Jane MacDougall

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The purpose of my practice is to teach people to understand how truly powerful they are as individuals. How powerful their thoughts and emotions are, and how addressing unproductive mental and emotional patterns are where self-healing begins.  I want to empower individuals to believe in themselves and to know that they have control of their health and happiness rather than delegating these states of being to others.

By working with a range of healing modalities I am able to guide the client on their journey through healing their mental, emotional, physical and energetic bodies, tailoring each session to their needs.   In this way I can work with my clients to release lower density energies throughout their multidimensional energy bodies so they may activate and integrate their higher frequency soul template.  As part of this process I also teach my clients how to connect to their guides, spirit team and strengthen their connection to their Higherselves.   

The process of healing is a personal journey that is truly unique to each individual. All thoughts and emotions carry a specific energy frequency. Where the vibrational frequency of the thought or emotion is lower than the natural frequency of individual’s energy field, the flow of energy through the field is disrupted resulting in blockages, depletion and congestion.  As both an energy healer and quantum hypnosis practitioner, I witness first hand how these negative emotions and thought patterns create the energetic imbalances. As these emotions and thought patterns are reinforced over time, they then begin to manifest themselves as physical symptoms which can become chronic illnesses if they are not addressed.

Because we are working together on a quantum level, mental, emotional and physical healing can be profound, even instantaneous.  What is important to remember is that my role is as your guide and facilitator.  I hold the sacred space on a mutidimensional level, I create that safe place and act as a conduit for the higher vibrational energies that then allows the individual to take the journey they need to heal themselves regardless of which modality is used.  Permanent healing occurs if the client allows, forgives and releases the trauma/thought forms associated with the lower vibrational frequencies. However, more time and work may be required if the client is not able to let go of the lower vibrational mental and emotional patterns that have caused the physical manifestation of the ailment.

On a more sophisticated level, the journey of Awakening, or as more people refer to it, “Ascension”, requires an individual to make a commitment to heal many aspects of their energetic body and consciousness residing in 3D and 4D, raising their overall frequency to anchor 5D consciousness into their energy field.  I also teach my clients how to begin expanding their consciousness into 6D-12D depending on their level of interest.  The process of Ascension is a slower and more dedicated journey whereby the healing is experienced in layers throughout dimensions much like peeling the layers of an onion. This journey into 5D is also a journey requiring the integration of other soul aspects and the calling home and healing of soul fragments that have been created throughout lifetimes. Each individual’s journey is totally unique and dictated to some degree by the individual’s soul plan and purpose.

When we work with quantum hypnosis techniques, you are able to recall and examine events from the past, present, future and parallel lifetimes. This is achieved by accessing the theta state of expanded consciousness where you have access to all of your memories. During this process you are able to witness experiences as an objective observer to find the conflicts, turmoil, hidden pain, self-sabotage, and reveal connections between events and feelings. Healing is achieved through insights and a perspective of compassionate understanding which allows for forgiveness and release. The journeys we take and the answers you receive are profound. There are no limitations except those set by yourself.

When I work with quantum energy healing modalities (through quantum energy healing, sound healing or reiki) by integrating with my Higherself, I AM, and Founder aspects and working directly with your Higherself and I AM aspects, the release of energy blockages associated with thoughts and emotions is experienced more subtly and often in layers based on the degree to which the client allows.  There are some sessions where there is a very deep and complete energy clearing, recalibration, frequency upgrade and then a soul aspect integration.  During other sessions the individual may not be ready for such a leap and may not be fully aware of the energy being released, other times it may trigger an image, a memory, an emotion or a physical sensation which can be acknowledged and released as soon as it appears. The beauty of energetic work is that I work with the energy itself in the state that it existed at the time it was embedded in the energy field allowing the client to heal and release it without trauma or continually revisiting it as a memory without resolution.

I absolutely love what I do, and I love that I have been blessed with the opportunity to support and guide each of the beautiful people who come to me on their journey to self-understanding and self-empowerment. I look forward to taking this journey with you.  

In love and light,


A Little Bit About My Own Journey

They often say that the journey of a healer begins with healing themselves.  While I spent my early years studying the sciences with an intention to practice medicine as an MD/ND (Naturopath), ultimately, I ended-up practicing as an attorney specializing in international tax planning and mergers and acquisitions between New York and London.  It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (“RA”), that my life began to change direction.

Within a few short years the RA had spread to my feet, hands and elbows. I had gone from a successful professional and triathlete to struggling with walking 20 feet.  My son was due in 5 months and my husband had to help dress me every morning to get to work.  It was explained to me that I had a genetic predisposition for RA and would likely suffer with the symptoms for the rest of my life.  This was my moment of reckoning.

I did not know what QHHT was at the time, and so, by pursuing a combination of allopathic medicine, an anti-inflammation diet, life-style changes, mental and emotional reflection, self-healing visualizations, and sheer confidence in the unfailing belief that I could heal myself completely, the rheumatoid arthritis went into remission.  I have been in remission now since 2013.  I have been completely drug free, my blood work is clear of all RA markers, and I have no symptoms.

So how is my experience relevant to QHHT and quantum healing?  Because I know first hand that each of us has the innate ability to heal ourselves even when we are told it is near impossible and I am here to guide and support you through your own healing.  

While my journey back to being a healer began with my rheumatoid arthritis, that was only the beginning.   As doors began to open, my consciousness expanded and metaphysical experiences became undeniable to my scientifically trained mind.  While I had been a student of the metaphysical for decades, I hadn't made it a way of life.  When I began practicing QHHT I realized that I could feel the higher vibration of the client's Higherself enter the sessions.  Once I realized that I was sensitive to energy (I had taken for granted my ability to "read" and "intuit" people), I began taking courses and learning how to work with it (marconics, reiki, pranic and then intuitive methods naturally followed).  I learned that I easily took to the modalities and soon a 6D multidimensional soul aspect from the Andromeda Galaxy began stepping in and aiding me during my energy healing sessions.  From there, I began integrating my Higherself consciousness at 9D.  My Higherself at this time anchors my I AM at 12D, a 13D consciousness which resonates with a signature of UNITY WISDOM, and the Founders (“The Architects”) which downgrade their frequency to connect with me at 14D.  My biggest lesson, and one that I am continually reminded of, is that I need to surrender my ego and trust to allow my soul consciousness to do its work.  I always hear the words "surrender" as my higher consciousness guidance steps in.

What I want everyone to understand as they read this, is YOU are no different to me.  Yes, YOUR soul journey will be unique to you, but KNOW that just as I connect to my Higherself for guidance, so can YOU.  Every single human being is capable of these levels of connection.  Humans have simply forgotten how, but it is easy to teach when YOU are ready to REMEMBER.  I share my journey, my experiences, and my understandings so that you may remember how incredible you are, so that you can learn to master and navigate your own energy field, so you can access your own knowledge and anchor it into the reality YOU choose to CO-CREATE.

Blue Ray Aspect

As I have begun integrating higher vibrational aspects of myself I have learned many things.  One is that an aspect of my soul has taken on the role of a Blue Ray empath with the purpose of grounding certain universal energies into the earth and using my energetic body as a portal to transduce lower frequency energy to higher frequencies for the conscious collective during this time of ascension.  This connection makes me sensitive to energy which I feel physically and work with to transmute consciously as it is presented to me.  It is also this Blue Ray, a high vibrational spectrum of pure Source frequencies that can be used for cleansing and clearing and thereby healing.  I have related to this consciousness as a higher guide when I was younger when it introduced itself to me as the "spark of life", explaining that it had been with me through eternity.  


More generally, Blue Ray souls are activators and facilitators.  They are physical portals to higher realms grounding, transmitting and amplifying higher frequencies, while also transmuting lower frequencies up to the higher realms.  They are living libraries that store the history of the galaxy in their etheric DNA. They incarnate at key moments in human evolution to teach higher ways of understanding, carrying great wisdom, knowledge and sacred truths about the Divine Feminine aspects of Creation.  When a Blue Ray being activates they are able to heal genetic damage and manipulation in their energy fields.  They come to assist, touch and heal many people. 

As I evolve and progress on my own personal journey of unlocking my codes, as I pass the tests presented (initiations), I am provided with increasing levels of support, guidance and access to information.  

So this is a little bit about me, and I can assure you, more than I have ever said before.  As you can see, my journey, like yours, will be forever ongoing as I continue to diligently peel the layers of my own onion, on my way to self-understanding and knowledge.  The ride is well worth it and never has life been so exiting.



I have a Bachelor of Sciences degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in Biochemistry, Nutrition, Biophysical Chemistry and Molecular Biology.  A Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Marquette University Law School and a Latin Legum Magister (LL.M. Masters in Law) specializing in U.S. Taxation from Georgetown Law School.  Various diplomas and certificates for the healing modalities that I practice.  All of the above are unceremoniously stashed in a drawer.