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Remembrance of Life on an 11th Density Planet ~ Experiencing a Conscious Connection to All

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

During this insightful QHHT session we discuss Experiencing the State of Consciousness of Being Connected to Everything ~ Living Life from a Different Perspective ~ The Process of Connecting to the Consciousness of the Planet ~ The Importance of the Solar Plexus in Humans ~ Embracing the Process of Self-Healing & Accessing Forgotten Memories

Please join me for this QHHT session where my Client takes a beautiful journey into remembrance. He shown a life on an 11th density planet to remember what it feels like to experienced a consciousness connection to everything around him. This was a very important life for him which now plays an important role in this now moment for his current expansion. It is a life where he learned to understand that everything is connected.

"He begins healing with the medication so that he is able to FEEL the feeling of what it is like to be healthy. When he FEELS he is healthy, then he KNOWS he is healthy, the body BECOMES healthy. When the Client has reached the state of BEING healthy, he will no longer require the drugs." The Higherself on the Process of Healing

In this QHHT session my Client's Higherself takes him to a time and place where there is information that is important for him to remember in this now time. My Client went very deep and effectively trance channelled the information that follows:

Life on an 11th Density Planet

As my Client began to become aware of his surroundings he realized that he was on another planet in another galaxy. This planet exists and holds the 11th density. At first all he could see was a vastness of very bright light. It was so bright that he could not distinguish any images. As we calibrated his consciousness to the frequency he was in the images started to appear and he began to be able to “see” in the vastness of this all encompassing light.

As he continued to calibrate to the frequency of his surroundings, he realized that he was standing in very high and steep mountains, but they were not mountains, they were massive dormant volcanoes. The ground was very rocky, crumbly and dry. The landscape was varying shades of reds and oranges. The materials and compositions of the landscape were not similar to what we would have on Earth and the sky was gradients of purple. There were two moons. One close and one far away.

There was no day or night there. Time was different. Days are longer and nights do not exist. The average day there would be the equivalent of a week in Earth time.

There was green vegetation at the bottom of mountain. He stated, “it is very alive”. There were all types and variations of vegetation growing. Most notably, he was aware of the fact that he could FEEL the consciousness within the vegetation. As he directed his consciousness to the vegetation, he explained that it was moving, not because there was wind, but because the vegetation chose to express itself through movement. The vegetation spoke to him and gave him the message that he was safe.

"Within every soul, there is universal knowledge."

Then he became aware of his “physical” body. His body was average height, a square solid build, strong and muscular. He felt his face and he had a small mouth with lips, he didn’t really have a nose, but you could say there was a subtle aspect of a nose. His eyes were very big and gold. He felt he was an amphibian of some type. His feet were webbed with four toes. His skin was chameleon like, always changing colour. When he looked at his feet they were shades of blue, purple and orange. His hands had five fingers, with webbing. The colour of his hands were blue, green and yellow. His is skin was grainy in texture and constantly changing colour.

He did not wear clothing, but he commented that he had markings all over his body that he had been born with. The markings represented wisdom. Different markings meant different things. He had about 200 of these markings. When he looked at one on his arm he explained that it looked like a “stain”. It was black and always remained black. The markings never changed colour like the rest of his skin. This particular marking represented universal and collective knowledge from past lives. He explained that when he would shift his consciousness to the marking on his skin he could then access the information from these past lives.

While some of his markings represented knowledge and wisdom accumulated through various lives, others represented health and biological states of being in the present moment. These markings were symbols of remembrance, however, it was made clear that that they were not a tool that was needed to access the relevant information. All he needed to do to access the memories and/or knowledge was to shift his consciousness to a particular marking and the relevant information could accessed and understood.

He then clarified that he, as a being, existed in the 7th Density, but he could navigate other higher and lower densities, with his mind.

As we shifted his consciousness back to his surroundings he commented that he could communicate with everything that was around him. He didn’t do it with words, he was able to communicate and understand all that was around him simply by directing his consciousness to whatever was around him. He did not live in one place, he did not have a home, instead, he lived everywhere.

A message to humans, “Learn everything. Human beings are very curious....it is the curiosity that humans have that will save them.”

Other Beings on the Planet

We then went to speak with other Beings on the planet. There were about 15 of them and they all looked similar to him. When they first started to speak to him, he wasn’t able to translate it, but he could “feel” what they were telling him. They were part of the same soul group.

He then directed his consciousness to connect to the Beings in front of him. When he did this he could feel tingling and he felt himself merging with them. At this point, he was now able to understand the information they wanted to convey to him.

These Beings explained that he incarnated on that planet to learn about the importance of the connection to nature and the teaching that within every soul, there is universal knowledge. He was on the planet to remember a life where he experienced a connection to consciousness and everything around him. This is where he learned to understand that everything is connected.

It was explained that this connection is also about the feeling. “It is about feeling the consciousness. It is not just about knowing, it is about feeling it as well. Creating and merging with consciousness. It is a whole, you merge and connect with your wholeness to create. It is quite scientific, but it can be understood as a spiritual science.”

Importance of the Solar Plexus as an Energetic Meridian in Humans

We then asked the Beings to provide him with a message of remembrance. The Beings showed him his belly. They explained that he held within the energetics of the belly (the solar plexus) the connections and memories of his past lives. Similar to a memory card. It is held in the solar plexus because that is where we get our energy from.

It was explained that when the Solar Plexus is healthy and open it allows Universal energy to flow into the human energy matrix which releases the flow of this knowledge and memories. There is also an interface with the Sun and Nature. When it is activated, it runs like water…..it is like a meridian, so it is released everywhere in the body where it is needed, and therefore releasing this Universal knowledge into the energy field. There is a molecular aspect to this process that is beyond our current understanding.

[As an aside, I can confirm that when I do energy healing I also receive similar information when working on the Solar Plexus, and while many chakras have energy connections to the multidimensional lives we live, the Solar Plexus is an important access point. At a particular frequency/density, it functions as a Stargate, and this is where I am directed to access the energy field to begin unpicking and releasing multidimensional trauma signatures]

Living Life from a Different Perspective ~ Connecting to the Consciousness of the Planet

It was explained to the Client that he chose to incarnate in this 11th density life for the equivalent of 200 Earth Years. They did not live their lives as humans do, instead they were taught to first connect with the Planet.

"You connect with the consciousness of the Planet by connecting with the smallest things first, so you connect with the Core of the planet. Then you go up the layers. Then you understand the connection between all of the layers. Then you learn the connection between You and the layers, and so forth, continuing to go higher and higher into the knowledge.

What is important is to learn first beneath you. So you learn from beneath you, starting with Core and going up. Then you learn the connection through your feet and connecting with the plants and everything else on the Surface. Then you carry on going up. You learn the connection between what is on the surface and what is above you. The Skys, the Moons, the Planets…. And then you carry on with the Galaxy, the Universe, the Dimensions and the Multidimensions.

Then you learn from the Elders. The Elders are the “Originals”. Their consciousness reincarnates on the planet. Some members were chosen before they reborn to incarnate into the Elders so that the Knowledge is never lost.

The Elders is where you start learning about the Stars and Planets because they have travelled. They travel in what you would perceive as a ship. However, the ship is actually an aspect of their energy field that they create with their minds. Only a few travel together because you need to reach a certain level of consciousness and knowledge before you can achieve interstellar travel."

It was explained that the Elders held their consciousness in the 11th Density, his consciousness, comparatively was held in the 7th Density. As beings in the 7th through the 11th Density, their energy field is more connected to their surroundings than a human energy field. It is also much bigger.

Human Beings

Their message to humans was, “To learn everything. Human beings are very curious....it is the curiosity that humans have that will save them.”

They know about human beings. It is part of the story that the Elders teach because the human beings actually have quite a distinct story because…..they are not allowed to share this information at this time. They cannot explain because this understanding is something that the humans must learn by themselves. However, it is the curiosity that humans have that will save them. There are other species like humans that have had a story similar to the humans. This is just the beginning of the human evolution. They are very primitive still.

They explain that the human Ascension process is an evolution and growth of consciousness. Of being aware of the whole. It is going into the knowledge of other realities, other states of being. Human beings think they are the center of the Universe, they do not understand that they are a part of the entire Universe as a whole. The Universe is incredibly vast and they are asked to become aware of the Whole and then embody it. For example, there are many more densities above the 11th density. They (the Elders) know of 18.

As we left this life and thanked the the Beings that resided on this planet for the information that they were sharing, they requested that my Client and all Humanity to allow ourselves to exist in a state of joy and have fun with life.

Speaking with the Higherself

[This is an excerpt of the discussion with the Higherself as we touched upon many subjects]

Why did you show the Client his life as an amphibian on the 11th Density planet?

HS: "To expand his perceptions."

Who is the “teacher” in Client’s dreams?

HS: "That is me (Higherself), I am the Teacher."

Where did the Client incarnate before Earth?

HS: "Erra, located in the Pleiades. It was a 5th density lifetime. The process of decreasing a soul’s frequency in the incarnation process required that he have an incarnation at this frequency to calibrate before coming to Earth. His life in the Pleiades was not a full life, it was very short because it was just a “step”."

[ Again, I can validate this information as I have seen this process in every soul journey reading I have ever done].

Why did you choose to incarnate on Earth?

HS: "Because Earth needed help."

Has the client ever incarnated as an Angelic?

HS: "It depends on what you call “Angelic." Galactic is galactic. Angelic is a part of consciousness. Angelic is a creation of your current consciousness. Depending on the individual, you all see Angelic differently. It is an aspect of you."

Embracing the Process of Self-Healing

The Client states that he feels ill when he takes his medication. Can you explain this?

HS: "Healing is a process. The Client has two timelines. One, is to learn to accept his current state or the other is to make the choice to stop [taking his medicine]."

If the Client chooses to stop taking his medication, what happens on that timeline?

HS: "There is not just one answer."

Can the Galactic Federation come and heal the illness?

HS: "Yes, but they won’t, it is not the timing/timeline. Not even if the Client asked them to. It is not the right time. There is still a process of evolution that needs to be experienced."

Why did the Client contract to experience his illness?

HS: "To learn to understand the sickness and to learn how to heal from it."

What does the client need to understand to learn how to heal from it?

HS: "It is genetic. There is genetic knowledge about the enzyme of the illness, something that has been hidden. It is curable. The client can heal himself. There is a process of evolution and understanding that needs to occur before the Client may heal himself. It is all in good time. To begin the self-healing process he must believe in his healing."

Is the medicine damaging his liver?

HS: "Yes."

Does client need to raise his frequency to be able to self-heal?

HS: "Well, sort of, one goes with the other. By raising your frequency, your healing is easier/quicker. When you allow yourself to heal and this requires introspection, balancing and integration of discord, your frequency is higher."

How long will it take the client to heal himself should he make that choice?

HS: "That is also a process. There is no precise time."

Do you have advice for Client on what is the best path for him to begin his healing?

HS: "To start healing himself with the medication and then without. He begins healing with the medication so that he is able to FEEL the feeling of what it is like to be healthy. When he FEELS he is healthy, then he KNOWS he is healthy, the body BECOMES healthy. When the Client has reached the state of BEING healthy, he will no longer require the drugs."

[As an aside, I can personally relate to this process as this is exactly how my rheumatoid arthritis went into remission. I began my process of healing with allopathic drugs. Every day that I did not have pain I became stronger, happier, more hopeful. Until one day it was clear to both myself and the doctors that I was in remission. I remain in remission to this today 11 years later. Every day that I go out for a run, I feel strong, healthy, happy, joyful, elated. This is how we heal ourselves. It takes one day at a time, one positive step at a time, loving and supporting yourself.]

If Client request synchronicities that he is on the right path and is following your guidance, will you send them to him?

HS: "Of course."

Accessing Forgotten Memories

Client struggles to remember many aspects of his childhood. He knows he has them, however he cannot access them. What can you tell him about these missing memories?

HS: "These are “stored” memories. They are memories “stored” from early childhood. They have been stored so that there would be no confusion."

Interestingly, when Client and I felt around to find the memories prior to the session, we could feel static around them, so I asked about the static.

HS: I created the static.

Why did you create the static?

HS: "Because Client did not want to remember."

Is it important for Client to remember?

HS: "Only when he decides."

How do the memories relate to his current life?

HS: "The stored memories are mostly happy memories. The memories were stored by Client because it was easier for him instead of dealing with the trauma of the death of his brother (this occurred when Client was 15). There was no other trauma in Client’s life. Trauma is a big word, Client did not have trauma in his childhood."

Is it important for Client to remember and release these memories from storage?

HS: "In some ways it is important to realign as a whole. It is helpful for purposes of energetic alignment and to obtain oneness. Humans have numerous micro-traumas during which they choose to “store” memories. These create small fragments of self that are kept separate from the energetic whole until they are ready to be reintegrated. When Client chooses to remember in alignment with his heart and mind, his intention, the memories will be released for him to remember and integrate. It is a very simple process."

I hope you have enjoyed the information shared in this session as much as I did.

Many Blessings,


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