Soul Journey Reading

"Know Your Name"

~ Understand your soul origins, your galactic history and your lives on Earth~


Soul Journey Reading - To step into your sovereignty and back into unity, you must understand all that you are.  You must "Know Your Name", you must remember and understand your journey throughout time.  This is how you become whole again, this is how you become One.


During this reading I provide you with information regarding your soul aspects.  I will explain their origin and the frequency at which they reside.

I then ask for your soul's journey of incarnation as a projection of Source consciousness through other  galaxies where important and within the Milky Way Galaxy.  I am often shown a pattern of descent through the dimensions/frequencies.  The information I am provided with is that which is most relevant for you to understand your current life and the energetic wounds which require healing.

To further understand the origin of your energetic wounds I also request information regarding trauma memories and their origin so they may be identified for healing.

I also ask for the number of Earth life times and provide a general summary of the incarnation pattern.  This is an easy task for someone with only a handful of Earth lives.  For those with hundreds or thousands, I will identify the more relevant aspects.

An aspect of these readings that always warms client's hearts is to receive information about which Archangels work with them.  Sometimes I will find they are surprised or even in denial, but when I explain how and why, you can see that there is suddenly a complete identification and understanding.    

Your Session

Prior to your session I will create a write-up regarding the above information.  It does take me some time to bring the information together as it is quite a bit to organize and document.  Our session together will be about 1 hour during which we review the information and answer any additional questions.

These sessions can be in person or online.

I strongly recommend pairing this reading with a sound or energy healing as the two go hand in hand.  By engaging in a reading you are identifying that which requires healing.  When it is said, "ask and you shall receive", the simple act of identifying these energetic wounds and then aligning with a request for healing allows for these densities to be released.


   "Jane I just want to thank you for the most powerful healing that I have experienced. Not only did you give me in-depth information on my galactic and 3D heritage you gave me details on soul wounds that I carried that resonated with me deeply. The whole healing experienced after the initial reading was profound and moving. You are a master of your craft and I am so grateful that we were brought together to journey into the unknown. Thank you soul sister x"