• Jane MacDougall

Stellar Gateway Activation During a Healing Session

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

On our journey through the ascension process and into 5D, the Stellar Gateway, once activated, begins to take the place of the Crown chakra as the access point for higher frequency 9th dimensional consciousness to enter our etheric body. What started as a straight-forward healing session became much more.

I’ve had some really beautiful and extraordinary quantum healing sessions this week. For the most part the sessions have been about clearing, recalibrating and bringing the divine feminine and divine masculine energies into balance and alignment.

The week ended with a truly phenomenal session where my client, after her own in-depth inner-work and integration, received a full upgrade, activations and a connection to her 5th dimensional stellar gateway chakra. To be able to facilitate this right-of-passage was truly an honor for me because when the stellar gateway chakra is energetically connected it facilitates the acceptance of light from 9th dimensional sources and raises the frequency of the energy field.

As the session began, I integrated with my multidimensional aspects and set the intent to work with my client’s Higherself to provide her with a Clearing of all that is no longer required. Opening, clearing, and activating necessary energy centers (chakras). Balancing, recalibrating, attuning and bringing her energy bodies back into alignment. Facilitating any upgrades and/or activations. Requesting that her Higherself allow the maximum work which could be achieved and completed as was in in alignment with her highest and greatest good.

Similar to the other sessions, my client’s energy field was cleared and recalibrated. I was then directed to work with her divine masculine and divine feminine energy vortexes on either side of her head to create balance and a greater degree of alignment (her masculine energetic patterns were overpowering her feminine energetic patterns). Her heart chakra then received additional clearing and further activation so that it could process a greater quantum and higher frequency of energies. All of these upgrades were then grounded into her earth star.

Typically, during a session, once the work has been grounded into the Earth Star, the session is almost over. Instead, I was then directed back up to her head, only much higher up. This is when further clearing, calibrations and activations took place. As the information was coming through, it became apparent that we were connecting her to her 5D stellar gateway chakra! All of the calibrations and activations were then integrated throughout her matrix and once again grounded into her Earth Star. Then something fascinating began to happen, my hands began rotating very quickly, it was symbolic of the fact that we were raising the frequency of her energy field, functioning as its own energy generator, as we pulled through the higher frequencies.

My client at this time was very aware of the energy in her body increasing in intensity and frequency. The process continued for quite a few minutes and was actually a bit physically exhausting as I rotated back and forth and my hands kept spinning faster and faster. At one point I wasn’t sure I could keep up and asked my Higherself, “how much longer?” To which I received a laugh and a retort, “You set the intent to achieve as much as could possibly be allowed and we are doing as requested.” When this process was completed her energetic matrix had been shifted into a higher frequency which was then sealed and blessed.

What is beautiful about a Stellar Gateway activation is that it facilitates access to higher frequency energies which, when the activation is anchored into the Earth Star, pulls the higher frequencies through the energy matrix to be integrated into the lower chakras, raising the overall frequency. Once the Stellar Gateway has been activated it then begins to take the place of the Crown chakra as the access point for 9th dimensional consciousness light frequencies to enter our etheric body. These 9th dimensional energies are generally beyond our current physical capacity, however, the Stellar Gateway activation is designed to raise the overall frequency of the energy matrix allowing these energies to be grounded, interpreted and understood.

As we continue on our collective ascension into 5D, increasing numbers of individuals will be accessing and activating their Stellar Gateway which is the beginning of an entirely new journey where one begins to transcend dimensional boundaries of time and space. The Soul will then be able to consciously send out requests for light and information, whereby the Stellar Gateway will then fulfill these requests. It will also independently bringing forth cosmic information for continued soul growth, expansion and understanding.

For myself, it was a great honor to be able to facilitate this experience. I also have tremendous respect for this woman as she would not have been granted access to this level of consciousness and higher frequency energies had she not done the work required of transmuting and integrating her light and her dark aspects. I honor her dedication and integrity with which she has embraced her journey. Transmuting her darkness by first allowing herself, in all honesty to acknowledge its’ existence and integrating with love and forgiveness. This is the journey of spiritual alchemy. This is our journey into 5D.

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