Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

QHHT as taught by Dolores Cannon is an integrated and profound healing modality that works on a quantum level to facilitate healing of the mental, emotional and physical bodies.  It works by addressing the mind/body connections and empowers the individual to work directly with their Higherself to achieve self-healing.  

It is important for people to understand how truly powerful they are as individuals.  QHHT is one of the methods available which enables individuals to explore the deeper levels of their consciousness and spirit to discover their own answers.

A typical QHHT session is 5-6 hours. These sessions are in-person only.  It begins with an interview where we spend time talking about your experiences and reviewing your questions.  I generally recommend that a client bring 10-15 questions because as we talk we will expand your questions to get the most information for you as possible.  Our discussion also brings the relevant information that needs to be processed to the forefront of your conscious mind.  After the interview we do a past life regression and then work directly with your Higherself for energy healing and answers to your questions. 

The benefit of the past life regression is that it enables you to learn more about yourself, relevant people in your life, and the mental and emotional patterns you have carried with you through lifetimes.  By taking this journey you are given the opportunity to understand, reconcile and heal unproductive 

patterns leaving them in the past and setting yourself free to create a new future.

When we speak directly with the Higherself we then receive insightful answers that allow for resolution by promoting emotional healing through understanding and forgiveness.  We facilitate physical healing during the physical and energetic scans where the Higherself will explain where lifestyle changes need to occur, how particular beliefs and emotional patterns are creating illness in the body and where past-life energetic patterns need to be released.  The Higherself will then commence the healing as allowed after providing the explanations. 

When an individual has the opportunity to have a discussion with their higher-self, the conversations are always enlightening.  This connection and experience is invaluable, even for those who generally have clear communication with their higherselves, as sometimes, despite extensive spiritual development and discipline, aspects of the ego can hinder clear communication. The higherself will then very gently and lovingly explains to an individual what their purpose in life is, what they are here to learn, why certain patterns keep repeating themselves in their lives, the purpose and significance underlying many interpersonal relationships, nuances of their soul history, who their guides are, how to connect with them, ad infinitum.  The questions one can ask and the answers received are only limited by the individual asking them, the reality is that the possibilities are limitless.  


QHHT empowers you as a co-creator of your reality to begin your healing process, find the answers you have been looking for and create the life you desire.


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"I really want to thank you Jane MacDougall for my wonderful QHHT session.  The realisation of past trauma, past life memories and the relationship to present life experiences and relationships have enabled me to transcend emotional blocks. You are so knowledgeable and enabled me to let go of so much density.  As a result I feel empowered and in control of my life, the first time ever.  I would recommend Jane, sincerely thank you."  Nicola Russell, Galactic Shaman & Quantum Energy Healer 

“What was really special about Jane for me was how easy it felt being around her and sharing my experiences.  It felt amazing just to be myself and expose my emotions and not to feel judged.  That is what is missing most, in my opinion in our society, just to be open with our feelings and someone just to be there for it without me feeling shame or gilt.  It felt wonderful as well how Jane lead the pre-talk and went deeper into the questions for my benefit and how genuinely it felt that she was really interested to find out answers.  She is really passionate in what she does and I am really glad I found her.  Thank you Jane so much.”  Lulu Sersnova

“Definitely the most amazing journey to my Higher Self Awareness!  I had a real pleasure to have my session with Jane in August 2019 and, since the very beginning I felt listened to, understood and comfortable to share the story of my life with her.

The session itself went simply great. Jane made me feel safe, which surely contributed myself to deeply relax and get the best out of the session.  She guided me in a very professional manner through the whole process and I received all the answers to my questions, which now, has created the basis for my new path in life.

Therefore, if you want to give a real shift to your life, don’t hesitate any longer and enjoy the magnificent experience! With much gratitude,”  
Monika Sochan, QHHT Practitioner & Energy Healer

“It was so wonderful to meet you and thank you for a truly amazing session. I felt some quite strong shifts occurring throughout the rest of the day and some definite energetic and physical STUFF happening.

The most immediate change I have already noticed is a confidence and boldness in my interactions which I wasn’t expecting to show up so soon! I think partly due to the reassurance from higher self that came in during the session that it’s safe for me to tell the truth. Also the fact that the whole session was a truly inspiring experience which acted as a bit of a reminder of what’s really going on here and of who I really am.“ 


"I am fairly new to Delores Cannon's work so I had no idea what to expect from my first session, after Googling QHHT practitioners Jane's name came up and I emailed her straight away.  Jane was absolutely lovely and so accommodating to fit me in and so I drove up to see her a few weeks later. 

The session itself was amazing and really eye opening, I explored a past life as a chimney sweep in the Victorian era which really surprised me, I saw myself as a small boy in vivid detail. I then became really emotional and realized I had died in the chimney at 12 years old. Jane then asked my higher self questions about my current life and relationships which has given me so much insight since.

I was given a recording of the session to take home and listen to. The following days I felt like I was cleansing so many issues from my life and despite feeling tired and even queasy at points I started feeling a lot of shifts. I started lucid dreaming again, even astral projecting out of my body and being able to communicate with my higher self to find answers to questions. I have also experienced a lot of synchronicities since. I've booked another session with Jane and can’t wait to see what else happens!

Jane is an amazing practitioner and I'm so grateful to her for guiding me through my first QHHT session, I fully recommend her to anyone thinking about going on this journey.”  Jessica Harris