Quantum Energy Healing

~ Release, Reconnect & Restore~

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Quantum Energy Healing  - During a quantum healing session I connect through the heart space to my higher frequency multidimensional aspects and work with your Higherself.   What is achieved during these sessions is as allowed by your Higherself and for your highest and greatest good at that time, in this way, each session is always unique.  I always request that the maximum be achieved.


These sessions are quantum and I will be directed to work within a range of frequencies to access where the energies that need to be addressed are residing.  The alignments, calibrations and activations generally take place on the highest levels and the clearing generally takes place at the lower levels.  


During a session I request to provide you with a clearing of all that is no longer required.  We also open, clear, activate and connect, as is directed, for each of your energy centers (chakras).  I work with the Earth Star through to the Stellar Gateway.  I am frequently called upon to balance masculine and feminine aspects and bring your energy bodies more into alignment.  I then request that any activations or

upgrades take place.  Once this is done your energy field is calibrated.  All work is grounded into your Earth Star, and your energy field is then sealed and blessed.  


These sessions work to bring you into alignment with your soul purpose and activate the self healing process.  They also raise the vibration of your physical and energetic bodies to facilitate the activation and integration of 5D and higher soul templates.  Post session, your vibrational frequency will gradually settle into a higher resonance having achieved an incremental lift in base vibration, according to the person’s spiritual evolution. 

A Quantum Energy Healing session is different from many of the traditional energy healing modalities because the work is achieved at frequencies that are higher than 3D & 4D (for a Stellar Gateway activation I am working at a minimum with 9D energetics) so it is easier to do more extensive clearing and upgrades.  For myself, when I experience a clearing and I am working at the higher frequencies, the blockages present and feel more like static which disrupt the individual's matrix.  As I drop down in frequency and work with the same energy that requires clearing, I will often feel pain.  Where and how I feel the pain indicates the type of blockage I am working with.  


One of the reasons this type of healing is becoming more common is that as an individual expands their consciousness they raise their frequency.  As the individual raises their frequency they are then able to access and integrate their higher consciousness aspects.  This is often referred to as "ascension", but ascension is all about accessing our higher consciousness while still in the physical body (ascending from the ego perspective and descending from the spirit perspective). 


A pattern we have been seeing is that the physical and lower energetic bodies (which function as the template for the physical body) are not vibrating at a high enough frequency and so integrating higher consciousness occurs more slowly or can lag behind consciousness expansion.  These quantum energy healing sessions work within the physical and lower energetic bodies to help raise their vibration and activate the soul template integrations.  

During a session, you lie on a massage table, relax and close your eyes.  After guiding you to connect to your higher consciousness, I also connect and begin working in your energy field.   All energy work is more effective when both the client and practitioner are engaged with intention.  People experience the energy moving through their body in many different ways.  It's ideal to be observant and open to whatever sensations, images, thoughts and/or emotions arise.  Most people feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a session.  At the very least, relax and enjoy the experience!   


Energetic clearing occurs in layers.  A series of three sessions over the course of three months is recommended to allow for deeper clearing.  As you grow and your consciousness expands, the more that can be released.

These sessions are 1.5 hours and can be in person, online or remote.

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My client's aura after integration of a distance quantum energy healing session. As part of clearing and calibrating her energy field we also activated and integrated the energies of the causal and soul chakras grounding the upgrades into her earth star. You can see how her aura now extends healthily above her head and below her feet. The congestion around her third eye and crown has been removed. We also activated her light language by removing ancient blockages. Look at how well defined her throat chakra is now. The color of her overall aura also reflects that she has been recalibrated to a higher frequency.

All in a days work....every session is a beautiful awakening.

Thank you Mary Julian for sharing!

Many Blessings,



"I love getting an aura reading when I feel myself changing! I had a beautiful quantum energy session with. Jane MacDougall of Quantum Energy Healing in London and I documented the change in my aura after about 2-3 weeks of integration! Integration is a period of time where the energy that shifted in the session settles down into all layers, levels and dimensions in your energy field. The before picture is from January, and the after picture was just a few days ago! You can see the shift went up and down and clearer out “dense” areas resulting in a brighter, more coherent and radiant aura photo."   #loveintentionally.

Mary Julian

"Jane, I cannot find the words to express what a beautiful and extra ordinary session I had with you! Your ability to activate and anchor me into my 5D Stellar Gateway Chakra has already changed the frequency and level that I am humbly working at since I contacted you for a healing session . You have the most wonderful gift and I can recommend not only your knowledge and wisdom but also healing technique. You are the full package! Thank you" x Tina

"Had an incredible healing session with Jane a few weeks back.  The healing was extremely powerful but also gentle with only the purest and highest energies of the divine source.  We both confirmed what was happening through our discussion after, which I found even more incredible.  So grateful to have met Jane and I look forward to more sessions.  Highly recommend!" 


"I recently had the wonderful experience of having a session with Jane.  I also have had a QHHT with Jane a few years ago. The most amazing thing that happened was a vision I was given of me just breaking the clouds with my head peeking through into an open view of the sky no city or landscaping showing to me but a beautiful white light.  As Jane continued the work she was doing for me it was as if I was fully birthed into the white light.  After we finished I was talking to Jane about the experience and we were both told that I entered into the 7th dimension.  I am not sure why this happen or what it means for me as I continue on my personal spiritual path, but I also was told that a five day period would need to pass for me to receive more understanding. The healing she did was in preparation for the move into the 7th dimension that I’m sure of.  A few days after I was moving around and there was this very small blue light about the size of a small pearl, I said hello and asked for a message.  Please seek Jane out if you’re ready to expand in your spiritual life you won’t be disappointed…."

Linda Lee Hack

"The healing session with Jane was one of the most memorable, luminous and wonderful I’ve experienced. Coming away from that session, in the days afterwards, I notice a real shift in the way I view and take on my personal life circumstances, and I can feel the nudges to shift my physical reality as well, in order to align with something better for me. The other day I found myself talking to a friend who was in a desperate state – a place I’ve been myself many a time in recent years – and in seeing myself in her I noticed my own progress away from that desperation and deep sadness.   The session with Jane was powerful, intense, beautiful, generous, and I’m looking forward to going back, to continue the work. She is a true lightworker and I have no hesitation in recommending her with all my heart."


"Dear Jane! I really enjoyed the session! I felt so joyous after it.  This morning when my mind has started be too much inquisitive I tried to use your technique to put me back in the same state. It was not as easy to win my inner chat alone but I am pretty sure that your recording will help me to master it. I feel much better and more open to the higher realms I can't tell you how happy I am after meeting those beautiful beings that were working on me with you yesterday. This gives me the needed enthusiasm to go on with my life.

Thank you again for your wonderful work again and I think I will repeat it quite soon."

With love, Elena

"Jane is a lovely lady, professional and direct.  Jane has removed interdimensional blocks that have been affecting me on and off over the years. I now feel calmer and more connected to God/Source and my higher self."  Leon

"Jane, Thank you.  Your gifts are wonderful.  After our session I feel things moving around and within me.  I am so peaceful.  I have been more spontaneous.  I have a stronger connection to my Higherself with a stronger sense of trust and presence.  I feel more in flow, I am more aware of the feelings in my body and so much more aware. Very grateful."  Sach