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Energetic Sovereignty & Co-Creative Manifestation of our Realities

Join Jade D’Cruz from @Londonthetahealer (IG) and myself as we discuss the topic of Energetic Sovereignty and our co-creative abilities to manifest our realities by working within our energy fields and what this means from a quantum perspective. These concepts interplay with your 3D reality and how you are interacting with the people in your life, but the perspective also impacts your quantum field and how you relate to other energies and read them.

Jade: I know I am definitely very interested in this topic because I always talk about being in your power. When I met you Jane, you always spoke about energetic sovereignty. I asked the question, what does that mean? Obviously, we are sovereign beings and energy. With Energetic sovereignty, I wanted to delve deeper into what it really means and how we can embody and use it in terms of our power as divine beings.

So, what is energetic sovereignty exactly?


Jane: What I would say is that it is a topic we could talk for hours about. When we look at it from a broader perspective, the human energy field is quantum and it’s quite expansive. It has 12 layers as represented to me. Each layer represents a different layer of consciousness. So, what that means is that your consciousness isn’t just about you as a human walking down the street or your auric field which extends a number of feet or meters. It is more about your consciousness and how you are relating to the different frequencies.

You could use the metaphor that your consciousness expands to include you as a human, you as a part of the planet, the solar system, part of the galaxy, other galaxies, part of the cosmic consciousness, the cosmic fabric, and then back into Source. As humans, we are expressions of Source consciousness. We hold Source energy…that is how we are able to co-create by working directly with energy through our consciousness.

You command your energy field though time and space, through your thoughts and your emotions. Most humans haven’t been taught to be aware of their energy field, to be aware of their quantum abilities, their quantum identities. Many people do not realise the expansiveness of their Soul, their Soul journeys, and that each and every one of you ARE a quantum consciousness that chose to have a human incarnation.

When I say your “quantum consciousness”, I mean the equivalent of your Soul Identity or the energetics of your Soul lineage, depending on the frequency that you are relating to.

Because human beings haven’t been taught to think of themselves as a quantum consciousness with a 12D energy matrix to work with, I often find in my energy healing work that the average human energy field if full of holes and overly heavy with dense energetics, a significant percentage of which is not even representative of the individual’s soul identity or energy.

There is a lot of density in the human energy field because humans have not been taught how to take responsibility for their energetic sovereignty and how to command their own energy field. They do not realise that they can.

As a result of this, humans will have extensive multidimensional interference or “bleeding” through into their current life. I refer to this occurrence as having “low frequency” portals open and interconnected with other realities. Effectively, this results in energetic signatures from multidimensional lifetimes coming through.

So, when we talk about energetic sovereignty it’s about starting to become aware that you are a multidimensional being and that you have to set your boundaries. The only person who can set your boundaries is, YOU. Nobody can do it for you because your energy field is a direct expression of all that you are.

That then takes us into the discussion of protection vs. standing in your power, like you mentioned. Energetic Sovereignty isn’t about needing protection. It is about knowing your energy vs. other people’s or consciousness’ energy and being able to set the boundaries at the appropriate frequencies. It is like having a conversation with someone and saying, “thank you very much, we’re done. “ You walk your way, they walk theirs.

In a quantum reality, this paradigm is somewhat more subtle. Humans just need to be given the tools and understanding to navigate this aspect of their consciousness.


Jade: This sounds mammoth. How do we start? It is quite a big thing. One aspect is to be grounded. I’m thinking about Russian dolls with all of these layers and the smallest one in the middle. It can often be difficult for people, in general, to realise that often in just normal exchanges, we are giving our energy away sometimes without even realizing it. Not bringing in aligned energy, other people’s influences, collective consciousness, and all of that. There are so many layers. I would think one would need to be pretty grounded within to begin the process of energetic sovereignty?

Jane: I think that is a good point. That is why I recommend for individuals to connect to their Higherself and IAM consciousnesses because they are you at the higher frequencies. They are always there and they are always a part of you. You cannot be separated from your Higherself or your IAM. Only you can separate yourself from your higher frequency soul aspects.

I recommend to individuals to begin connecting to their Higherself/IAM because that will set the baseline for what their energy is. The Higherself resides at, metaphorically, the 9th layer of the energy field. The IAM is typically at the 12th layer. If you are identifying with the frequencies of your IAM, you are starting to understand yourself from a much broader perspective.

Like you said, there is practical grounding of your energy field into Mother Earth. Then there the practical aspect of grounding your identity into who you are within your 12D avatar energy matrix.

The next step is that the human being, to have access to these higher frequencies, it is not difficult, because they are already a part of you. The challenge is that the human actually has to ALLOW themselves to perceive themselves as that consciousness. As the higher frequency consciousness. Perceiving themselves as already a part of it.

From this perspective, when you perceive yourself as the HIgherself/IAM looking down into the lower frequencies, you do not allow the separation from Self beliefs to exist. You begin to deconstruct your separation from Self beliefs. This is when you are empowered to set your boundaries.

I often tell people think of yourself as the Higherself, as your IAM. You are interconnected to Source. The vast majority of humans also have a cosmic consciousness which resides outside the 12D matrix, and it is the 12D matrix that we are experiencing. I explain that these are the frequencies of Self that each individual should allow themselves to connect to. Then start setting your boundaries from this perspective. The perspective of YOU as the Higherself, the IAM, the Cosmic Consciousness, because then YOU are genuinely interacting with the 12th layer/12th DNA strand and below. It may not be 100% interface, because the individual has lessons to learn, consciousness paradigms to expand into and a greater degree of integration is required. We all do. However, this is how you begin to identity with yourself as a larger body of consciousness. This is your Soul identity.

Because what one must realise is that energy is easily managed and directed through your thoughts and emotions. I always tell people to align their thoughts and emotions. Your thoughts direct the energy. Your creativity creates how the energy will manifest, directs it, etc. Your heart sets the frequency. Your emotions set the frequency. From this perspective whenever anyone is looking to co-create, always align your thoughts and your emotions.

If you are creating from a lower frequency, you will have a less desirable result. You are co-creating your lower frequency timelines. When you co-create from a higher frequency, for example, when you feel happiness, joy, excitement, the world opens up for you because you are creating within the higher frequencies and there is less resistance.


Jade: So, it’s often that people feel and experience very low frequencies. I myself have had many of these experiences myself at different points in my life. If you had said to me at that time in my life to connect to my Higherself. I would have said, “I just can’t get there.” Because low frequencies are so dense. Often without that guidance or knowing, even if we have the intention. Sometimes that little voice inside of us is still so quiet in comparison to all the noise that is sometimes coming in.

I’m just wondering, would setting an intention and being more in presence with oneself, would that be one step towards this state of being and connecting the IAM, for example through mediation, because it’s always connected, it’s not separate? Which I think many people think there is a disconnect or a separation of identity, the human aspect is separate from the Higherself and IAM.

Jane: Yes, they hand their power over to a higher frequency aspect of themselves. This does carry a degree of separation from Self energetics, because they (Higherself/IAM) are already YOU. It is interesting, what I would say is because I do work with clients to connect to these frequencies, know these frequencies, and learn how to hold it….

I will have clients come in….and I call them “separation from Self beliefs,” so, that density that you are talking about, which exists from beliefs such as:

“Am I good enough?”; “I’m not able to”; “I’ve held so much trauma; “I’m not worthy”; “I feel so much sorrow”; “I suffer from oppressive depression,” etc., etc., etc.

That is absolutely fine, for those energy signatures to be in your energy field. Because, the second you open up your heart and say, “Higherself, IAM come through and connect with me.” You may not hear them and have a chat over coffee with them, but they are there. They are with you. They respond instantaneously. For someone who is trained, they will feel the energetic shift and be able to translate what your Higherself/IAM is saying.

I’ll give you an example. I had two clients yesterday who were struggling to make the connection to their Higherself/IAM. Remember, a practitioner cannot connect you to your Higherself/IAM. That is something you must do from within YOU. A practitioner can guide you and support you, but ultimately, it’s your frequency, it’s your heart, it is your thoughts, it’s your energy field, it’s your consciousness. You are your own co-creator.

They both had different separation from Self beliefs from different perspectives and they were both becoming frustrated. As they are becoming frustrated, what is important is to be able to navigate and understand what beliefs they are holding that keep them separate from these aspects of Self (the Higherself/IAM). For example, “My Higherself doesn’t listen to me,” “My Higherself isn’t there”, “my IAM isn’t there”, “I go to my angels or my guides, not my Higherself/IAM”, “I’ve never heard them”, “they never guide me, if they did why would my life be like this?”

There is a strong feeling of being forsaken/abandoned. When an individual feels these feelings, they automatically cut themselves off from their Higherself/IAM energetically. The individual, at these frequencies and with these thoughts, has aligned their thoughts and emotions to create an energetic barrier that separates themselves (human identity) from their Higherself/IAM states of consciousness.

Remember, anything that has been done, can be undone, instantaneously. Know that.

With one client, I am asking my Higherself/IAM to provide me with information to help her navigate the energetic barriers she has created. I have to go to my Higherself/IAM because her Higherself/IAM has not been allowed to step forward and speak. Why can they not step forward? Because the client hasn’t empowered herself to have the ability to tell them to come forward. This is how separated from Self and from Source she was.

It wasn’t them abandoning her, it was her separating herself from them.

So, she finally got to the point where she sat there in frustration and despair, and she thought, “God, bring them through, help me communicate with my Higherself/IAM.”

The absolute second she made this heartfelt appeal in her mind (i.e., aligning her thoughts and emotions), her Higherself/IAM stepped forward in a powerful stream of energetic consciousness and began speaking through me. What was even more beautiful and powerful, was that she felt their presence. She felt her entire energetic field shift and become lighter. From that point on, we had a fluid conversation with her Higherself/IAM where they answered her questions and provided her with guidance.

All she did was open up her heart and trust completely in God/Source. In that moment, she let down the energetic barriers she had created with her beliefs. “Ask and you shall receive” energetically from the higher frequencies. It is so literal. Your higher frequency soul aspects and consciousness cannot wait to connect with each and every one of you. You just need to open up your heart and your mind to allow the connection and integration.

It astounds me. When they say “ask and you shall receive.” It is literal energetically. I have never experienced such an amazing phenomenon, because it is so true. The magic of energy and working with your Higherself/IAM. All of the information that comes through, all the guidance and love that these aspects of Self provide the individual.

Humans just need to open up their hearts a little bit more to know that there is so much more to each and every one of US.


Jade: I think the thing is that most people don’t realize how powerful they really are. They are in a mesh of creating and not realizing it is them. Therefore, when there is something they want and they have created a mesh of energy that they don’t want, it’s like they think, how do I have the power to bring something in, to co-create the reality I hope and dream for, when my life is like this? When their lives are so heavy and they don’t realize that is all of their power and that is where they have directed their energy, their consciousness.

It's like you say. It’s vibration, and it’s subtle, but actually, you create from all of those vibrations.

Interesting about what you say about the heart because there is that place called HeartMath Institute that teaches about alignment of the heart and mind to actually co-create and work congruently to empower yourself.

Jane: What that means really, “alignment of thoughts and emotions.” Is where do you have conflicting beliefs that you are holding. When we are out of alignment it is because we are holding polarity within ourselves. When we are having difficulty creating, we have to look at what are the beliefs we are holding that are creating resistance within ourselves. What do we not truly believe we are capable of?


Using a simplistic example, let’s say there is a young man and he really wants a Porsche. He really really wants that Porsche and he’s going to grow up one day and have that Porsche. That’s great. However, in his mindset, he feels he’s not good enough, not bright enough, he will never have the job he needs to pay for the Porsche, there are always other responsibilities, I can’t have that, I don’t deserve that… Any one of those beliefs creates resistance within the energy field from being able to obtain the Porsche.

I realise this is a simplistic example, but this is how energy really works. Any one of those beliefs has an energy signature, and they manifest instantaneously within the energy field. This is how we learn how to take responsibility within our energy field to become conscious co-creators by learning how to manage the frequency we create at without self-imposed resistance.

Jade: This is why it always comes back to taking ownership of your energy, doesn’t it?

Jane: Exactly!

Jade: It comes back to value. Are you valuing yourself enough to realize your own power?


Jane: What I think can be helpful is to have more tangible examples as to how quickly we, as humans, manifest within our energy fields.

I had a client come in for a quantum energy healing session and their entire pranic tube, all of their energy vortices (chakras), were congested, blocked, etc. So, we did the energy healing session. Two weeks later we check her energy field, and for her frequency, her chakras were now open, the energy was flowing, everything was great. I was so proud of her because she had done the work to allow full integration of the work we had done. So, I was like “This is great! Look how far you have come! This is awesome!”

We then had another energy healing session 3 weeks after I had checked her energy field. This time, when I see her, I see a box around the heart and the key thrown out. I was literally shown a box around the heart. In addition, there were distortions running throughout her energy field as a result of the energetic block (the box) around the heart.

So, when she came, I said, “what has happened in the last 2-3 weeks that has created this blockage and congestion in your heart space?” My client laughed a bit and said, “Someone took advantage of me. They hurt me, and in that moment, I decided, ‘never again.’ So, I created (imagined) a box around my heart and threw away the key so no one could ever take advantage or hurt me again.”

I explained that I understood how she felt, but I told her that she had literally created a box around her heart. She was wreaking havoc in her energy field from the blockage she had created, and that she was doing more harm to herself as a result of her experience and her response to it. Is it worth it to keep these distortions in your energy field?

She understood what had happened, and because anything that has been done can be undone instantaneously when you stand in your power, we were able to clear her energy field then and there. We restored the flow of her energy field back to how it was meant to be and alchemized the density of the blockages and the congestion.

Energy is very creative and malleable when one empowers themselves.

This is how powerful we are and humans simple do not realize it.

I’ll give you another example.

I was talking to a client who was going through a contentious divorce and experiencing a child custody battle. The divorce negotiations had been taking place for a number of years, and was unpleasant by anyone’s standards. The client, when they talked about their Ex, the communication style, the emotions, were so negative their energy field would instantaneously shift and become toxic, heavy and nauseous. The individual, had no realization of how low the frequency was of her mental and emotional response to the divorce and her Ex. She wondered why she was always tired, depressed, had foggy thought processes, anxiety, etc. This individual going through the emotional trauma of the situation, her perspective of it, of her “opponent”, the Ex, was creating so much damage and density in her energy field. This density was manifesting in a detrimental manner to both her mental and physical well-being.

Jade: So, the opposite way to behave is then to send love, isn’t it? If someone hurts you or does something which knocks you off balance, would the right thing to do be to just send love? Is that what we need to aim to be, is to hold ourselves in that pure love consciousness, in a way to transmute, dissolve the negativity that might be created?

Jane: I think that’s true, but you have to believe that you are genuinely sending them love.

Jade: Of course.

Jane: What people need to do then is, because people are talking about holding 5D consciousness and up. And by the way, everyone can go higher than 5D. You are all capable of reaching frequencies higher than 5D.

People need to allow their emotions, they have to go through the process of what they are experiencing, and they have to allow themselves to be human. The responsibility comes in understanding how your emotions are affecting your energy field. And when you hold those emotions and you embed them into your energy field and you do not deconstruct them….if you don’t deconstruct them, they will sit in your energy field until you become aware of them and until you heal the thought forms and emotions which created the density and which hold them within your energy field until released. Until the dense or lower frequency beliefs are released, they will continue to attract the experiences you need to realize what you are co-creating. Your energy field attracts the experiences at a similar frequency, like a mirror, until you deconstruct the thought form, emotion or belief and replace it with a higher frequency thought, emotion or belief that is more in alignment with the Higherself/IAM state of consciousness.

There are a lot of humans who are stepping up in frequency and falling back. Their frequencies are repeatedly going up and down depending on the thought forms and emotions they are experiencing. This is okay, because it is part of the learning process on how to take responsibility for the frequency of your energy field. What I would say is that the goal is to hold the frequency of the 5D heart space, recognizing, that learning how to do that is a process.

People need to be able to forgive themselves and allow themselves to learn how to master their energy fields.

Jade: Like you say, it’s a process. Keep trying and love yourself doing it. There is some magic in that as well, in that one day you realize you are there (5D).

Jane: Yes, and to remember that the people who hurt you, they have their own traumas. In a sense, one needs to respect them for the traumas that they are holding. Your job is your energy field. Your job is clearing it, healing it, raising your frequency, being honest with yourself. To forgive those who have hurt you, sending them love, and letting them go, understanding that they are seeing the world through their own wounds. They are out of alignment to behave in that manner. That is their journey that they must take.

One must understand that whatever frequency you are holding, you attract and manifest in your reality. So, know that if they are hurting you, they are hurting others and they are hurting themselves.

This where the compassion of 5D is important.

Jade: Yes, and in recognizing that, this is when one starts to engage with their powers. This is when a person realizes, “Right, this is not what I want to attract and bring into my life. Let me work on what is going on in myself, so that I can then reveal different manifestations which shows me in a more empowered situation.” It’s all lessons of energetic sovereignty really and taking back that power and learning how to use it. It’s all an evolution, but in terms of aligning with that piece of you that is so much more able to create peace and love in your own life.

Jane: Yes, I agree, and what I would say is about the concept of energetic sovereignty is that it is actually very important for taking some of the first steps because most humans haven’t learned how to set their energetic boundaries because they perceive themselves only as human rather than as a quantum consciousness that we call a Soul.

Jade: it’s the fear, isn’t. They still hold the fear?

Jane: Well, it’s the fear but also when you only perceive yourself as only holding consciousness through to 4D or 5D, then those are the energetics that you are working with. If instead, you are able to expand your perception of self to 12D, that then expands the vastness of the frequencies and energy signatures within your own energy field that you are working with. When you expand your perception of Self, the playground is a much larger space. Your energetic identity is much larger.

So, when you are working within this expanded quantum of frequencies, which exists regardless of whether the individual is Self-aware, and they do not set their energetic boundaries, ….. I unfortunately see the vast majority of human energy systems that are far too porous and occasionally, are also energetic super-highways.


There are a lot of energies that are not sovereign to the individual Soul’s divinity that choose to hang-out and attach into a person’s energy field when they do not set their boundaries. The energies will choose to attach and have “this experience” for a while. There are other energies that attached to a human’s energy field for the sole purpose of holding their frequency down in the lower vibrations so that they never “wake-up”. There are some energies that also attach to a human energy field just to observe. I have seen portals in the human energy field that are genuinely multidimensional super-highways. These people have little to no control over their frequency. They often experience volatile emotions that they do not understand and are often exhausted because they are also leaking energy.

From this perspective, there are a few quick wins for human beings when it comes to their energy field, their frequency and their ascension journey, because when they choose to become more self-aware, and set their boundaries, they begin to take responsibly and begin clearing their energy fields of energies that aren’t theirs. The individual’s energy field will then immediately begin to become lighter.

From this point, the individual then begins to understand and know their own energy. From this point then, when an individual is experiencing a trauma, they realize it is their own wound. They know their energy from “others” energy both from a 3D perspective and a multidimensional perspective. The individual can now begin their inner work, their healing.

If an individual can clear their energy field of everything that isn’t theirs, that is half the job done with most humans. Then the individual can begin their own work. “Why am I experiencing this?” When they are communicating with their Higherselves/IAM you can then ask, “Is what I am feeling and experiencing one of my own wounds?”


“Is this a collective consciousness wound?” Many humans have energetic agreements, coding, templates, sacred geometries at different levels to reflect collective consciousness wounds that they have agreed to clear, ideally in their current lifetime. These collective consciousness wounds can be from more areas than just Earth.

So, one can see that clearing and healing the human energy field, bringing it back into alignment can be quite expansive.

Jade: Yes, that is so true! I was just thinking it would be really great if we covered this topic, the concept of our consciousness and what it means from 5D to 12D, in the next Consciousness Talk session.

Jade & Jane: Thank you everyone for joining us for this talk. If you have any questions, send them over to us. We look forward to seeing you again in the future.

I hope this information has been helpful.

Many Blessings,


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