity will shift into another density, it looks like the 5th. Some will stay on the first floor and some will move to the 5th floor. We will see each other, but our frequencies will not be a match and so we will not be attracted to one another. People will be allowed to shift to the frequency they choose to.


Q: How many lifetimes have Client and Partner been together?

HS: They have been together for many lifetimes throughout time and space. They love incarnating together. They have played every permutation together. They are soulmates. A soul can have more than one “soulmate”, these two are much like “soulmates”. They love to help each other grow. Their spirit, their energy. They are part of the same soul group.

Q: What is Partner’s Galactic Origin?

HS: Partner’s planet of origin is a planet next to Pleiades, it begins with an “A”, but the name is not clear. The planets have a relationship with one another.

Q: Do you have a message for Client regarding her partner?

HS: Partner is a sensitive individual. This is to be considered, because Partner does not convey all that she feels. Client is being asked to be mindful of this in her Partner.

Q: Do you have a message for Partner?

HS: Partner is on her path of discovery within herself. It is a different path from Client’s, but is just as valid and is to be respected.


Q: Client is wondering if she was a good friend of Jesus when he walked the Earth?

HS: Yes, Client was related to him, a close relationship like a sister, but in blood, a cousin. She was younger than Jesus. There is a large amount of information that has never been recorded about Jesus. Jesus was an ordinary man. He lived a life that was longer than what they say. They make it sound in the Bible like he was a celebrity in a way, but it wasn’t like that. When he incarnated he came very evolved. He held no fear because he knew who and what he was. He worked a lot with energy. He understood energy and he did a lot of breath work. He would teach Client about energy and breath work. In breathwork, this is where you find the divine presence, the divine peace and the divine stillness. With regard to working with energy, Jesus taught her how to manipulate the energies to where you can heal and create whatever you want. It is about creating the “space” that you want. You can create the “space”, the feel, of whatever you want. You can create the coolness in the air, the sun in the perfect spot, all the food you need, because everything is energy.

Q: What was Jesus’ origin?

HS: His origin was another planet, at another frequency. He was asked to volunteer. It was an honor and when he incarnated it was with a knowing. It is like he came in wide awake, without needing to navigate through the illusions that distract humans. He understood what was going on. He came to help with the Shift and help humans awaken. Even back then, the greed and the power was starting to settle in. He came, as others came, to show to humans another way of being. Jesus was an ordinary man, just as Client is an ordinary woman. This is important, to remember to stay out of the ego.

Q: Is Client still connected to the energy of Jesus?

HS: Yes, but Client is still discovering this connection. The Client will be guided to connect with this knowledge again. She will be teaching others this knowledge when the time is right. She will be taught by us (Higherself) and by Jesus to understand energy and how to work with it so she can teach others. It is about trust and the more she trusts, the information will be brought through. Her own clients will also identify with Jesus and help to bring forth these energies.


Q: Has Client spent time in prison in any of her lives, she feels like she has been in prison?

HS: Yes, she has spent time in prison. About 200-300 years ago in an area that is surrounded by desert. The prison was built into the ground. She was a man and stole a livestock animal for food. Her family was hungry and she took from someone who had more than her…much more than her. Thieves were punished more harshly than murders in that society. She was never released from the prison and died in there. It was much like solitary confinement.

Q: What was Client supposed to learn from that lifetime?

HS: Many of these lives are about finding our own truth. We learn about self. This is the purpose of many of these lives. When you go within, you find your own answers.

Q: Why is it that Client cannot stand the smell of steal?

HS: It is a residue from the life where she died in prison. What Client needs to understand is that all of our lives are so interconnected. Each life is as valuable as the next one. In this life, the lesson is also about having compassion for making a mistake. People make mistakes all the time, you must forgive yourself and others. It is important not to judge yourself, not to judge others. “Nailing someone’s ass to the cross” is too severe a punishment. This is a truth the Client has needed to work on in her current life. There were always severe punishments for minor infractions in her current life. Compassion is what is required in these situations, compassion for herself and for others. The individual punishes themselves as a result of the mistake. No further action is required.


Q: Why Does Client have trouble with her teeth in this lifetime?

HS: Shame, Shame from the sexual abuse that she experienced in her current life. The energy signature also carries over from her most recent past life, when she was in a concentration camp. The overlap with this life, the lesson, is about being able to speak her truth. To express what she does not like.

In her past life, her voice was silenced. In her current life she does not speak because of her shame. However, In the concentration camp there was also much shame. She did not feel worthy, she did not feel she was “good enough” to be free. Just to be at the concentration camp, she felt she did not deserve better. In her current life, then the shame of being abused at such a young age….it again goes to the belief of not feeling worthy. It is important for her to understand she is worthy and that she is good enough.

Q: What can you tell Client about how she needs to heal the Shame from these lives?

HS: In this life, Client has done great healing because she has worked through her abuse. Client also made the connection as to why she didn’t like going to the dentist because it reminded Client of the sexual abuse.

Q: Is the energetic signature of the shame being held anywhere else in her body, other than her teeth?

HS: Yes, her stomach.

Q: Are there any other emotions that Client is still carrying/holding from her childhood sexual abuse?

HS: Even through the Client knows better, she still does not like to be in a vulnerable position. This has manifested to the extent that she does not like to experience the unknown and will choose to avoid new experiences. This fear is held in her chest. From her past life in the concentration camp, the fear is held in her stomach and her chest.

We ask the Higherself to transmute the shame being held in Client’s teeth. To harmonize the energetics within her physical body. The Higherself explains that it is about moving into another level of Trust.

Q: What does it mean, “Client needs to move to another level of trust”?

HS: The Client is experiencing resistance to the healing process. Client is shown the Higherself and the Universe/Source is swirling energies around her. She is being wrapped in a cocoon in the shape of a heart. The Client chose to have the experiences and Universe/Source supports her in all of her experiences. The Universe/Source, is supporting the Client to change her perspective and thought processes about how she will perceive and feel her experiences.

I ask the Higherself to focus directly on the energetic signature of shame in the Client’s energy field. The Higherself, states that it wants to do the work, however, Client, is choosing to still hold onto the thoughts and emotions of the Shame. She allows herself to be judged by those outside of her.

HS: Client can let go of the Shame, the Fear, the beliefs that she is not worthy in this now moment. It can all be healed today. However, it is all about the Client, the Client must allow the healing, the Client must release these energies to the Higherself.

I ask the Client if she is ready to let go, to release, to authorize the clearing of the Shame, the Fear and the lack of self-worth beliefs. At this point, the Higherself engages and begins the healing.


I ask that we work on her stomach first and the energetic signature of Shame. The Higherself shows the Client to stand up straight, because it is about the confidence within. The other emotions and beliefs are not in alignment with who she really is.

At this point the Client can feel the energy shifting in her stomach and releasing.

Q: Does Client heal the Shame that she carries in her stomach, simply by the thoughts of letting go and releasing it?

HS: Yes, it really is that simple. The color yellow is being used to balance and harmonize the Shame held in her stomach. It has to do with the frequency of the color. For Client it has a calming effect which allows the energy to shift within her energy field.

Client can feel the energy shifting within her throughout this discussion.

Then we move to the Shame held within Client’s chest. The Higherself directs the Client to reflect on her thoughts.

HS: The word “soothing” is important. When you are soothing yourself, you are healing yourself.

The reason Higerself does this is so the Client can focus on what the word “soothing” means to her. This is important because it is a way for Client to nurture that aspect of herself.

Client can feel the energy shifting within her chest. She is pleasantly surprised and pleased by how visceral the feelings are as she experiences her healing by her Higherself. The Higherself confirms that the energy signature of Shame and Fear has been healed.


I now turn to the Client’s teeth and ask the Higherself how we will begin the healing process.

The Higerself begins by using white and blue light. Client can feel the frequencies of light vibrating within her. The Higherself encourages Client to focus on the Courage that it took for Client to keep moving forward with the work on her mouth. By allowing the dental work. Client must acknowledge that her mouth represents her Courage and not her abuse.

This was a profound insight for the Client, who became very emotional.

The Higherself acknowledges that the energies in her stomach and her chest have now been balanced and healed. With her mouth, work is being done, however, Client must take time to let the information sink in that her mouth is about Courage and Shame. Client is to be proud of herself. Her mouth will be healed over the next few days.

HS: How the Client smiles will now change. How she carries her mouth, there will be a lightness about it that wasn’t there before. Her teeth will be in a better place, she will not need as much maintenance.


Q: Why does Client keep hanging onto her weight?

HS: We just answered that, it is related to her Shame.

Q: How come Client never had a weight problem until later in life?

HS: In her 30’s she began to address the issues from her sexual abuse. In her 50’s she didn’t feel that she had a “say so,” that she could express what she was feeling and thinking. Client will start to shift and loose her weight as she continues to release to the lower frequency emotional signatures.


Q: In Client’s current lifetime, what was the purpose of her Father?

HS: The father wanted to help give Client life and to bring balance into the house. Mother was over reactive and Father was under reactive. The both of them pushed Client forward as a result of their polarity.

Q: Why did Client’s Father pass when she was only 17?

HS: The father chose that exit because he felt like he was imprisoned within his own body. Imprisoned because he was unhappy. He drank, he was a heavy smoker, he was a prisoner in his own body.

Q: What was Client supposed to learn from Father?

HS: How not to be.

Q: What was the purpose for choosing her family in her current life?

HS: There are multiple reasons. It forced a calling to go one way…and that is inward. She learned how to allow, she learned compassion and forgiveness.


Q: Why is Client drawn to Antarctica?

HS: Because Client knows there is extraterrestrial life there. This presence is about keeping the planet safe and looking over the wellbeing of humans. There are multiple species located there, spread through a number of levels in expertise and knowledge. Client can connect with these energies in mediation to seek more information if she is curious. These beings are also seeking harmony and balance.

PARTING MESSAGE: Client must know that it is not just one thing, it is the whole being that supports Client. There is no separation, it is all together. I am the Client, the Client is me, the Higherself.

I hope you have enjoyed the information from this amazing journey through quantum hypnosis. There are many powerful insights from this session on so many levels. Every day in my energy healing & mentorship sessions, I teach people how to begin mastering their own energy fields. I see every day how powerful every individual is as they learn to understand how they are energy, how their thoughts and emotions direct and manifest their energy field, and how unbelievably easy it is to heal, align, integrate, and activate your own energy field once you are empowered to expand your consciousness into the higher densities of your own Soul.

Many Blessings,


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