• Jane MacDougall

Connecting to Your Higherself

Understanding the Human Energy Matrix
2 Part Video Series on the Role of the Higherself

Join me for this 2 Part Quantum Consciousness talk on the importance of Connecting to your Higherself. This is an important aspect of the ascension process because it is YOU residing within the higher densities. Everyone is capable of connecting to their Higherselves for guidance. It is the part of you that can access all of your past, present, future and parallel lives on Earth, this Solar System, this Galaxy, other Galaxies, the Universe. Your Higherself knows everything about you from a multidimensional perspective and is there to guide you in healing and integrating all of your wounded soul aspects. It is your consciousness construct which exists to guide you out of separation and into oneness. It is there to guide you in remembering who are and supporting you in stepping into your soul mission. This is your consciousness as part of your Monadic Triad (the 7th, 8th, and 9th layers within your energy matrix).

Connecting to Your Higherself ~ Part I

Connecting to Your Higherself ~ Part II

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