• Jane MacDougall

Cosmic Gateway & Cosmic Sun Star Ascension Activations

Upgrading the Human Energy Matrix

As a result of the higher frequency energies that are being anchored into Mother Earth’s grid at this time, higher consciousness templates are being activated within the energy matrices of all living beings (earth, humans, plants, animals, etc…). What is fascinating, is that in the last 6 months, I have also been directed to work with the Cosmic Sun Star in most of my clients during their quantum healing sessions. In the video below I discuss in greater detail the patterns I’m seeing and what they mean. This is my first video, so if you enjoyed it, please LIKE and Share.

The Cosmic Sun Star is a multidimensional energy vortex (chakra) that is located below the Earth Star. Every human has one, however, not many humans have activated and grounded it into Mother Earth. I have looked for information on this chakra outside of my own channeled information and have not been able to find anything substantive, so I have named it the “Cosmic Sun Star” because its function is intertwined with the Cosmic Gateway. The Cosmic Sun Star complements the Cosmic Gateway by anchoring the frequencies of the energetic templates held at the level of the Cosmic Gateway into the human energetic field, “As Above, So Below”. This is one of the first steps towards embodying the IAM in a more conscious and active manner. These are very high frequency templates reflecting the archetypes and overarching purposes you have chosen to explore your consciousness in this Universe.

The purpose of the calibrations and activations taking place in the Comic Gateway and Cosmic Sun Star are two-fold. First, to alchemize any unnecessary barriers to the ascension process in the form of energy signatures held at the level of the Cosmic Gateway which are creating distortions that no longer serve your highest and greatest good at this time. Second, to anchor into your lower density consciousness layers (for example 3D-6D depending on the individual) these higher frequency light codes and consciousnesses which begin to permeate throughout the entirety of the energy field supporting, through energetic alchemy, the healing, clearing, balancing, aligning, integrating, and ultimately upgrading of your own energy field and levels of consciousness one may access.

This activation process, then allows for an individual’s mission and purposes templates to be activated within their cosmic sun star and expressed throughout the energy field. These templates also hold what one might call the templates for your Directive, your personal missions and purposes.

These adjustments are being made to make integration during the ascension process more fluid at the energetic and physical levels. They also make it easier for individuals to step into their missions and purposes more quickly.

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