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Sometimes Crystals Require Healing Too

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

A beautiful orange carnelian crystal was delivered the other day. When I called upon it to work with me it showed me a story. Until it was healed, it could not step into its highest potential and could not work with me to heal others.

If you’re reading this then you’re one of those people who just loves your crystals & stones. I have been collecting bits and pieces since I can remember and now have a menagerie of crystals, rocks, stones and some small boulders that I hold dear to my heart.

We all have a different affinity for them, but they always instill us with joy and wonder as we gaze upon their beauty.

As I have journeyed deeper into my healing, the more intimate my relationship with them becomes. I engage them as sovereign beings expressing their own unique soul template and energetics. I ask that they work with me expressing their highest potential in alignment with Source and my healing.

Before a healing session I always connect with my client's Higherself and I have them direct me as to the crystals that I need to use for them. Every client has a different grid and the nuances to each are so beautiful.

After each healing session I am also required to clear all of the crystals. Each crystal serves a different function, sometimes to amplify certain frequencies, others to ground, and still others to aide in absorbing that which is released from the client. The Higherself orchestrates these relationships to perfection.

I typically clear my crystals and stones with sound using the 4096 hz tuning fork. With stones that are not crystalline in structure sometimes I am directed to clear them with OM or Earth frequencies.

My learning process has been organic, and what I have found can also occur, is that some crystals, when combined with certain healing processes, potentially result in having portals created within them during the session. As with anything, some portals are good, and some are, well let's just say, less desirable.

For purposes of energetic hygiene, we always need to be mindful to check for any portals that may have been created as a result of the session and to close them down. The crystal(s) then need to be reprogramed back into alignment with the love & light, light & love of Source energy prior to the next healing session.

Now, I have also had another situation occur. Recently, and especially with Covid, I have been ordering crystals online. When this happens, I haven’t been given the opportunity to “feel” the energy of the crystal. Instead, I typically get some sort of surprise!!!

The other day I received a deep orange carnelian stone in the mail. I cleared it as I always do with the 4096 hz tuning fork. When I went to confirm that it was clear and ready for use, I found that it was not. I was surprised because I had just cleared for any and all negative energetic frequencies and closed any portals. So, I reasonably thought, “job done.”

When I went to look deeper I heard the word “shaman” and then I was shown a scene. After asking various questions and seeking further clarification, the story unfolds something like this: About 130,000 years ago a starseed consciousness existing in a human body performed a shamanistic ritual to trap a soul fragment of a Nephilim in the stone.

Just for reference, when Nephilim energy is brought forward during healing sessions there is always a very strong connection to the Earth, the elements and the elemental beings.

Interestingly, the energy trapped in the stone also had quite a low frequency overlay…. I would refer this type of energy signature as “dark”. What was even more interesting, was that the “dark” overlay was not from the Nephilim, but from the Shaman.

Obviously, I’m interpreting energy signatures, which is not a science, but clearly two beings with two very different energies were at odds and the result was that both had left behind low frequency energetic residues that had remained trapped within the stone for eons.

When I asked the carnelian to work with me during my healing sessions, it could not. The energetic residues of the "soul fragment" (a really little one) and the Shaman's negative emotions (I picked up hate/jealousy) created such a strong dissonance in the stone's energetic frequency that it interfered with its ability to function at the higher frequencies needed for healing. My request for it to work with me at it's highest potential in alignment with its Source template had triggered the carnelian stone to call out for healing.

Similar to each of us as humans, the carnelian was required to heal itself in order to raise its vibration and step into a higher potential.

And so, I connected and began the healing. I was surprised at how intricate the session was. The soul fragment was released and sent to Source to heal, the lower frequencies of the negative emotions were removed, the energetic coding for its higher frequency templates were brought forward and integrated, and then Source energy in varying hues came forth to make the carnelian energetically whole.

While slightly shocked that I had just performed a healing on a crystal, I am grateful for the experience and for my expanded understanding in how they work with us.

I hope this write-up has been helpful. I see so many people working with crystals and creating crystal grids. As our collective frequencies continue to rise, each of us will be called to work at higher levels of consciousness and with a new set standards.

Let’s grow together.

Many Blessings,




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