• Jane MacDougall

Healing Universal Trauma and the Purpose of our 3D Lives

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I have been shown and told many times, that to heal a trauma, the healing must be done at the frequency in which it was created. How is this relevant in our day to day lives? The answer is in the purpose of our human genetics....and there is a very powerful reason for why we are collectively having this 3D experience.

I have been shown and told many times recently, that to heal a trauma, the healing must be done at the frequency in which it was created. Why is this relevant?

Many people will ask, "Why do I feel so much pain in this life? There is so much pain that I don't want to live my life, and I never want to reincarnate in 3D again!." "This is too hard!"

All of these are fair statements....and there is a very powerful reason for why we are collectively having this 3D experience.

Now this story is long and complex and goes back to the creation of this universe and all of the history that it entails. We could get mired in detail.

Ultimately, however, the reason our souls have been required to journey into the netherlands of consciousness existing within the 3D realities is to heal the original wounds of creation that occurred in the moment when Source experienced separation from self. The metaphor could be considered the moment when Source separated and the journey into polarity began resulting in the the divine feminine being separated from the divine masculine...the good vs. the bad was created, etc., etc., etc...

The purpose for the creation of our human genetics was to create an avatar that could exist within the physical density of 3D but have the capability of journeying through the vast spectrum of frequencies that we call consciousness (3D to 12D and higher). These genetics were created with the full knowledge that our ability to move through and transcend frequencies would be required for the healing of our universe and our journey back to Source.

At the very least, our consciousness was required to exist within the 3D to heal for the collective consciousness (of the universe) at these frequencies. There have been many successes and failures with this journey throughout time. Earth is of particular importance due to our very mixed galactic heritage. As we heal, as we move out of a perspective of polarity to start with (navigating 4D), we anchor 5D and eventually create heaven on Earth (5D and higher conscious existence).

In my day to day life, I was shown a few months ago by one of my Higherself aspects (I have named her Arielle, although, she is a frequency of high vibrational consciousness, with no body, either physical or energetic, and no gender) that my healing occurs by moving up and down frequency bands when working on the human energy matrix multidimensionally. The lower frequencies I actually feel as pain, the higher frequencies is more with the power of thought. Depending on the work that needs to be done, I raise or lower my frequency to access the trauma and heal it.

I then had a QHHT session with a client who brought through a very high vibrational consciousness that resided purely within the frequency of LOVE. Talk about an absolutely intoxicating experience....it was amazing!!!

Anyway, as I was speaking to the consciousness, it stated, "we are so tired of all the pain that we witness."

Being cheeky, I said, "well since you exist at such a high vibration, then why don't you just heal everything?" "Why do we need to experience this?"

The energy explained that all traumas are required to be healed within the frequency that they were created. If they were to descend into our frequency they could facilitate healing, however, they would experience forgetfulness like we do.

So that my friends, is why each one of you is a blessing.

That is why each one of you is so incredibly special.

As a group, we work together to heal the collective conscious within the 3D reality. Every day that you work on yourself, every day that you heal your pain, you heal each other too.

And as you heal yourself, as you release the density of the lower frequencies, you make room for the light, and with the increase in the light that you carry, you remember more about you who you are. You begin to remember the story of your soul.

You are amazing, you are powerful...show the way.

With love,


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