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Consciousness Talk on Energetic Sovereignty, Setting Boundaries, Connecting to your Higherself, etc.

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Join Nicola and I for our Consciousness Talk on energetic sovereignty, setting boundaries, a method for connecting to your Higherself, the energetic role of our beliefs and the benefit of energy matrix and soul journey readings in the process of learning to understand and interact with your energy field.

What is an Energy Matrix Reading?

Step into your Sovereignty. An energy matrix reading is useful for everyone. Learn to understand your mental, emotional and energetic wounds. It is so much easier to release the traumas and difficulties in your life when you come to understand the origin of the patterns. Often you will learn that the origins are not from your current life, but from lifetimes you have no memory of. The traumas and the dramas are only given the power to continue until that moment when you choose to release them.

​"These readings are similar to journeying into the "Dark Night of the Soul" but with a road map."

During the reading I work with your Higherself to provide you with information regarding the following:

​Energetic Alignments ~ When I check your energy field for alignment, it is another way of evaluating the degree to which you are in balance. I check your masculine/feminine alignment and your chakra alignment front (are you open and receiving/processing the information without distortion) and back (how are you expressing these energetics to create your reality), top (connections to the higher frequencies) and bottom (the degree to which you are grounded).

Individual Chakra Review ~ I then review of each of your chakras from your Earth Star to your Stellar Gateway including hands and feet as well as other high frequency energetic portals relating to the expression of the divine masculine/feminine. Each chakra will have a story to tell. I check both the front and the back where relevant, whether there are any energetic wounds, the type, general origin of the wound (past, present, Earth, galactic), whether there are cords to be removed, and the degree to which each chakra is functioning.

​Emotional Blockages & Healing For each chakra I identify the primary emotional imprints that require release and healing. These often hit home more than people expect the benefit is that the acknowledgment alone begins the process of releasing the energetic patterns. For each chakra I also receive a mantra to guide you in your daily life to facilitate healing.

Mental Patterns & Healing I also identify low vibrational mental patterns and the frequency in which they are held in the energy field such as polarity archetypes, vulnerability, inequality paradigms, domination/control, fear and/or hate thought forms. Time permitting I also identify general origin.

Missing Soul Fragments We all have missing soul fragments that we need to call back, heal and integrate. I will generally identify to which chakra the soul fragments need to be called back to for integration.

Energetic Tears & Leaks (aka "Portals") Most energy workers refer to wounds in your energetic field or chakras as "portals". There are many different types of portals. Some portals are good and connect to high frequency energies and knowledge. We keep these portals. However, most of us, until we have stepped fully into our energetic sovereignty will have a myriad of portals that require closing. These portals can connect to lower vibrational past lives/timelines or relate to different types of energetic interference. I will identify where the portals are located, the frequency within which they reside and the general origin.

​Implants I know I'm going a bit "woo woo" for some of you, but "implant" is a term energy healers use for certain types of energetic distortions. They are often imbedded in the energy field from past lives. I will provide you with a general list of where they are located in your energy field/chakras and general origin. This would include frequency barriers/limiters and scalar frequency distorters.

Entities/Attachments When someone says, "you have entities and attachments located in your energy field", it can be pretty scary. The fact of the matter is that due to the universal law of attraction, we create and attract the things, events and people that come into our lives. Negative energies attract negative energies and positive energies attract positive energies. When you are in a negative state of mind, depressed, or are addicted to negative mental or emotional patterns, energetic consciousness (entities/attachments) can embed themselves in your energy field or attach to it like an uninvited guest that leaves a mess wherever they go. The term entities/attachments is very general. By experience, this type of energy can be like a foggy overlay or manifest with a greater degree of intent. Regardless, I identify where they are located and the general origin.

Soul Journey Reading ~ "Know Your Name"

Understand your soul origins, your galactic history and your lives on Earth. To step into your sovereignty and back into unity, you must understand all that you are. You must "Know Your Name", you must remember and understand your journey throughout time. This is how you become whole again, this is how you become One. During this reading I provide you with information regarding your soul aspects. Most people have 12 soul aspects in pairs of 6 (one masculine/one feminine), there are of course always exceptions. It the process of integrating these soul aspects that leads to monadic consciousness. I will explain their origin and the frequency at which they reside. I then ask for your soul's journey of incarnation within the Milky Way Galaxy. I am often shown a pattern of descent through the dimensions/frequencies. The information I am provided with is that which is most relevant for you to understand your current life and the energetic wounds which require healing. To further understand the origin of your energetic wounds I also request information regarding trauma memories and their origin so they have been identified for healing.

I also ask for the number of Earth life times and provide a general summary of the incarnation pattern. This is an easy task for someone with only a handful of Earth lives. For those with hundreds or thousands, I will identify the more relevant aspects. An aspect of these readings that always warms client's hearts is to receive information about which Archangels work with them. Sometimes I will find they are surprised or even in denial, but when I explain how and why, you can see that there is suddenly a complete identification and understanding. ​Many Blessings,


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