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The Role of the Higherself, Freewill and Self-Responsibility in the Healing Process

The journey of healing is a process. Every individual’s health is reflective of their state of mind because every ailment that occurs within the human body is a reflection of the thoughts and emotions of the individual over time.

Your physical body is defined by your energy field, and your energy field is defined by your thoughts and emotions. Because your energy field is multidimensional, it also holds the energetic signatures and connections to all of your other lives throughout the densities. This is why multidimensional healing is so important during the ascension process.

"When YOU are in command of your energy field, YOU happen to the world, instead of the world happening to YOU.

Energy is Neutral Until Imprinted

Working with your own energy field is not that complicated. It can be taught to anyone and everyone, as it will be one day. Understand, energy in and of itself, is neutral. It is not good and it is not bad. Energy is imprinted, directed and controlled when your thoughts and emotions are in alignment. It is that simple, because your energy field is just that….pure energy. There is absolutely no mystery to this process.

Further, energy can always be transmuted and recreated. What has been done can always be undone. In fact, when you are practiced, it can be undone instantaneously. How? Through your own thoughts and emotions.

The real issue, is that humans do not realize the power of their thoughts and emotions, and they do not fully realize what it means to be a multidimensional being. Therefore, they do not realize how powerful they are.

A Box Around My Heart

I’ll give you an example. I had a client come to me with an energy field that reflected considerable congestion and blockages. She had been on her own journey, and had already done quite a bit of inner work by the time she was directed to me. She had a basic understanding of how to work with her emotions, thoughts and beliefs and their impact on her energy field. Also, because of her own work, the blockages and congestion were not as deeply embedded. You could say, she was ready to release and clear the residual energies that had not been addressed by her own work and moved forward to the next level.

We did the energy healing session and after two weeks of integrating the healing I checked her energy field again. All of her chakras from her Earth Star to her Cosmic Gateway were open and flowing. I thought, fantastic! What a brilliant session, she has integrated all of the upgrades and work performed that day.

[Please note that expanding your consciousness, raising your frequency, and upgrading your energy matrix through the densities is a multi-tiered process. It does not all happen in one healing session, which is why I refer to it as a journey.]

I then see her 3 weeks after I had checked her energy field. I honestly wondered if she truly required another session so soon, but the session was booked so we proceeded. What I found to my surprise was that there was an etheric box placed around her heart which was creating an energetic blockage and resulting in numerous energetic distortions and areas of congestion throughout her energy field.

I ask her, “What in the world has happened to you since I last spoke with you 3 weeks ago? I have been shown a box around your heart and it is wreaking havoc within your energy field.”

The Client actually laughed with surprise and said, “I can’t believe it! Someone took advantage of me and in anger and I placed a box around my heart to protect myself. I threw away the key so that no one could ever hurt me again.”

In that moment of hurt and pain, as she innocently and unknowing lashed out in an effort to protect herself, in fear, anger and rage, she instantaneously created a powerful energy blockage within her own energy field. These types of blockages are unknowingly created every day by people and can be carried throughout lifetimes until healed and released.

That is how powerful each of you is. You create within your energy field instantaneously with every thought and every emotion.

"Every belief you have has a frequency. From one perspective it suits you in that now moment, from another, it is self-limiting. Make it a regular practice to review your beliefs, those fundamental “truths” that guide you through life, and release them when they are no longer needed. Especially, when they begin to hold you back."

The Importance of Self - Responsibility ~ A Universe Defined by Frequency

Your experience of the Universe is defined by frequency, just as your experiences in life are defined by frequency. In this reflective universe, “LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE.” Every thought and emotion you hold in your energy field, consciously or unconsciously, holds a frequency which you attract to you every moment of every day. This is how you experience your reality. If you think it, if you feel it, you attract it. The frequency of attraction relating to every thought and emotion is far more exacting than you could possibly realize. This phenomenon is often referred to as “Karma.”

As a result, if you are not able to love yourself, then you hold that energetic signature and you will attract others into your life who also will not love you. When you do not know how to love yourself, you allow others to treat you in an unloving manner…Why? Perhaps because you do not feel that you deserve better? Because you are not worthy? And so forth and so on….This cycle is self-destructive. One of the most toxic and destructive energetic signatures I find in people’s energy field, is, believe it or not, a lack of self-love, a lack of self-worth, sometimes even self-loathing. These frequencies anchor some of the darkest light into individuals’ energy fields.

So from my heart to yours, please….Honour yourself, love yourself and if others are not able to love you the way you want or need to be loved, then set boundaries with them or remove them from your life. I have strayed from the purpose of this article, but if this resonates with you, then know that what you leave behind creates an opportunity for something new. Love yourself, love yourself deeply. Honour yourself.

If you feel anger and rage towards others because they hold beliefs that are not like yours, then you will attract and experience anger and rage around you because others hold opposing beliefs. And so it goes…..

These can be excruciating experiences energetically. So, change your frequency and you change your experience. Change your thoughts, adjust your beliefs, understand your emotions, and you will change your experience.

That is why it is so important to live in a state of compassion. To forgive yourself and others. To love yourself for all that you are. To let go of all of the past hurts and pains. To release your trauma, so that you can create your own reality on your own terms. So that you no longer attract that which no longer wish to experience.

This is why it is so important to be mindful of every thought and every emotion you choose to experience because when you are in command of your energy field, YOU happen to the world instead of the world happening to YOU.

This is a process that takes great introspection and self-honesty. Only you can do this for yourself. You may find mentors and antagonists along the way, but ultimately, the journey is yours and your responsibility.

It is for the reasons above, that healing in our current state as humans, is often a process and takes times. Because we need to deconstruct our self-destructive behavioural habits and beliefs to rebuild ourselves in a new light.


From this perspective one may ask, then what is a miracle? A miracle is when an individual requests healing and their hearts and minds align with the belief so completely that they will be healed, that no internal conflict or resistance exists. They surrender to the process and allow. When this happens, they are working hand-in-hand with their Higherselves (knowingly or unknowingly) and have released any relevant resistant beliefs. In this state of being, there is no energetic resistance to healing. And so, the healing is instantaneous.

People will say to me, “but I believe I will heal completely, why haven’t I healed yet?” When I look at their energy field I will see a lack of self-love and a series of other self-sabotaging beliefs or actions that remain to be transmuted. When I speak to them about what I am being shown, they will say to me, “I can’t”, “I have no control,” “I have already tried that,” “that doesn’t work for me,” “I have been programmed by society and can’t change,” “I can’t work that way,” “that doesn’t apply to me,” etc., etc., etc.

Therein lies the beginning of the journey within, whenever they are ready or whenever life becomes too painful. Whichever comes first. Each one of those beliefs creates a form of energetic resistance, and it is for this reason that healing becomes a process.

The Ascension Process and Healing with the Higherself

When an individual is connected to and working with their Higherselves, the energy healing process is quicker and much more powerful. On the ascension journey, your Higherself is your guide and mentor.

The Higherself is YOU. It is the “Big” you. It is YOU from the perspective of the Soul having a human experience rather than a human with a “soul”. The Higherself is actually more like a collective consciousness, but I want whoever reads this to know within the depths of their being that they are so much more than the human they identify with in their current life.

Your Higherself knows everything about you. It resides within a higher frequency and has access to all of the information regarding your past, present and parallel lives on Earth, within the Solar System, within our Galaxy, other Galaxies, this Universe, and potentially other Universes. As an individual expands their consciousness and raises their frequency, the frequency of the Higherself is also raised.

As an example, one day I went to connect to my Higherself. There was no response. I thought that was odd, so I checked my energetic pathways for any blockages. I did a bit of a tidy, but nothing of substance. So, I decided to connect at a higher frequency to ask what was going on. The connection was immediate. What was explained to me was that I had defined my Higherself and identified with my Higherself within a particular definition. As a result of my beliefs, I had limited the possibility of what the Higherself is and the frequency that it can work within. Therefore, I was also limiting myself (I had created an energetic boundary so to speak, and boundaries are a form of limitation). It was time for me to understand a higher level of connection and consciousness that was also a part of me. It took some time to understand what this meant and how to work with it. I learned through experience, but effectively, my “Higherself” received an upgrade, or put another way, I had expanded my consciousness and frequency enough to work at this new level, because your Higherself is YOU and YOU are your HIGHERSELF.

Freewill and Healing

Every human being has been blessed with FREEWILL. You have the freewill to Think, Do, Be, and Create whatever you want. For better or for worse.

When it comes to healing, your Higherself, when you work with it, can deftly navigate your energy field to support instantaneous healing. However, it will NEVER violate your freewill.

No energy residing in the higher frequencies will EVER violate your freewill. Certain consciousnesses simply are not able to violate freewill (consider certain angelic energies). From a higher consciousness perspective, within the higher frequencies, this would be considered a state of being. Remember, in a “reflective universe”, if you violate someone’s freewill, then you carry that energy signature of intent to interfere. When you carry or reflect that energy signature, then you invite external interference into your own reality.

On a very subtle level, a person will often suggest that interference is justified because, “I know better”, “I will save them!!” or “it is for their own good.” Understand, however, that more often than not, the energetic origin of such a thought or emotion is driven by the individual’s ego. Consequently, even though the individual thinks they are being helpful, the energetic signature of the action is not of a high frequency. A refined and evolved soul, will never cross such a threshold, no matter how subtle. I have at times been told by my Higherself, “step back”, “this is not for you” or more bluntly “do not interfere” as I am taught to navigate these subtleties myself.

Because every human has been blessed with freewill. That means your Higherself and all of the higher frequency beings (angelics and dragons included) and/or consciousnesses (Source, etc.), will stand back and allow you to do whatever you want to do, no matter how self-destructive, no matter how dark.

The Power of “Ask and You Shall Receive”

The beauty of “ask and you shall receive” is that in the instant that you turn your attention to Source, God, the angels and/or your Higherself, you have invited them, with all of their beauty and unconditional love to work with you. Simply by acknowledging them, simply by asking, you ALLOW. There are no limitations, ask for healing, ask for guidance, ask for synchronicities, ask them to make your path easier, ask them to guide you to where you need to be, whatever it is that you need in that moment.

Remember, the Higherself and all other higher frequency beings, will never violate your freewill. That means that your Higherself must navigate through every thought, every belief, every emotion and every state of mind that you hold to be true, to create the opportunity for you, to create the healing, to provide you with the message.

Every belief you have has a frequency. From one perspective it suits you in that now moment, from another, it is self-limiting. Make it a regular practice to review your beliefs, those fundamental “truths” that guide you through life, and release them when they are no longer needed. Especially, when they begin to hold you back.

ALLOW yourself to release these self-limiting beliefs as you connect to your Higherself and begin the Journey of Self-Understanding, the Journey of Remembrance as you begin to integrate and embody the knowledge of your Soul.

Connecting to the Higherself

In all of my longer quantum energy healing sessions I connect my clients to their Higherselves and teach them how to communicate with them. This is an invaluable tool for anyone because it is a process of uniting “heaven on earth.” In the moment that you connect to your Higherself, you ALLOW the higher frequency energy and consciousness to begin flowing through your lower energy bodies, including your physical body. Many Clients will begin to channel their Higherselves then and there in their very first session.

When it comes to the process of facilitating healing, neither I nor the Higherself can violate your freewill. However, the beauty of “ask and shall receive” when working together with the Higherself, is that I can explain to the Client what I see. The Client must then align their thoughts and emotions, they must go into their heart space and request the Higherself to release that which they no longer need. The Client then becomes a proactive participant in the energy healing process. It is in these moments that the healings are most profound.

There have been times when I have been working on a Client and I will say, “you have an energetic block over your heart and it is connected to your throat. It won’t budge so can you please go into your heart space to ask your Higherself for release.” The Client will say, “yeah, I did it.” Well, I know they haven’t identified with the issue because the mass of dark energy is still sitting there. So, then I will begin to explain the emotional signatures associated with the blockages….in that moment, the Client will know exactly what I am talking about. They go into the emotions of the energy; they have identified with the issue and acknowledge that they are ready to release. I then ask them to request a release from their Higherself again….and the dark mass will disappear instantly. This is how the process of “ask and you shall receive” plays out in energy healing. This is how powerful you are when you are working with your Higherself.

Many people feel exhilarated after an energy healing session. They have learned more about themselves and have a new plan for the future. Their energy field is much clearer and lighter, they are more connected, they are happier, and often aches and pains will disappear.

Remember, from there, you are your own captain. It is your responsibility to be mindful of the inner journeys you choose to take.

Many Blessings,


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