Past Life Regression

Past life regressions are a unique and powerful experience that enable you to learn more about yourself, relevant people in your life, and the mental and emotional patterns you have carried with you through lifetimes.  We all have the ability to access our souls' higher consciousness where knowledge of our past, present, future and parallel lives are kept.  You are your own library and you have all of your own answers.  A past life regression helps you to answer your own questions and find solutions to issues that concern you in your current life often by going beyond structured belief systems that may have been inherited through family patterns, cultural  or societal norms and/or learned behaviour.    

To experience a past life regression also gives you the opportunity to understand your own immortality and experience yourself beyond perceived physical limits as a true multidimensional being.  Often these regressions are a stepping stone to self-discovery regardless of whether your interest is one of pure curiosity or to resolve a current life issue.  Your higherself is always gentle with you and provides you with the information and insights that are for your highest and greatest good at that time in your life to achieve the healing, guidance and answers that you require.  

By taking this journey you are given the opportunity to understand, reconcile and heal unproductive patterns leaving them in the past and setting yourself free to create a new future.   After a past life regression you will find you are more empowered in your life by the confidence and understanding that comes with your new insights. 

Your session is only the beginning of a process that will continue to unfold over time, as the information received is integrated into your daily life. 

These sessions are 3 hours long and can be done in-person or online.