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What the December 21st 2020 Winter Solstice Energies Mean for You Today and in the Decades to Come

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Wishing you all many blessings borne on the winds of the Winter Solstice energies. This solstice was so much more than any other solstice in recent history. As an energetic portal, the December 21st solstice was only the beginning and a harbinger of much more to come.

This event aligns with the completion of a cycle within the Mayan calendar and marks the beginning of a collective of energetic influences that we have referred to more generally as the “Age of Aquarius.” We are collectively being called to anchor in the higher frequency energies of the Aquarian age.

As individuals, in order to anchor these higher frequency energies, we must go within to release density so as to hold a greater quantum of light and higher levels of consciousness. With the energetic influences of the solstice, this means that each and every one of us will be faced with the necessary shadow work, the healing of our inner child and the integration of our light and our dark to obtain balance and alignment. These portal energies are, in a sense, an opportunity for initiation into the higher frequencies.

As a society, a collective consciousness, we will be called on to experience and navigate the deconstruction of the old and creation of the new. It will not happen overnight, but rather with continued due diligence of each individual for the greater good over time.


The energetic transits have been building throughout the 2020 year with the recent eclipses of November 30th and December 14th holding space for the powerful portal created by the solstice conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.

On a macroscopic level the nuances of these Aquarian influences bring forth the reset and energetic upgrade of our planet, our civilization and our human bodies. The December 21st solstice, in particular, was a powerful portal that brought forth the energies that allow and support the upgrade of our planetary and human DNA/energetic coding so that we may ground and embody higher frequency consciousness and frequencies.

When Jupiter entered Aquarius conjunct with Saturn on December 21st the energy signatures are ones that call for an expansion of the soul, a new way of looking at things, sustainable living, altruism, service to others, innovation, connecting within, activating inner technologies (e.g., higher sensory perception, building and activating the merkaba, healing your “energetic angelic wings”, etc.), perceiving reality from a broader perspective, multidimensional perspectives and connecting to galactic consciousness. These influences create the foundation for the idealism of the Aquarian Age.

The question is, how do we get to the Aquarian Age? It did not just appear when we woke up the next morning. The world on a 3D level, was effectively the same?

The answer is that we must build it, we must create it.

This is the time when the Master Builders, the architects of our multidimensional reality have incarnated within many of us to guide, direct and support these great changes. This is the time when Solar, Galactic and Universal energies are aligning to support our shift in consciousness individually and as a collective. The Universe has our backs, but as we have been blessed with freewill, it is we as individuals and as a collective consciousness, that will need to choose to take the steps and do the work required to create this new reality. That day is now and for the next few decades.


Many have noticed that the last year had been a bit of an anomaly. There has been great change brought about by a year of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto transiting through Capricorn. What does this mean? These energies have been supporting and ushering in the change and deconstruction of the old. These energies will continue and escalate when the Sun and Mercury also enter Capricorn on the 21st of December. With the Sun and Mercury also entering Capricorn this further reinforces the necessity to deconstruct the old paradigms which are no longer in alignment with the exalted Aquarian energies thereby creating the opportunity to rebuild a new. The Sun brings forth these energies front, right and center, but also represents the collective will and inner knowing to bring forth the changes. Mercury brings with it the energy of the mind, so that the changes that are made are thoughtful in that they are considered and weighed for the benefit of the greater good.


In addition, with the Moon and Neptune in Pisces during the solstice there is energetic support for unity and oneness. There is an undertone of coming together and making these changes with an emotional intensity that is held in our hearts.

As the years pass, we will not only anchor the Aquarian energies but we will also learn to navigate a societal evolution into a higher consciousness state of mind. We will then begin to ground and resonate as a collective consciousness within these Aquarian energies (4D & 5D). Astrologers suggest this occurring around the 2060’s, I have been shown it as soon as the 2050’s. Regardless, as these future dates approach greater and greater numbers will be anchoring and resonating within the higher frequency energies and holding the consciousness associated with those energies. It is a journey we all have the choice to take.


The new energies that we are being called to anchor in are supporting humanity’s collective move, for those who choose, from 3rd to 4th density. There are wayshowers and lightworkers who are also being called to anchor in the 5th and higher densities. Regardless of where one is on their journey, the experience is more gentle when navigated with surrender and flow. This is the beginning of becoming a 5D society.

For individuals who are currently grounded in the 3D frequencies and working towards anchoring 4D, you will be asked to journey through the “dark night of the soul”. With the current higher frequency influences supporting quicker manifestation, this means that it will become more and more difficult to ignore or avoid the inner work which is required.

Clearing the energies associated with the experience we call “the dark night of the soul” requires the individual to heal the lower frequency vibrations/distortions/beliefs/ and/or emotions associated with traumas that are carried in the first energetic harmonic triad consisting of the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras. This could, on some level be related to as “inner child” work, the majority of which requires healing traumas which arose from experiences occurring on Earth. Due to dispensations, we are not required to heal or clear 100% within the first energetic harmonic triad before we are then able to anchor in the next level of energetic harmonics, but certainly a significant portion.

Sit and take a minute to reflect on your experiences the last year and more poignantly, the last month. Have you been triggered more than usual? Have there been abrupt changes in your living circumstances or your perception of your life circumstances? What are the emotions that you have been feeling which keep resurfacing? Be mindful of all of the emotions that you have been feeling. That is where you are being called to begin your healing. To face your fears and heal your traumas.


The easiest way to begin dropping density and healing yourself, is to surrender and trust. Do not resist it, do not run, but rather sit with it. Call it to you if it is not showing itself. Allow yourself to be in flow. Consciously begin bringing your thoughts and emotions into alignment. Review and evaluate where your thoughts and beliefs are held in contradiction. That is where you will not be in alignment and that is where your journey will begin.

Review your beliefs of what it means to be masculine or feminine. Review and reflect on how you hold both of these energies. To be in balance, as with everything, you must hold both. Evaluate the degree to which you manifest both the exalted positive expressions or negative expressions of each archetype. Then begin working on finding balance and standing within a position of power of both of these energetic archetypes simultaneously.

The energies brought forth with the December 21st solstice are powerful. To navigate them with grace requires surrender, trust, flow and release. Accordingly, resistance will be met with complimentary resistance. You will attract the energetic frequency signatures which you carry in your energy field much more quickly. For some that will mean that they are pushed to their limits, a breaking point, before they are ready to recognize that which requires healing.

Bring your dark into the light. Hold space to allow yourself to heal. Many are clearing daily right now. For some, this clearing is manifesting as physical discomfort. Allow yourself to let go of all that no longer serves you.

In this way, we as individuals are being called upon to take on the responsibility of deconstructing ourselves and releasing that which no longer serves us, only to rebuild ourselves holding the higher frequency consciousness of 4D, 5D and possibly higher for some individuals.

As individuals begin clearing and healing the second harmonic triad consisting of the Heart, Throat and Third Eye chakras, experientially, there is still much overlap with the clearing of the lower chakras. At this point, however, individuals will be moving towards anchoring 4D energetics. Individuals are being called upon to be more heart centered in their actions. They will begin developing extrasensory perceptions, if they have not already. They will be called upon to begin navigating the more subtle nuances of the higher frequency energies which we relate to as various types of spirit, angelic, galactic and group consciousnesses.

It is when we are working on refining our vibration in the second harmonic triad that discernment is of utmost importance. This is the time to make your connection to your Higherself. This is the time to navigate your truth. To know and understand your soul journey and heal the ancient wounds that you have carried with you unknowingly.

Often people will have “scary” experiences. They will “see” energies in the room. Some will be heavenly and others will be disconcerting. Please understand that once again, what you are calling to you, is a reflection of who you are in that moment. You are carrying that frequency to attract it. Knowing this, if an experience causes you discomfort, understand that it is a reflection of you and is presenting itself so that you may heal yourself. This experience is a gift.

Call the energy to you and engage it. Your fear only allows it to become bigger than it is, and yet, you have nothing to fear because it is only you. Ask it to show you what you need to understand about yourself. In this way, you will allow yourself to release further density.

Allow this release which will occur holographically across time and space, throughout all densities of your various levels of consciousness.


The solstice of December 21st was a moment in time for many of us when there was the least amount of light. It is representative that we are being asked to shine our own light.

To anchor in these new energies, we are being asked to step into alignment and balance. When done with surrender, flow, grace and trust, the process will be more gentle and allow you to move through these times of change with less diversity.

We are being called at this time, to not only be the light, but to also harbor and midwife into existence this new level of consciousness and societal way of being. This is a great responsibility. We are standing on the precipice of a new reality that we create together, in unity, as one, should we choose.

Be the Light.

Many Blessings,


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