Regression Hypnotherapy


Regression Hypnotherapy is used to recall and examine events from the past, even forgotten events.  This is achieved by accessing the theta state of expanded consciousness where you have access to all of your memories, past, present and future.  During this process you are able to remember in detail and revisit experiences that have long been buried in your subconscious.  When we revisit these memories you witness the events as an objective observer to witness the conflicts, turmoil, hidden pain, self-sabotage, and revealed connections between events and feelings.  Your healing is achieved through the insights gained and a perspective of compassionate understanding which allows for forgiveness and release of the past trauma.  

All of us have memories and experiences that have shaped us into the people we are today.  Often these memories are distant and vague, if not completely forgotten, and yet they remain clear as the day they occurred in our subconscious minds.  By entering  the theta state of consciousness we are able to gain access to these memories. 

The theta state of consciousness is a natural state of mind that we enter into regularly, and with training, we are able to

access that state consciously and with intention.  There are four states of consciousness, or brain wave patterns, that we enter in and out of throughout the day.  The Alpha state is when we are actively engaged in our thoughts, for example, when you are solving a math problem, writing an essay or having a conversation.  The Beta state is when we slip into a day dream or practice meditation.  The Theta state, and state we work with during your regression, is that point just between waking and dreaming.  It is in this state of consciousness that the subconscious mind is able to guide the conscious ego through the labyrinth of your thoughts and emotions to ultimately reach a point of resolution.  The final state, is the Delta state, and that is when we are in REM (rapid eye movement) or deep sleep.

During a regression hypnotherapy session you are gently guided back to the time and place when the event occurred so that you are able to examine the experience(s) from a fresh perspective.  Some of the experiences that are brought forward are subtle and are the result of family or societal conditioning where certain norms were simply accepted but which no longer serve you.  These types of memories are sometimes difficult to identify with the egoic mind and for that reason may be holding you back from moving forward in life.  When given simple direction, your subconscious mind will direct you to the memories that are relevant.  Viewing these events from a new perspective helps to heal the wounds or conflicts we experience in daily life.


Other times the memories that are explored are from events that may have been unpleasant, painful, embarrassing, or just difficult to cope with.  These types of memories are often isolated from the conscious mind to avoid experiencing further pain or embrace a pattern of denial.  Fortunately, when we access these types of memories from the theta state, we can choose to view them from the perspective of an objective witness.  This is a tremendously powerful technique because the individual is now empowered to address the connections between events, feelings, and behavioural patterns with a new understanding and a clear path forward for healing through release and forgiveness. 

Regression hypnotherapy can be a healing and transformative experience.  The insights gained from your session are invaluable as they are integrated into your daily life and you are empowered to move forward with the new life you choose to create. 

These sessions are 3 hours long and can be in-person or online.