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Quantum Hypnosis ~ Journey of a Soul, Life Purpose and Lessons of a Difficult Marriage

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

In this Quantum Hypnosis session my client is shown a parallel life that originates in the Andromeda Galaxy. Responding to the Universal request for support on Earth during the shift to 5D, she experiences traveling through the Stargate and choosing the sacred geometries that would determine her soul path through life times. Her soul purpose during her current life is also explained, the process of integrating multi-dimensional aspects, her role as a way shower, and the purpose and lessons to be learned from a difficult marriage. Join me on this beautiful journey......


As my client looked around her, she was standing on the edge of a small lake surrounded by mountains and trees, and while familiar, it was clear from the colors and nuances of the vegetation that this was not Earth. As she basked in the beauty and peace of being in this place, which she described as feeling like home, she realized she was being watched.

I asked her to call the presence forward, and as she did, from out of the trees stepped a small group little beings that looked very much like the Imps from Harry Potter. These beings explained that they had been waiting for her to come and visit them as she was also one of them, but they were required to wait until she was ready before they could show their presence. They described themselves as the Analla people from Anata, a planet at the edge of the Andromeda galaxy.

These beings were of a high vibrational consciousness, existing in the 9th dimension. They were gentle and empathic. There was no hierarchy in their community and they lived to support and help one another. Their existence was simple, and because they lived and worked in union with the consciousness of the planet, it was beautiful and clean.

As we drew our attention back to my client, she realized she was carrying a rucksack. Inside the rucksack were three items. A kaleidoscope, a metal ruler, and a stone that was wrapped in cloth because it was too hot to touch. When I asked her why she was carrying these items, she didn't know.

The Analla were perplexed as to why she could not remember, but explained that the kaleidoscope was used to show the energetic projections of people on Earth. It is a metaphor for that which is within her and helps her to interpret humans emotions and understand how they are feeling. It was explained that she uses this tool all the time in her current life. They provided her with the example of her ex-husband, and described how she uses this ability to understand and have compassion for his behavior which stems from his childhood experiences.

The metal ruler was explained as a metaphor to keep her on track because her star family knows that her lives on Earth will be difficult for her.

The stone was a metaphor for her life force. Regardless of how much darkness she is exposed to, her heart will never grow cold. She will always have empathy, she will always radiate kindness and love. Her heart will never grow cold and it has served her well in her current life.


The Analla explained that when the call went out [from the Universe] to bring light to Earth, someone needed go. As a species, they needed to do their part, "for we are all one, there is no separation." It was an "all hands to the deck" call as the Earth moves from 3D to 5D. Of all of them, she had the biggest heart, and bravely volunteered.

The Universe is ready to expand at this time, the out breath, and the cycle cannot continue if Earth, and a few other planets, are not in alignment with this energetic cycle.

Earth is important at this time in the Universal cycle because the balance of light and dark must be maintained. If the Earth is out of balance, then this will impact the rest of the planets and the Universe. The Earth is more significant at this time because it is at a tipping point, where if help was not brought in, then the collective consciousness of Earth would be taken out of balance and the Earth destroyed. If the Earth is destroyed, it is at that point that such destruction will ripple through the Universe. The Universe is ready to expand at this time, the out breath, and the cycle cannot continue if Earth, and a few other planets, are not in alignment with this energetic cycle.

In this Universe light and dark exist, but are maintained in a state of balance. The darkness must exist for them to know their light. The Earth carries great significance at this point in time due to the blending of galactic consciousness that is being integrated. If the Earth can maintain energetic balance and shift to 5D, this will then help the other planets as well.

The Analla explained that her purpose for incarnating on Earth is to teach humans how to navigate their emotions without fear. Through her actions, she creates energetic templates that create a path for emotional healing. As she heals herself in her current life she also heals herself holographically through time and space, and the collective consciousness as a way shower. She is contributing by creating an easier path for people to understand their emotions so that they are not overwhelmed or confused.

At this point one of the Analla with a father energy steps forward. It explains that it is also her father in her current life. She needed to have one stable figure in her current life otherwise she would have been consumed by sadness. He then leads her to show her how she created the template for her current life.


They go into the stars and stepped into a portal in the Andromeda Galaxy (when your consciousness is of a high vibration this is achieved solely by intent). There was a strong pull and she was sucked into the portal at light speed.

The portal then takes them to what is shown as a landing platform in the Milky Way galaxy where there is a welcoming committee. The beings are very tall, etheric and regal looking with long cloaks. The beings describe themselves as 11th dimensional Pleiadians. There are different platforms with different people standing on each one. The platforms aren't static, instead they seem to appear as is necessary and hover, arriving at the perfect time as the beings coming through the portals land on them.

As she looks around the platform she has landed on, she sees a holographic system of different sacred geometric shapes. The shapes are vibrating and moving in front of her and her father. She and her father then go through the process of choosing all of the geometric shapes that they like and or need (the choosing is done instantaneously with intent).

She realizes that she is the architect of her human energetic matrix as she chooses the sacred geometries that reflect the experiences she wants to learn from. Two of the geometries were a pyramid and the flower of life. The pyramid functions as a transmitter. The flower of life provides her with the ability to connect with people and her family on Anata. She is signing up for multiple lives as she is selecting geometries that are part of her energetic matrix. This structure shows her the incarnation purpose and plans, to learn, to share, and to teach.

She must understand the role of forgiveness in the balance between the dark and the light. Everything is about the balance of the dark and the light. To forgive and to integrate.

At this point it was time to bring the Higherself through to answer her questions.


Her Higherself explained that her purpose in life is to be the light that people turn too in life when they are struggling. Her mission is to strengthen her light, to become brighter and brighter and shine that light as far as it can be shown. To do this she must trust in herself more and continue to do what she has been doing. She must trust in her emotions and create clear boundaries.

In her case, she was advised to create stronger boundaries by not always being the person who gives. Her Higherself explained that "nothing should be done as an obligation because then your light is taken for granted." She does herself a dis-service and creates an energetic imbalance. She must honor herself such that others may respond accordingly and her light will be received.

She was then told that she incarnated in her current life because she wants so desperately to be of service to others. She wants to understand the Spiritual trades from a human perspective and to spread that knowledge.

While she is applauded for her intellectual inquisitiveness regarding her spiritual education, she must allow her intellectual side to rest as her answers will come from within with clam and silence of the mind. She does not need to continue to look outside of herself.


If she wants to integrate more of her multidimensional aspects she must create the space for them to come in. There is too much noise at this time. She should create this space for integration by understanding that her feelings of urgency for the need to integrate creates resistance to her actual ability to integrate. She has surpassed the intellectual level required and now must create the opportunity energetically.

She was shown the life in Andromedea because there were many similaritIes between the two lives. She needed to see how she can create safe passage through the chaos around her and others. She needs to become the calm. She must also understand the role of forgiveness in the balance between the dark and the light. Everything is about the balance of the dark and the light. To forgive and to integrate.

She must feel worthy to integrate her Higherself energetic consciousness. She must also address a few aspects where work is required on forgiveness for not being able to speak up in her current and past lives. Her lack of action needs to be forgiven and integrated. She has judged herself too harshly in circumstances that were beyond her control. These seemingly small acts (self-worth & forgiveness) will allow her to then begin a greater integration of her Higherself energetic consciousness template.

She will integrate other multi-dimensional aspects. There are many and she will become aware of a few of them very soon. Others will make their presence known to her. "I [her Higherself] communicate with her, although she does not realize it is me. When she trusts herself, she will know it is me." Her multi-dimensional aspects are galactic, she is aware of 5 of them. Vega is one of them, and this is where she had many lives. She was a Vegan priestess. She worked with light language in the same way as she will in her current life. She uses it through her hands. She uses her voice to increase the power of her light language. The gifts hold much power.

She is able to see the energy of beings that are close to her and through her empathy she will be able to empower others.


J: Myself

C: Client

Ex: The ex-husband

HS: Client Higherself

J: Why did C choose Ex to be her husband?

HS: She needed to find her voice.

J: What was C supposed to learn from Ex in this life?

HS: Exactly that. She needed to learn how to stand up to oppression.

J: How does finding her voice serve her in this life?

HS: She needs to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. She will lead by example.

J: What is Ex supposed to learn from C?

HS: Compassion, he is not learning this lesson, he is too resistant. They have had many lives together, over a hundred.

J: How many lives has C had on Earth?

HS: C has had 538 lives on Earth.

J: How does the life in which C was beaten to death by Ex relate to her current life?

HS: When she was beaten to death, she was a very innocent soul, but even when she passed [in the prior life] she was not able to let go. She felt a great deal of anger that she held onto as she passed [this energy followed her into her current life to be resolved].

J: How does this life relate to her current life?

HS: She needed to express that anger to him but she could not do it by herself, she needed to have a reason. She needed to do it [find her voice] to protect someone else [her children]. She has not been heard.

J: Does she need to be heard?

HS: She is coming to accept that is it ok to not be heard.

J: How should she address the anger carried over from a past life?

She needs to resolve her anger towards herself. That she has carried from a past life. To let go. She needs to understand that she was justified in being angry. It was not her fault, she could do nothing about it. In this life she expected to be able to stand up for herself, that was never going to be an outcome. She needs to forgive herself and release herself from these expectations. She carries the anger in her throat. The anger looks like a ball of black moving energy. When she expresses herself, this energy blockage distorts her communication so she is not heard and she is forced to over express herself.

I then directed the Higherself to transmute the dark energy so that it no longer blocked her from her ability to express herself. The Higherself then instilled her with the energy and frequencies of trust and confidence in her ability to communicate her feelings. It directed her to forgive herself by knowing that her experience was divinely planned by her, as she created the path of her own experiences.

While we discussed a number of other topics which lead to great insights, it was important for her, as a result of the session, to now be able to engage more effectively when communicating with her ex-husband, regardless of whether she is heard. She now also understands, that it is more productive to not direct or focus her emotional energy towards expecting more from him when she can create elsewhere with greater ease.

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